Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This weekend, the 'Loof' will be on fire!

Can you tell, by the title, what I'm talking about?

Just in case here you go....

Sorry I couldn't help myself, Himchan you are so cute!

And I am back, to my topic today.
This weekend is the BAP concert in Indiana. But not alone...

We even have a countdown widget for it,
 that's how excited we are to see each other.
Oh that's right, Uri Dongsaeng is going with me, along with another one of our friends.  That's right Unnie & Dongsaeng will be together this weekend and seeing BAP live in concert!!!!

How awesome is that?!?!  Probably not as big of a deal to you guys as it is to us.  What have I been doing in preparation for her most daebak arrival?  Getting more & more excited!  Tomorrow morning I will head to the Metra station in Illinois to pick her up & then Saturday she & our friend will be leaving kids here w CA, & heading into K Town in Chicago & then down to Merrillville, IN for the concert!  Beyond excited!!  I SO NEED THIS ONE DAY VACATION, KRAZY AHJUMMAS ONLY!!!

Unless you know BAP wants to hang with us too, that would be allowed.  Yup totally doable...uhhh that sounded better in my head.  Sorry.  I meant we would be completely okay with the idea of hanging with the guys.

If you're there & you bump into us & recognize us, please feel free to come up to us & say "Annyeong!"  We'd love that!  We can hang, talk K Pop, K Drama, biases, whatever!

Until then I will continue my BAP playlist of MVs on Youtube.  In fact, I will share some of my fav BAP MVs to help your day go by faster.  Then back to tidying up the house & prepping for her visit.  

Starting with their latest...

1004 (Angel):



And probably my favorite of them all...
Badman (filmed in my own home town Detroit, MI)

Okay, this last one is one is pure joy to me. To listen to AND watch.  How could you not love a song where a cute boy sings, "the 'Loof' is on fire"?!?!  Come on!!


Coffee Shop:

So do you have a BAP Bias? It's all about Yong Guk for me.  That deep voice is meltworthy.  The others are adorable & I want to crush on them too, especially Daehyun & Youngjae, BUT they are a little too young for me.  I have got that invisible line of which to be aware.  I hope all of you are having an excellent week.  I'm back to work around here.  Oh and enjoy Easter!  You know if you celebrate Easter etc...


  1. can you not include "Coffee Shop"?!

  2. You're so right Nicole, it should be included!!! I was kind of in a hurry to get the post done & out. Please forgive me?!?! I will go edit it just for you.


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