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Witch's Romance Episode 8 - Rules to Follow for A Healthy Relationship

Sorry this post is a bit later than usual.  I have been stuck in shopping hell, shopping for clothes for all three kids (including cute hats and outfits for the girls suitable for KCON) and furniture shopping for my parents new apartment that they have just rented here in Portland.  And while I enjoyed spending time with my family, it sure has played hell on my blogging and kdrama schedule.  This also will lead to me skipping my top 5 kdrama countdown this week.  I just have not watched enough episodes this week to really put together a good post.  In its place I will do a hit and miss blog on the most recent kdrama/kpop star photo shoots.  Be sure to check for that come Sunday.

We left off with Polar Bear declaring his continued love for Ji Yeon via photographic mosaic.  Usually I would go "awwww" but since I am not at all feeling any warm fuzzies for this guy I will give him a slightly enthusiastic "ehhh".  So where did he go wrong?  How can he fix his fizzled relationship.  Well here are some surefire rules to help anyone have a healthier relationship.
Rules to Follow for A Healthy Relationship

It never ends well especially when she feels entitled to choose which direction your life will take. Unhappy with Shi Hoon's intention to marry and settle down, his evil assistant decides to end his engagement while he was incapacitated.  ( He got shot in Somalia, although the fact that Ji Yeon did not even know he was in a dangerous war zone kind of says something about their earlier relationship.)  Even when the annoying women is caught in her treachery, all she can do is whine about how she knows what is best for him.  Classic example of a woman desperate to be the power behind a man syndrome.

Why can't Polar Bear grasp the basic concept of communication.  If you have something to say, spit it out already.  It is easy, just say in a really loud voice, "I was shot and missed the wedding...I am so sorry...I love you."  Of course it would have been better if he had somehow managed to say it sometime earlier in the last six years.   After six years, some of the sincerity seems to be missing, even with a giant photo mosaic.

Rule # 3 Make a Huge Gesture
You know, like drowning in a swimming pool while grabbing couple rings.  Although why you will die and or destroy your leg forever if you enter the water I don't know (I suspect this is just a moment of poor writing.)  But it also makes me wonder where he was hanging out when he got that crocodile photo.  Safely on dry land?  Or maybe bending over the river like a tasty morsel just waiting to be approached by a carnivorous reptile.  Judging by his life choices so far, I would not be surprised if it was the latter.
 I imagine that the crocodile attack went something like this (time stamp 1:51), you know if Polar Bear were actually a girl and the canteen was instead a camera.

Rule #4 Be Sure To Apologize When You do Something Wrong
Something wrong, like ditching someone's daughter at the alter.  It does not matter what your excuse is, (unless it is 6 years of intense amnesia, then you might get a pass) it will still probably be unforgivable.  Again look up at rule #2.  If it has taken you six years to pick up a phone, then you are pretty much out of luck on any sympathy.

Rule #5 Know When A Romance Has Passed its Shelf Life
Eventually there is a point where a past romance just can not be rekindled.  Whether it is because people have moved on or they have changed just due to life experiences, you can't recreate what once was.  I personally want to stamp this on Polar Bears forehead since he is trying to ruin one of my favorite OTP (One True Pairings), and causing my Dong Ha to be sad.
Even if Shi Hoon was not trying to wreck my fantasy couple, I would say that this rekindling relationship is doomed to failure.  The whole episode Ji Yeon looked more upset and constipated, than glowing and in love.  If you are not feeling the warm fuzzies at the prospect of being with your ex-fiancee after all the problems were explained, then you can might as well call it quits now.  No matter how you might want to go back to happier times, you just can't.  BECAUSE THE IDIOT WAS GONE FOR SIX YEARS.....  YOU CAN'T LEAVE FOR SIX YEARS AND JUST WANT TO PICK UP AGAIN..... IT MEANS YOU ARE EITHER LAZY, STUPID, OR A NARCISSIST!  So let's just call time of death now and say goodbye Polar Bear.  Get out of the drama so we can enjoy our OTP cuteness some more.  You are not wanted here.
You might be wondering why I did not focus on Dong Ha at all.  Mostly because it was just too painful.  My heart literally is breaking for him and all I want to do is give him a huge hug.  Why do noona romances always have these annoying parts where the girl goes over to another guy.  First in I Need Romance 3 and now here.  I can barely get past these episodes to get to the good hookups that I know are coming next. 
 I am hoping that we will get to the whole, noona realizes her mistake and has to win back sweet younger guy, in the next episode.  I can't take much more of Polar Bear and whatever it is about that character/actor that bugs me so much.  So I will cross my fingers and stare at this cute picture of Soo Chu til Monday comes around.


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  1. Polar bear's face is very annoying! I do feel really bad for our Dong Ha. He's back to second base ( back hug ) so theres hope for better episode 9. I usually rewatch the episodes before Monday because that's how much I enjoy this drama but I'll pass on episode 7&8 too painful to rewatch. Great relationship advice Amber.

    1. Thanks! And I agree that these will be skip episodes for me in the rewatch as well.


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