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Pretty Man 13: Finally everyone knows everything.... more or less.

We are nearing the end which means that all of the secrets that everyone was keeping through the whole drama are being taken out and kicked onto the table.  It is usually where we also start seeing the romance really come into play but yet again all romantic movement is very subtle and more or less at a snail pace.  You really have to read between the lines and jump a few ditches to see him falling in love with her.  For a show that has always been unafraid to slam concepts in your face, they sure are being timid when it comes to the Matai/Bo Tong love angle.  I have come to this conclusion in regards to Japanese concepts turned into Korean dramas.  The Japanese are very stingy with their romance in their dramas (there are a few out there that are more abrupt and in your face but they are the rarity in Japan).  This drama is made from a Japanese Manhwa therefore we are getting no romance because it is a Japanese story and they don't want to change it.  (For other examples think To The Beautiful You and Playful Kiss).  This is a fact that I find so sad since the show was not worried about showing Mattai's chemistry with every other female on the show.  Sigh....  That fact is sadly going to bump it a notch down on my final rating.
Two Really Sweet Moments with the Ex Bimbos
Who knew that I would actually really like the storylines behind both of his latest women.  I liked it so much that I will actually even call them by their real names (Shocking I know).  Bratling is Kwi Ji  and Prosecutor Ahjumma is Lee Kim.
Kwi Ji (previously known as bratling) has taken Mattai's teachings to heart.  And when she finds out that her father will for sure be taken to jail for his underhanded dealings she decides to do the right thing.  She calls a press conference and says that she has realized that so far in her life she has done nothing but be lazy and entitled.  She has instead decided to reject the (illegal) inheritance rights and go back to school.  Mattai is so proud of her that he invites her to dinner and treats her like he would a true lady because he is so proud of her.  He also tells her that after she makes it big as a designer she needs to make him an outfit "since she knows how picky about his clothes he is".
In episode 13 we see Lee Kim (previously PA) get promoted to the head of the prosecutors office.  Mattai congratulates her and all seems good.  However she receives a huge bouquet of flowers with a note.  In it is a picture of a box cutter and upon seeing this photo she promptly resigns from the prosecution offices.  Mattai goes to her house to check up on her and asks why she resigned.  She tells him about how when she was first hired she threw away evidence (a box cutter) that implicated a young kid who had stolen something for his orphaned siblings.  She felt that he did not deserve to go to prison for his crime.  If this came out all of her cases from then on would be suspect because of that one incident.  She tells him that she would have done the same thing but how can she say she is a just person when she started out by doing something so wrong.  Mattai thanks her (and calls her noona with the cutest smile) and says that she just helped him come to a decision since he had been asked to do something that would have gotten him the right results but in the wrong way.
He Loves Her!
Because of his honest dealings with Daddy Bratling he receives SS Home Shopping  as agreed.  Since he has been called to his first CEO meeting with the shareholders Bo Tong buys him a tie.  She tells him that she researched what would look the most powerful and since he tends to go flashy she went and bought one for him.  He does his usually mocking thing and asks what brand it is and when she admits she bought it at the flea market he rolls his eyes.  But in the end he wears the tie.  FINALLY, proof that he loves her!  He wears her non brand name tie to his important meeting and for Mattai this is a loud proclamation that he considers them a future couple.  Because really if nothing else he truly loves his fashion.  Unfortunately that does not mean that everything is smooth sailing in his new job as head of SS Home Shopping.  He is pretty much called to the carpet by the shareholders and he decides it is now time to actually learn how to be a CEO.  And not just one in name only.
Torn Between Two Women
Poor Mattai.  He just has the worst luck with so many people in his life.  Most of it a result of him being a pawn between the evil queen and the plastic wicked witch.  Just when he thinks he understands what is going on The Wicked Witch ditches him and stops taking his calls, then the evil queen offers him a way in if he aligns with her against his supposed "older brothers".  Mattai finds out that David is his older brother and that his alliance with WW might be at stake because of it and when he confronts her she just plays dumb.   Luckily he has that wonderful talk with Lee Kim noona and he refuses the offer from the evil queen.  He tells her that for him it is not about the power and money, but rather having a relationship with his family.  If he has to achieve it through these kind of means then it is pointless.  Again this is why I really like his character.  He takes the hard way even though he could skip steps and get things easier.
Finally a hint of Bromance
I am so glad that finally we see some connection between the two boys.  It was really bugging me how David has treated Mattai after he found out that they are "related"(They of course are back to being step brothers but they don't know that yet so the brotherly bond should be shown in my opinion.)  Realizing (and being told by Bo Tong) that now he was a real CEO and not just a figurehead he started cramming on how to run a company.
Having pulled an all nighter he crashed on his pile of books and David gives him a grudging look of respect.  This respect continues in their meeting where they are discussing the direction to take Bo Tong company in the future.  Mattai gives good suggestions and David actually listens to him without his usual sneer.  Mattai even starts to bring up the whole brother secret, but pulls back still not sure what to say about it.  I really hope they both come to a better understanding and relationship in the future.  Even if they are stepbrothers, they still should have a sweet bromance after all the Bo Tong stuff is concluded.
 Does this Mean I Have to Feel Bad for the Evil Queen?
Since she does not own a soul (because she has official turned into a plastic mannequin, lol) the wicked witch cant resist stabbing the knife into the evil queens heart.  She calls her out and informs her that she should have been a better person since the person she has been destroying is not her husbands son but her own lost child.  Devastated, she rushes to her husband who confirms that Mattai is indeed her son (seriously people what the heck kind of lives have you led).  She breaks down in agonized tears remember when she gave Mattai up and left him with only the other watch in his little chubby baby hands.  
 I know that we are supposed to be feeling something here.  She is devastated that she has been hurting her own darling child.  But really if he meant that much (say more then the money you chose instead of him) then you should have never been separated in the first place.  Out of all of this huge messed up pile of bad family karma, Mattai is the only innocent one in the show.  And I already feel horrible for the heartache he is going to go through finding out that his beloved mother was not really his mother.

See you soon when I review episode 14.  I am not even going to cross my fingers that there will be any romance, but maybe we could see some of the funny that has been missing in these last several melo filled episodes.


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