Friday, May 9, 2014

A Witch's Romance Episode 6 - How to Get A Man

This episode was a roller coaster of Squee moments for me.  I truly love this couple learning to love each other since their hearts are literally in their eyes.  Every time they take an emotional step closer to coupledom you can see it and it causes a constant will they or won't they tension into the watching of this drama.
Drunken Dares
 Things you should not do when you have just been left at the alter.  First, hang out with frenemies and second, get drunk while hanging out with those catty friends.  It is only going to end in tears, or in this case a broken penis and an unfortunate boastful bet.
Ji Yeon receives and invite to her college clubs annual reunion via recording.  It seems that five years previously (just post dumping) Ji Yeon got very very drunk and went on a verbal rampage against a naked statue in the restaurant.  A rampage that resulted in her knocking off the poor statues manhood alone with a promise that she would treat everyone to a European vacation if she did not bring a better man to their next reunion.  
Deciding that Dong Ha is just too young to pass off as her boyfriend (UGH girl get over the age issue already and snatch up that hunk of awesomeness) she puts her hopes on snagging one of her blind dates to join her for the upcoming dinner.  Unfortunately her personality gets in the way of that plan as she scares off two possible hookups within 30 min.  So there is only one blind date to go before D-Day.  Being the totally hot white knight that he is, Dong Ha offers to teach her how to be a successful dater (one of his part-time jobs was as a dating coach).

How to Have A Successful Blind Date Experience.

Rule #1 Be Positive and Flattering
This might be the hardest for our outspoken heroine to overcome.  Even when she was practicing being positive and nice, it came across very very very creepy.

Rule #2 Be Approachable and Feminine.
Ji Yeon's dating wardrobe and purse contents need an overhaul as Dong Ha informs her that she needs to keep the work away from her dating.  No one wants to marry a woman who is going to be a full time workaholic.
Rule #3: Maintain Eye Contact to Create Intimacy.
Dong Ha sits Ji Yeon down and explains how one goes about creating intimacy in a date.  It is all about the stare, if you look into someone's eyes you can see their soul and intentions.  And of course no teacher is going to let her out without some practice.  Practice that results in a very very tense and sexually charged moment between the two.  I am sure that i was not the only one to be screaming KISS! KISS! KISS! during this scene.  Alas she pulls back at the last second denying we viewers that skinship moment of satisfaction.
The Confession
BEST CONFESSION SCENE EVER!!!!!!!  Ji Yeon's plan to bring a man to the party goes horribly wrong, resulting in her chasing him with a rake and blackening his eye.  But never fear our white knight is to the rescue (literally, he is all in white) and arrives just in time to save our leading ladies fragile ego.  But rather than pretend to be her boyfriend, he just comes out and really confesses.  Just repeating what he said does not do the scene justice, so all of you out there not watching this drama.... run and at least watch this scene.  It was epic.  I literally held my breath in anticipation.

And just as we think all is wonderful (she even accepted his confession and you could see the start of their "real" relationship begin) a huge ugly polar bear shaped fly flew into the ointment ruining everything. ( I seriously screamed at the TV some words that should not be repeated when her ex- fiancee, No Shi-Hoon, showed up.)  I personally hate everything about him, I don't care if he had amnesia, or was taken captive by pigmy Eskimos, I just don't like the guy and how dare he get in between our OTP just as they were about to confirm their relationship.  And that is where we end.  
I am both dreading and looking forward to next weeks episodes.  On one hand we are going to have a cute jealous Dong Ha running about.  But on the other we have to see the ugly haired second leading male trying to win back Ji Yeon.  And of course this being a drama she is going to be torn between her two men.  It will be a tumultuous episode for sure.  Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens in our developing love triangle.

P.S. (I bet you thought I had forgotten to add him in).
Soo Chu is still adorable and I love that he is the one who is giving relationship advice behind the scenes.

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  1. This episode was great up until the end when Mr ex white polar bear shows up! Grrr how dare he!!!! The drunken video was hilarious I've never laughed so hard in a while. I loved the dating advice from dong ha and his adorable jealous moments.

    Another great recap Amber. Keep it coming ��

    1. thanks for the positive feedback. It keeps me motivated to post. Glad you are enjoying both the show and my blog posts.


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