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I Need Romance 3 Episode 14: Wait for it................wait for it...................COMPREHENSION!!!!!!!

This was a great episode since we finally see our heroine be proactive after a lot of "crazy" behavior.  And by crazy I do not mean the acting willy nilly in funny manners, but crazy as in seeing "audio and visual hallucinations".  HAHA  that was my favorite line of the whole show I think.  Of course one does not accept the reason for ones insanity easily.  Especially if you are the #1 dense in denial damsel that we see in this drama.
Remember that we left off with our Joo Wan laying one heck of a sexy, non brother like kiss on Joo Yeon as a goodbye.  Unaware that she is now a woman, living alone, she walks into the apartment musing over his kiss.  Then recalling her ultimatum that she would kick him out if he ever crossed the friend line again (and his weird comments pre-kiss) she rushes up to his room to find everything gone.  I have to admit that I also was a little emotional to see that room minus all of Sweet Potato's belongings.   She stands in the middle of the room holding back her emotions and gripping her hands tight.  We then get a voice over saying how she was post Sweet Potato, “But I was fine. I didn’t cry. I didn’t drink. And my life flowed along without change.”  She tells herself that she was not even dating Wan so there is no reason for her to be upset or cry.  But when she walks up the steps she does admit that the only weird thing is that she occasionally will hear him and have audio hallucinations.  Oh, and visual hallucinations as well.  But other then that she is fine.  Really really really (insert sob) fine.
Things are going slightly better for our Fashion Squad bestie and her impending pregnancy.  Upbeat and looking towards the future, Min Jung is doing the best with her tough situation.  Especially when she finds out that her one baby is instead actually twins.  When Min Seok comes knocking on her door, beyond drunk and clutching a large wrapped package.  When she tries to take it from him he yells not to touch it, that it is his baby.  Hahaha there is something about him that is just so adorable.  When he awakes the next morning, hangover and all, he explains that he is going to be a horrible father.  But from what he has observed she is not going to be that great of a mother either, so they are going to practice with a test baby.  He goes on to explain that he will have it during the day while she works and she will watch the baby in the night.  Min Seok even goes to the point where he is installing camera's in each others home so they can monitor their fake baby/parenting.  She just smiles and agrees to the test, thinking to herself that she will keep the secret of the twins til later since he is already about to bolt.
There is something so sad yet oddly touching with all of Joo Yeon's hallucinations.  She constantly does things that Joo Wan would nag her about just so she could imagine that he is there.  Yet her fantasy Sweet Potato always disappears, leaving her more and more upset.  It finally gets to the point where she is just collapsing upstairs in his room, minus heat, making herself ill with despair.  We see Joo Wan show up to chide her for letting herself become this ill and she leans toward him saying “You weren’t here before. I was fine on my own before. My body hurts. My heart hurts.” and he disappears again.
Joo Yeon walks to the local pharmacy to get some medication "to help her sleep and forget" ......oh and because she is also sick, when she receives a call from Tae Yoon.  He says he will make the effort to come see her since she is not feeling well but she is obviously not really interested in his visit and tries to deter him.  Joo Yeon starts walking home but gets caught in a sudden rain storm and runs to a pavilion in the park to avoid the downpour.  Joo Wan, having given up and come back to see her also ends up in the same pavilion and she assumes he is just another hallucination.  "Get lost I don't want to be considered a crazy person talking to myself."  Joo Wan tells her " I am the same, I close my eyes and see you, I open my eyes and see you."  Realizing that he is real her eyes pop out, but she quickly returns to her snappy roots when he says this is how it should be when you love someone.  She quickly denies liking him and tells him to come get his stuff from her house (some laundry).  He tells her to get rid of it or keep it he does not care.  When Joo Yeon claims that it was not like they were dating so why would she keep it, he can not contain his cool anymore and bursts out "We were dating.What we did is what normal women call dating."  He starts to stalk off but comes right back telling her that he is so angry with her and angry that he can't walk away because he can see that she is sick.  And while he does not care AT ALL, he is going to stay with her til the rain clears and then he is gone.
Standing side by side in silence both are so happy just to be next to each other that it is just so sad to know they are not officially "together".  Joo Yeon receives a call from the jerk and Joo Wan begs her not to take it.  I am all ready to be annoyed by her rejecting him (yet again) when she turns the phone over and actually takes the battery out.  I have to admit that this is one of the few times I was not totally rolling my eyes at the whole battery out of the phone move.  I loved that she wanted to be with Sweet Potato and not have her boyfriend interfere.  They continue to soak in each others presence but eventually Sweet Potato turns and tells her that this is the last time he will come looking for her.  She needs to decide what she feels and come find him if that is where her heart leads.  He walks off into the rain looking so sad.
Luckily for us the writers did not decide to leave us in suspense long (probably since there are only two episodes left).   After a loveless and very awkward dinner with Tae Yoon, our heroine returns home to her empty house.  This time she decides to actually listen to the CD that Joo Wan had left her.  As she listens, her emotions FINALLY break through and she cries and cries and cries some more.  Rushing out of the house she calls Se Ryung and asks for Joo Wan's info and as she drives, to what I am assuming is Joo Wan's, she continues to cry.  We see her knock on a door (hmmm not a hotel door) and "the jerk" emerges.  Just when I am concerned she is not going to break up with him she tells him that they are done.  That she wants to believe in a love that you would die without.
My Thoughts:
I actually really enjoyed this episode.  Yes, it was a bit slow and yes we did get hit over the head that she really really missed Joo Wan and was in deep denial.  But considering that is what we have been given for her character from episode 1, I consider it to actually stay really true to the character.  With as stubborn and prideful as she is I don't think I would accept it if she instantly did a full change in thought.  I like that she had to really suffer (yup karma kicked your butt for ignoring poor Sweet Potato) before she was ready to admit her real feelings.  I even like that she has progressed far enough that she did not need someone to tell her in simple words, what she was feeling.  Now I am ready for us to finally get to the action I have been waiting for.  She needs to go find Joo Wan IMMEDIATELY and make him happy.

We are on our last week!  I can't believe how fast this drama has gone by and how much I have enjoyed it.  With so many new dramas coming out I am still undecided on what my next drama to blog about.  It is so hard to make a decision because not only deciding will I like this drama, but also does it promote itself to my style of recapping.  Lets all admit that if I started recapping a 100 ep historical, you all might just ditch me in the dust from boredom.  So hopefully inspiration will strike soon and I can continue to provide the entertainment and information for all of you awesome kfans who follow me.  Until then please continue to check out my weekly kdrama countdown where I let you know the top scenes from the currently airing dramas (great way to find new dramas to add to your "to watch" list.) and I will also fill in some reviews of all the new dramas to help you make sense of the huge amount of new options.


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