Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Witch's Romance Episode 9 - The Journey of Love

"Love always takes us somewhere....It can take you to heaven, or to hell"  Dong Ha utters this in his voice-over as he comes to the realization that his love is not returned and he needs to leave Ji Yeon's orbit.  It really stood out to me, especially since this was an episode that was all about various loves and the life changes that are a result of that love.
This song was actually going through my mind as I wrote this blog post so I thought I would share it with you all.  In case you need some musical background as you read:)  I think it perfectly fits what our OTP (One True Pairing) is going through
Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

You Can't Force Love
You can't force love, but Ji Yeon's mother is determined to try. She has decided that Dong Ha is perfect son in law material (it is amazing what an almost completed Dr's degree will do to marriage minded mommas.) and is anxious to make Ji Yeon see reason.  She arrives at her daughter's apartment to make a feast and invite the cutie boys from next door over for some bonding time.  (Can I just say that BFF hottie is just so smarmy and adorable.)  He is also quick on the uptake as he and mom leave the two possible lovebirds alone in an attempt to create sparks.  Unfortunately, it is just a lot of awkward tension floating about and the two eventually separate with nothing resolved. 

A Side Romances Heats Up.
SQUEEEEE  I am loving the Marriage Mommy with the CEO.  They are so adorable and perfect for each other.  It is rare that we get such a cute older generation romance that is separate from the main OTP, so I am going to savor the cuteness of these two and let it warm my heart as I suffer through the angst and melo with everyone else.  .

Noooooooo!  You Made Him Sad:(
I think this is the hell part Dong Ha was talking about, our poor white knight is devastated.  Despite the trials of knowing that she was discussing renewing her relationship with Polar Bear, Dong Ha had stayed outwardly supportive and optimistic that she would return to him. He confessed and was willing to wait for her to work things through her mind.  Unfortunately for him (and for us) she can't see past her ruined relationship and second chance to the better option of Dong Ha.  Ji Yeon takes him to their courtyard spot and breaks the news that she has decided to be with Polar Bear, and that he is not leaving her this time.  She breaks our puppy's heart and now my heart is broken on his behalf.

Unable to Tell if You are Moving Backwards or Forwards
I would like to point out that it is easy for us to yell at Ji Yeon over what to do, and which guy to choose.  But regardless of my personal choice I can understand how she could fall back into a relationship with Shi Hoon who she had not resolved her feelings for. Also keep in mind 16 years of her life had revolved around Shi Hoon that is a hard connection to break. In theory the relationship should be able to pick right up and work.  He loves her, she thinks she loves him, there is nothing stopping them now.  However as I watch Ji Yeon force herself to be with Shi Hoon, minus any real happiness or spark, it makes me want to slap her in the back of the head and yell "get closure already!"

The Fallout
I am trying to be mature and have a more positive post this time around (did you notice, not one snarky polar bear picture) but it is difficult for me to watch Dong Ha fall apart.  Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, breath in and out......  But there is a light at the end of the Polar Bear shaped tunnel.  Dong Ha starts to pull away from Ji Yeon and take himself out of her life, and to say she is not handling it well is an understatement.  First, he turns in his resignation early, which drives her crazy.  Instantly she starts asking why he is leaving, and can't he just stay?  It makes you wonder if she is just totally insensitive or in complete denial over his feelings for her.  If there was any question in her mind over him leaving, it is put to rest when he gets drunk and tells her flat out that he can not have anything to do with her anymore since it is too painful.  She better figure things out really fast, because her white knight is about to fly the coop and she will be left alone in a boring polar bear.

Random Cuteness
If you could not guess who brought the cuteness factor into this episode, then you have not been following my blog posts.  It is Hottie BFF Soo Chu for the win!  He has been the best BFF ever, as he emotionally supports Dong Ha as he goes through rejection hell.  My favorite moment, was when he was discussing whether to start the part timer company back up again.  He comments that of course he is going to be back to work with his bestie.  He will just hire a part timer to take care of the restaurant.  HAHAHA Hiring a part timer so you can be a part timer.  Makes sense hottie BFF.
My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed the pacing of this episode.  Unlike the last two, which were highly Polar Bear focused, this one turned our attention back to the OTP.  It might have been painful and emotional to watch, but at least I could emotionally connect to what was happening(something which did not happen in episode 8 at all).  I have to admit that I do wish we could skip the whole, he leaves her and that is how she realizes she loves him plot point.  I am pretty sure 95% of all noona romances use this concept, and just once it would be nice to have a surprise.  That said, Dong Ha is a very empathetic character.  When he is sad, I find myself sad.  When he is happy, then I am happy.  If this show continues to write situations that make him sad, I can't be responsible for what comes out in my blog.  So for all of our sakes, let's hope that the angsty parts are coming to an end, because I need some more cute happy moments so I am not forced to hunt down more Polar Bear photos and imagine horrible things happening.

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  1. I'm being a chicken so I read your recap before even watching the episode because I don't want to go through the heartache. By the way that is one of my favorite song! I feel a bit better about watching now because I know what to expect. As painful as it is to watch our Dong Ha hurt I am going to be there for him. He still has this noona who will hurt cry and smile with him no matter what.

    1. I found it less painful then last weeks (thank goodness). At least I felt there was a reason for this episode and that we hit rock bottom and can only go up from here. Watching 10 later tonight.


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