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Kmuse's Musings: Hit and Miss Photos of our Favorite Stars

It has been a while since I have shared some of my favorite Kphotos so I thought today would be the perfect day for it.  Because I am behind in all my dramas (counted it up and it was over 20 hrs) I have not watched everything to do my top 5 countdown.  So instead this will be the perfect filler post.  For those of you who have not checked out any of my photo themed posts before, I snag the photos that stand out to me (both good and bad) and share them with all of you.  Keep in mind that I am only commenting on the concept, clothes, and all around look of the photo.  It has nothing to do with the actor or musician in the photo.  Many of the most horrendous photo shoots are of actors I love, so I mean no offense to anyone's fandom or bias's. If you have any favorite photo-spreads, or find a photo that is just a horrible, feel free to share it in the comments or on our FB page.  It might appear on the next Kmuse's Musing Fashion post.

Kim Woo Bin - W Korea

I am a huge fan of these two close up desert themed photos of Woo Bin.  There were some in the same photo spread that I did not like (to come later in the post), but these two were perfectly done.  They grab your attention but he does not look like he is posing or trying to sell you something.  Well done.

Choi Jin Hyuk - Grazia 2014

I first watched Choi Jin Hyuk as Papa Gimiho in Gu Family Book, and promptly fell in love with his acting, looks, and of course voice.  I imagine that this is what he would look like if he had not died 400 years ago.

Bae Doo Na - Harper's Bazaar May 2014
I love the textures and color combo's in these photos.  If I was going on just the clothes, I would say that all of them mixed together is a bit ugly (like most of the pieces separately), but somehow it just all comes together for a rich and beautiful series of photos.

Cha Seung Won-High Cut’s Vol. 126

Very dynamic closeup.  And usually I am not a fan of his photos.  Not that they are horrible, just usually they don't speak to me.  So that makes this one all the better.

Park Min Young - Harper's Bazaar May 2014
 Such beautiful Spanish lace and Park Min Young always takes amazing photos.   I like the old world feel of these photos.

Song Ji Hyo - Grazia May 2014
 I am not a fan of Song Ji Hyo's red hair in most of this photo shoot.  However it was perfectly set off with the bright blue sea and sky.  A beautiful photo with amazing colors.

Lee Jong Suk - High Cut May 2014
 The mix of colors between the clothes and the graffiti are so dynamic.  I also like how in the second photo they used the lines of the graffiti and the lines of his shirt to create a synergy. And of course you can't go wrong adding Lee Jong Suk into the mix.  

 Joo Won - Instyle Korea June 2014
 I love Joo Won, however these are definite photo fails.  They are way to busy and it is hard to positively confirm that this even is Joo Won.  For such a dynamic man, it is a shame that they overwhelmed him with these busy backgrounds.

Eric Nam - Vogue Girl Korea May 2014
This shirt looks like a 80's reject.  Ugly Prints mixed together does not one good print make.  He is so adorable, but this is truly just 100% ugly.

Kang Ha Neul - Harper's Bazaar May 2014
 I don't like shorts on guys in photo shoots for the most part,  and this photo is not changing my mind.  The pure white outfit just accentuates the shiny whiteness of his legs.  Not a good look.

 Park Min Young - Harper's Bazaar May 2014
 I think the actually dress is beautiful (again I love the lace theme of these clothes), but the giant mass of doilies and fringe on the shoulder is very very ugly.  Wish we could just cut it out of the photo.

 Kim Woo Bin - W Korea 
Awkward legs, the face is too far away to see detail, and the disappearing print on the clothes makes Woo Bin look like a floating head.  I don't like the components of this photo. In another spot with a different pose it might work, but nothing is working in this specific look.

I hope you enjoyed all of these fun pictorials.  I should be back to normal next week and will have a brand new Top 5 Kdrama Countdown.  Also things are heating up in both Witch's Romance and Gap Dong, so check out my recaps to see all my snarky and sometimes witty comments.


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