Monday, May 19, 2014

Gap Dong Episode 10 - Bad Workplace Ethics 101.

Congrats to Gap Dong on achieving its highest ratings to date.  It seems that kdrama viewers are buying into the crazy that is this show, and the ratings are starting to reflect that.  And while I don't understand those that think this is an amazing drama (yes, I have actually heard a lot of people state that this is a well written show), I do think that it is worth watching and is wonderfully cracktastic.  And being one of those people that loves the TvN programming, I hope that this leads to them extending their nightly programming.  It is just recently that the cable station picked up a 2nd weekly drama, so this can only lead to bigger and better things.
Tonight's episode showed us viewers, what behavior to avoid if you want to be a sane, safe, and professional employed.  I would hope that if any of these characters were from the "real world" they would be fired immediately for all the ethical infractions being acted out right and left.  It is getting to the point that you could actually create a drinking game around Dr Maria's lack of ethics.  She is touching patients inappropriately again....take a drink.  Allowing them into her apartment.... take a drink.  Lying horizontal with a patient at a nightclub.........Oh heck, just drink the whole bottle by this point.  Either way you are going to end up to drunk to read the subs.

Do Not Allow Your Patients to Commit Suicide
Could one lose their professional license if they witnessed one of their supposed patients attempt suicide and instead of calling 119, you just left them to die.  Hmmmm  yet another ethical no no when it comes to Dr Maria.  The rate she is going, I am just going to call it and say that they could have her degree tattooed upon her forehead and I still would not believe that this girl actually is a professional anything.  And is it just me, or is her lips and eyes slowly trying to take over her face.  I got the sudden urge to compare her to a bushbaby (creepy little things).
Do Not Have a Bromance With Your #1 Suspect
Where did all the anger go?  It almost looks like Moo Yeom and Tae Oh are having some weird, Gap Dong obsessed bromance.  It feels just a bit uncomfortable.  I think that on some freaky alternate plain, I would like the two of them going more buddy buddy (at least superficially), but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  This viewer wants more mystery, more outwitting (on both sides), and more action.  What I am getting is some twisted game of redemption that just does not sit well.
Do Not Let The Creepy Serial Killer Out of the Crazy House
We finally get the big reveal to the question "Who is the original Gap Dong?"  However, it was very anticlimactic since it was the person that everyone and their grandmothers were suspecting from the start.  Seriously, was anyone actually surprised that it was the timid messy haired patient with the Dr Maria fetish?  It makes me wonder if we still have some surprises in store.  With ten episodes to go, and these crazy writers, anything is a possible.   
Let me rephrase that.  I hope we still have some type of twist in store since Tae Oh is slowly being neutered by possible "feelings" and the cop vs cop tension has pretty much dried up.  We are slowly losing impact in the storyline, and I for one need something to focus on besides the bad female acting.  I might have to resort to spending the whole episode contemplating the perfection that is Lee Joon's lips.  A girl needs to be entertained after all.
Do Not Get Into Cabs With Your Crazy Patients
Guess what?  We have yet another rule that Dr Maria could add to her ever growing list for how NOT to be a professional Doctor.  DO NOT GET INTO THE FLIPPING CAB OF ONE OF YOUR PATIENTS FROM THE MENTAL INSTITUTION!!!  Especially when he is on (or should be anyway) the list of possible Gap Dong killers.  It is just basic common sense.  I think even Ji Wool would hesitate, she would still get in since she is not very bright, but there would be a hesitation.  And lucky for those of us watching, we finally get some suspense back into the drama.  I personally jumped when she is staring outside of her window and the Gap Dong suspect enters her yard.  It was just to give her back her cell phone but still, an honest to goodness thrill.
Don't Lie to The Serial Killer
I am beginning to feel like this guy is only a Gap Dong wannabe.  Is it possible that Tae Oh jumped to the conclusion of Gap Dong's identity just because of a fishing knot?  A fishing knot that could have been used by anyone?  He sure seemed really uncomfortable when confronted by Tae Oh in his stolen cab.  I also would be frazzled if someone who I knew had murdered 5 + people showed up unexpectedly.  Especially if he was glaring at me for talking/stalking "his Doctor Maria".  Is this jealousy I detect, or just suspicion.  It seems that Tae Oh is also suspicious of his identity, calling him out as a fake.  He orders wannabe to prove his identity by killing the sixth victim.  But judging from the off and on hesitation from our newly paroled crazy person, I don't see this ending well for him.
Do Not Make Out With Your Serial Killer Patient (unless he is really really hot, then go for it). 
When I joked around that the only thing left for Dr Maria to do, to complete her ethically wrong bucket list, was to make out with Tae Oh.  I did not mean it as a challenge for the writers.  But obviously the challenge was accepted and executed at the end of this episode.  Drunk and clubbing, Dr Maria is confronted by Tae Oh who is upset with her due to the whole "wanting to see him dead" debacle.  And being the cautious woman that she is, Dr Maria mouths off and upsets our sexy serial killer so much that he drags her to an empty room.  He then continues to throw her down on the couch, pinning her with his body and threatening her with her eventual demise.  OMO! OMO! OMO!  Now any normal woman would be totally OK with this, since lets all admit that he is beyond super hot.  And even knowing that he is a killer, it is hard to dial down the hormones while watching him.  So my guess is that Dr Maria, who never does anything normal, is going to deny Tae Oh his kiss.  But you never know.  Making bad life decisions seems to be her goal in life so we might get that steamy kiss yet.  Let's all cross our fingers and pray to the kdrama gods. 
After this eventful episode I think we can be relatively sure that we are still minus a real Gap Dong.  Which means we can now start to speculate which of the shows ahjussi's is the original serial killer.  I think that it is pretty much a toss up as to who it is.  With these writers I am not eliminating anyone, and that is including the killer aliens theory I had previously put forth.  Will be interesting to see where the second half of the drama takes us.


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  1. I have to admit that this episode was more exciting to watch. I didn't even want it to end because I want to know if crazy monk saved ditsy twits mother. I honestly think that the newly released crazy guy is a fake. He seems to be afraid of Tae Oh. Now I even suspect the detective who took over for crazy tiger because of his comment to Dr Maria. I'm really glad Tae Oh survived and I think Dr Maria will be his victim number 9. Hmmmm why did gap dong stop at nine? Oh my head! I guess we'll have to wait.

    1. I am leaning towards the detective as well. He seems closer to the description of Gap Dong then the stepfather, even though I think they are trying to indicate it is the step father. I just think it is another red herring. I liked this episode a lot more as well. (other then Dr Maria). The 2nd half especially was very exciting.


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