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Spring KDramas - What you Should be Watching and Which Ones you Should Skip

It's that time again where we check out all the new kdramas that have started airing.  Are they good?  Do they deserve to drift away into oblivion?  Check out my opinions and let me know yours as we go through my latest drama finds.
-Angel's Revenge-
So this was a total failure of a drama, which makes me so sad because it had the awesome premise of a vengeful nun.  However while we had the nun part covered the revenge part (at least at 30 episodes) was sorely lacking.  I seriously do not understand the writers who wrote all (and I do mean all) of the characters so poorly.  Out of the whole cast I only enjoyed watching Seo Ji Suk as the lead and unfortunately he was not enough to keep me watching for 70 more episodes.

Why You Should NOT Watch:
The mentally handicapped character is more intelligent then 99% of the characters in the drama.  When this happens it is not a good sign and you should ditch it and run.  Life is too short to watch stupid dramas.

-Wonderful Days-
Synopsis: Poor boy makes big and returns home 15 years after walking away from his family and first love.  Will he choose money or family in the end?

I just started this drama this week and so far really enjoy it.  Although it has been airing for a few weeks in Korea, the US airings were delayed by two weeks (I am guessing because of some type of airing rights by the producers of the drama) so we are just starting to get into this one.  It is a weekend family drama with a HUGE extended family.  And after two episodes I am still not sure of whose son is whose but it seems to have a really solid cast and story so far.

(The one EXCEPTION is the casting of Lee Elijah from Basketball who is the worst actress to EVER come on a Korean drama.  Seriously she is the #1 worst actress on my list and that is out of every B- lead overacted character in my kdrama watching history.  She should never ever be allowed near a film set again.  EVER!!!)
Sorry, just had bad flashbacks from my Basketball recaps.

Why You Should Watch It: 
Back to the rest of the cast.  They are doing a great job in entertaining me.  I love Lee Seo-Jin (Grandpa's Over Flowers, Gye-Bae) and Kim Hee-Seon (Faith) together and their back story is very interesting as are all the family dynamics.  TaecYeon, who plays the youngest brother, also has a great storyline. I am not sure if I will be thoroughly involved for all 50 episodes but I am willing to give it a try.  Interesting characters plus good actors usually make for a good dramas (as long as the writers don't pull a I Summon You Gold ending).

-Beyond the Clouds-
Synopsis: Jung Se Ro (Yoon Kye Sang -Greatest Love) is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Han Young Won's (Han Ji Hye - I Summon You Gold) fiancee.  After being released he seeks revenge against those that framed him and resulted in his father's death.

Pretty much if you combine all of the revenge dramas together and add in a crazier than usual male lead you get Beyond the Clouds.  And since I am a total sucker for revenge dramas I am completely OK with that.  Also really love all the location scenes they did in Thailand, it really added that extra big budget feel to the drama.
Why You Should Watch It:
Beyond the Clouds delivers a full serving of revenge with a side of totally crazy. It is beautifully directed and Yoon Kye Sang is hitting it out of the ballpark with his acting.  I personally would have never guessed that he is this talented of an actor and he is the #1 reason to tune into this drama.  His emotional portrayal of a man who has lost it all including a bit of his sanity is genius and definitely worth the watch.  I will admit that the female lead is just all right for me.  I get a bit annoyed that she is constantly crying, but the fast pace and the male lead more than make up for that shortcoming.

-Cunning Single Lady-
Synopsis: This drama has jumped on the divorced couples reunite train that seems to be so popular in Kdramas this year.  Our OTP married young, but when times got hard (and in their defense they got really really hard) they divorced.  Three years later our heroine discovers that her ex husband made it big right after the divorce and vows to make him pay for her pain and suffering.  After getting a job in his company your regular romantic hijinks occur.

