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A Witch's Romance Episode 4 - An Episode of Quotes

Hello kdrama viewers, Kmuse here just giving you an update on my situation.  I have family in town for the next two weeks (my parents are retiring and moving here to Portland with me) so I will be busy for the next while.  But don't worry, I will continue to bring you my witty blog posts (at least I hope they are somewhat witty or at least well done snarky) but in a mini version.  Trying to house hunt and put out 5 blog posts over the weekend gets a bit tight.  So please continue with me and I promise that by the middle of the month everything will be back to normal.

Dong Ha "You make me want to care for you"
This quote pretty much sums up all of the confusing feelings Dong Ha has for Ji Yeon.  He does not want to fall for her necessarily and I don't think he even admits that he is falling for her, but she is hitting all of his emotional buttons anyway.  She really is the perfect women for him.  She needs help now and then, but is usually strong enough to be an equal in the relationship so he will not be forced to carry her emotionally through life.

The Evil Trio "You're a witch.  How can a witch die so easily?  Sunbae!"
In my opinion The Evil Trio has redeemed themselves slightly in this scene.  They arrive at the hospital frantic about their coworkers condition.  Awwwww under all that greed and entitlement a tiny seed of humanity resides.  So cute.  They find their Sunbae's hospital bed, but the body their is covered completely with a sheet (usually what happens when someone dies).  There is weeping and whaling and cries of "WAE???"  It was so cute to see them overact in a more positive way.  Of course that all ended when the sheet moves and the crazy psychic pops up.  Seems that she was concerned over there being an underground river running beneath her bed (brings bad luck), so she keeps switching beds and hiding from the nurses.  It might have only been a moment, but it was nice to see them actual care about their coworker and drop the snark.

Ra Mi Ran "Good Luck.  A crisis can turn into a chance........If he is 25 then even his sweat must smell sweet." 
Notice how everyone in Ji Yeon's world does not even blink an eye over the idea of her dating a younger man.  Her friends and family have very positive feedback towards her hooking up with Dong Ha.  I am not sure if it is because she is older and they assume she has less prospects (talking about you, marriage obsessed mom) or they just see how the two click emotionally.  Whatever the reason, it is a nice break from the overly judgmental Korean kdrama society that we are used to. And all the winking and suggestive comments coming from Mi Ran are cracking me up.

Yong Soo Chul "Don't you know I still have nightmares of mold growing on spinach." 
Poor Soo Chul, the man just turns into a terrified boy anytime Ji Yeon is around.  I can not stop laughing how he literally walks around like a whipped dog anytime he encounters her.  He even loses one of his conquests because of her sexy unmentionables.  He brings a hookup to his apartment and is getting all hot and heavy (seriously he is so HAWT!) when she finds an open suitcase full women's intimate apparel.  Random hookup storms out but he does not seem to be upset, calling Dong Ha to congratulate him on his supposed new girlfriend. He is devastated when he finds out it is the scary "witch".  Yoon Hyun Mindoes a really good job of playing a playboy character.  We need to start a petition to get him as a lead in a playboy turned good boyfriend drama.

Is her earrings driving anyone else crazy.  I hate jewelry that is not symmetrical when it comes to earrings.  The dress however looked amazing.  Probably one of my top female outfits in a kdrama ever.  And what about Dong Ha with his all black suit.  Definitely worth a second glance, and a recap mention.

Dong Ha "Aren't you looking a little risque?"
A jealous Dong Ha is an adorable Dong Ha.  But when is he not all kinds of adorable. Our cute OTP (one true pairing) makes plans to go out for a celebratory drink when who calls, but Ji Yeon's mother who had set her up for a blind date and not informed her.  It seems that marriage mama is hedging her bets and not putting all her eggs into the Dong Ha basket.  When Dong Ha objects Ji Yeon just snarks that he should have worn matching shoes because then they would not be in this situation.  hahaha.  Dropping her off and complaining the whole time, Dong Ha comments on how her dress is too risque for a blind date.  Poor boy is beyond jealous as he waits at home for Ji Yeon.  It is just so cute to see him fuming that I collected a bunch of jealous Dong Ha screen caps for your visual enjoyment.
Luckily for him and his sanity the date was a complete disaster.  She instead ended the night drinking wine with him in the courtyard as they once again became emotionally closer.  
How long will it take for us to get them hooked up?  Is the jerk of an ex going to cause contention?  Will we see more Dong Ha jealousy scenes?  Be sure to check back after episode 5 to find out.  Hope you enjoyed my mini recap (not as mini as I expected...oops.)  


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