Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Witch's Romance Episode 5 - A Mini Recap

This episode was cute but a little light on serious plot movement (or at least it felt like it to my tired brain).  But this actually is a good thing since I am still on mini recap mode.  There is nothing like having other commitments interfering with your drama time to make you realize how much TV you actually watch.  Let's just say that I could probably watch TV for a full 24 hours and still be behind on the current airing dramas.  I think that a few sleepless nights are going to be in my future after my mother leaves.  Something that I am both looking forward to (It is a dramathon after all, always a good thing) and wincing since my poor brain is going to hurt by the end due to lack of sleep.   So before I go get some much needed sleep I will let you know just a few of my musings from episode 5.

Tried to find a cute mini themed picture but got caught on this one.  So imagine this is my regular blog and my mini blog.  Too cute.

Jumping to Conclusions
There was a lot of conflict this episode between our OTP (one true pairing), mostly due to Dong Ha jumping to conclusions over Ji Yeon's actions.  I won't go into all of them since it would make my blog post a lot longer then my "mini" goal.  Let's just say that I love when he tells her "don't provoke me" then is all intense and sexy.  Needless to say both are definitely starting to skirt around their feelings for each other.  Something which is very pleasant to watch.

What Happened at the Airport?
For shame writers for getting us all excited for an ex-boyfriend showdown and then just dropping the whole cliffhanger.  Due to her lack of angst, I am assuming that they did not see each other.  And that is fine, but why make it look like there was going to be a big confrontation and get our hopes up.  I just feel that they could have indicated that No Shi-Hoon was back with just a simple segment of him entering the airport.  They did not have to have her present.

Never Knew I Could be so Annoyed by a Cough.
Is it just me?  Or is that 2nd lead girl really really boring and/or annoying.  I don't know if it is the character or the actress, but every time she is on screen my nerves just go into overdrive.  The feeling was intensified as I was forced to watch Jung Eun Chae flit around coughing (so obviously ill beyond what anyone wants to be around) and making goo goo eyes at Dong Ha.  Eun Chae is the epitome of a damsel in distress so of course our white knight lead is always jumping in to help her. I can sympathize with Ji Yeon who is forced to watch this happen.  But she is all that is classy and instead of treating her poorly, she takes Eun Chae under her wing (at least in her own way).  Let's just say that if it were me I would not want her anywhere near my guy, nor  would I want her touching my food with her annoying sick little hands.

Yong Soo Chu is ADORABLE
The best part of this drama (other then the cute romance between our leads) is of course my all time favorite khottie Yoon Hyun Min.  Could he be anymore smarmy adorable.  His mix of awesome BFF (I love how he alternatively teases and gets jealous over Dong Ha's relationship with Ji Yeon) and eager smarmy puppy (towards Ji Yeon) makes me smile every time he is on screen.  And thankfully the writers realize this and have given him a lot more screen time then the Taiwanese original version gave the character.  Kudos to the writers on knowing a good thing when they see it.  Enjoy this Soo Chu collage and help me pray to the kdrama gods that he can have a leading role soon.
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  1. You are not the only one! The intern is so vapid. She's the typical annoyingly perfect female that kdramas love.

  2. OMG yes the coughing girl. Everything you said about her were my exact thoughts, right down to the eww she's touching the food...

  3. Yes I absolutely love the " don't provoke me " scene and the crawling incident. They have their own inside joke. Heehee!

    The cast have great chemistry. I'm not as annoyed with eun chae but yeah the whole coughing was pretty obvious. Yeah we get that she's sick move on!

    Looking forward to next episode ��


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