This is one of those dramas that I am enjoying well enough, but it is not really anything to gush about.  It is a very basic romantic comedy plot and is not really pushing the boundaries of the genre.  Lee Min Jung (Big, All About My Romance) is yet again the same character we have seen her play so many times before.  Basically a good girl but with a slightly snarky side, she continues to be typecast.  However it is nice to see Joo Sang Wook in a comedy for once.  Known for his more serious roles in Giant, Team Ten, and Good Doctor, I could just sit and watch him smile and be silly/conniving forever.  Also the supporting cast of L (Masters Sun, Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and Seo Kang Joon (suspicious housekeeper) really help smooth over the stories rough spots.
Why You Should Watch It:
There are some truly funny moments in this drama.  And despite the first episode both character have built in failings and issues that lead to the dissolve of their marriage so you don't really hate either of them.  I enjoy watching each of them try to get the better of the other even though it is obvious that they just want some kind of contact since they are not over each other.  That said, the plot is occasionally patchy but if you can get past that and just enjoy it for what it is, I think you would like this drama.

-Three Days-
Synopsis:  Presidential Bodyguard finds out about an assassination plot towards the president and tries to thwart it.

So far I have to admit that this is the drama that has fallen short of its promise for me (at least as of ep 2).  It obviously has a lot of money going into its production and the visuals are sharp and make me feel like the drama should be intense.  But then I watch it and it loses me.  It is not that it is bad, but it just does not grab my attention the way I wish it would.  There are obviously a lot of things that are going on behind the assassination attempt and I enjoy trying to figure all that out.  But than the actors will suddenly go into a scene where they are explaining every little thing that happened to anyone nearby.  Rather then keeping me involved in the action of the characters I feel like it is pausing every few minutes to tell me what I might have missed.  I guess that I might be overly picky, but to me it just feels like sloppy writing.

Why You Should Watch It:
While the story might have not hooked me yet, I still have hope.  It feels like we should be getting into bigger plots and conspiracy's and I am crossing my fingers that things will suddenly click and I can learn to love it.  Also it has YooChun who I actually really enjoy as an actor.  I was telling my Kbestie that he is actually maturing into a normal person, which I actually like.  I feel like the attractive everyday look might take him farther as an actor then if he stuck with the hot idol vibe.  So in conclusion, an okay drama so far with great visuals and Yoo Chun so of course I will be continuing on.

-Bride of The Century-
I saved my two favorite new dramas for last.  The first is Bride of The Century.  Seriously!  Who knew this one would actually turn out to be kracktasticly awesome.  You can bet I didn't.  I was all ready to throw it into the "watch someday" pile due to its vague synopsis and mediocre visual qualities.  But turns out this story is great, complicated, and highly entertaining and Lee Hong Ki (You're Beautiful) can actually carry his own as a leading man.  

Synopsis - This drama throws everything and the kitchen sink into the plot.  Start with the Prince and the Pauper story, throw in a lot of evil selfish women plotting against each other (but in a great plot movement way), a hero that is half cute boy and half snarky CEO, and a kindhearted yet intelligent heroine, OH.... and don't forget a bride stealing ghost and you just start to scratch the surface of this drama.
Why You Should Watch It:
I am not sure if there is a logical reason as to why you should watch it, but if you do itwill remind you why you fell in love with Kdramas in the first place.  It has every Kdrama cliche and then some thrown into it, yet somehow the writers have managed to gel it altogether around an OTP with fun chemistry.  Their crazy romance just brings a smile to my face and I am so thankful I gave it a chance.

-God's Gift 14 Days-
This drama scares the bajeebies out of me, but in a good way.   Every second of it is filled with intense action, and possible clues to the identity of the daughters killer so you are always on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what is going on.

Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young- I can Hear Your Voice) fights fate and time as she races to save her daughter from being murdered by a serial Killer.

Why You Should Watch It: This is Lee Bo-Young's best performance by far.  Her portrayal as a desperate mother is mesmerizing.  Add to that top notch writing and a great supporting cast and you have a a winning experience.  I have to admit that there is the chance this show will Jump the Shark (that is always a chance you take with time travel themes) but if it can continue on its path I predict that it is going to be AMAZING.  A must watch.

That completes the first Kdrama overview for the new spring shows.  But never fear, if none of these catch your attention there are still a lot more premiering in the next several weeks.  Of course I will be watching them all to give you my insight on what you should watch next.  Be sure to check back in on Sunday for my Kdrama weekly top 5 countdown where I let you know what the best moments were during the week as well as give more depth into currently airing dramas.  Also if you have a new favorite kdrama be sure to let me know in the comment section.  I always like to hear what others are enjoying.


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