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Gap Dong Episode 9 - Why This Whole Cast Should Take a Trip to the Funny Farm

As I sit here prepared to watch episode 9 of Gap Dong, I wonder what form will the crazy take this week.  We have already had, creepy clowns, pro-serial killer cops, suicidal ditzy damsels, the usual chopping off fingers bromance, and of course the nunchucks (can never forget the nunchucks).  What is there left for the writers to write about for another 12 episodes? 
Although this episode was somewhat crazy free, that being relative to previous episodes (a large amount of stupidity still occurred)  I have just come to the conclusion that every character here needs to just call it in and enter a psych ward.

First things first, we have to comment on how pleasant the shower scene was.  Not only do we get a sexy and wet Tae Oh, we also get the question on everyone's mind answered.  Yes, he does practice his creepy smiles in his bathroom mirror.

Dr Maria - Multiple Personality Disorder
Our very own wide eyed doctor starts the stupid off by going to Tae Oh's (yes the serial killer) house to tell him to confess.  Because, there is nothing smarter than entering into the lair of a hungry lion.  I love how she tells him to "Confess If you Want No Regrets" and he just asks "What are regrets?  Is that what pathetic losers whine about?"  As a top of the line profiler and psychiatrist, you would think that she would understand that a psychopath who does not have emotions (he has admitted to this in the past), is not going to just want forgiveness.  For whatever reason he is killing and has no intention of quitting.  It is part of the whole HE DOES NOT HAVE EMOTIONS thing that she is forgetting.  Maria then threatens him (as his doctor) that she will speak against him in court, after he is caught.  Again, just not feeling the urgency here.  What is her thought process?  Let's threaten the serial killer.  Because you have so much power there, sitting in his house, drinking his coffee.  Could she be any dumber?  Maybe if she really started dating him.  
You might ask why she has a Multiple Personality Disorder?  I, the viewer, have determined this after watching her go back to his house(AGAIN), this time in her sexy strong killer bate cosplay outfit.  I found it amusing that she purposefully left her whistle (i.e. her security blanket) at home after she put her costume on, indicating that this time she is serious.  
Hmmmmm with whistle, helpless princess who stun guns herself.  Without whistle, strong tough warrior women who has the power to???????  Yes I have nothing, the wig and face paint do nothing to make her seem tougher.  I am pretty sure that ship has sailed long ago during the flailing bag incident, not to mention the stun gun fiasco.  Just commit yourself Dr Oh.  No one who has sat through the last 9 episodes of this show is going to object.  

Moo Yeom - Institutionalized for Habitual Lying.
Poor Moo Yeom is obviously going a tad bit crazy.  I don't know if it is from his lack of success on stopping the murders or the bullet rattling around in his brain, but he is the victim of extreme cases of Hyperbole.  He can't stop spouting off tough and dangerous sounding soundbites.  But instead of the kind of crazy tough character I was hoping for, he falls just shy and is instead a big talking follower of the law. (EXCEPT FOR THE WHOLE FINGER CHOPPING THING, THAT WAS JUST PLAIN CRAZY).   Moo Yeom hunts down Tae Oh, and says multiple times "Either he dies or I die".  So I of course am expecting some serious crazy to occur.  
Moo Yeom hits him several times ( hitting is a good start) and has him trapped under his foot on the ground.  And then he........cuffs him?  Okay, I am still with this, especially when he tightens the cuffs to the point where they start to dig into Tae Oh's skin.  I think to myself, "Brilliant, he is going to break his wrists so he can not go out and murder more women".  But nope, next thing we know they are back in the police station interrogation room and Tae Oh is strapped to a lie detector. 
Unless Crazy Monk has decided to do some elaborate death by malfunctioning lie detector electrocution, we are doomed to disappointment.  For shame, you get us all excited for a showdown and it is just more of the same.  Nothing crazy going on, and definitely nothing involving either of the men dying.  Just warning you writers, next time you use a statement like that as a cliffhanger, than I expect a bit more then bruised wrists.  It has to be at least the equivalent of a bullet to the brain.

Chul Gon - Paranoia 
Chul Gon plays the quintessential loner cop to a tee.  Not only does he trust no one, but he sets up sting operations on his own in order catch the original Gap Dong hiding in the insane asylum.  Unfortunately his super secret spy is uncovered and eliminated by Gap Dong himself (hmmmmm  suspicious guy is his roommate.  Coincidence?  Red Herring? Kdrama Fate?).  He attempts to kill himself via hanging, but instead just successfully goes into a slightly vegetative state and does not recover.  
It comes out that Chul Gon had a secret spy that he told no one about, and everything hits the fan.  But does that concern our Scary Tiger?  Not a bit, he just smirks and tells his higher ups, that they can not be trusted.  Makes you think that just because you are a paranoid crazy guy, it does not mean that they are not out to get you.

Ji Wool - Just Plain Stupid
Who could be dumber than Dr Maria with her late night home visits?  Should have known that one does not  tempt kdrama fate by asking questions.  This inquiry is answered when we see Ji Wool calling Tae Oh Oppa and questioning his psychopathic diagnosis.  She refuses to say anything openly against him in the police station, she goes to see him at work, and even sits down with our hottie psycho when he goes to her mothers place of business.  
Watching her brain process information is kind of painful.  I keep waiting for it, waiting for it, waiting for it........................????....................... ........light bulb flickers.  This girl does not have a sensible bone in her body and really should just hand him a dagger and get it over with.  We all want her to be gone, so please help us and just kill her already.  Or at least lock her away, where her bad life choices don't make me yell at my computer screen.

Tae Oh - Obviously Insane, But do we Really Care at This Point?
Again, I would like to state.  Who knew that our crazy killer Tae Oh would be the most interesting and slightly sympathetic character in the show.  It has almost turned from a mystery to a look into the life of a psychopath drama.  Lee Joon's acting is just getting better and better as the show goes on and he is definitely carrying the intensity of the drama.
Tae Oh is falling in love (maybe?? Since he supposedly knows no emotions) with the stupid Dr Maria.  These pesky emotions are getting in the way (just barely) of his master kill everyone plan.  Instead of looking for his next victim, he is mooning in his coffee shop too angsty US music. (I especially like the part where he is gazing longingly at her coffee card and kudos on a hilarious song choice in the coffee shop).  
But not only is he having to deal with stupid cops, a need to act out his hero worship via murder, and a girl who is maybe causing him to feel, but he must also deal with a visit from his mother.  A visit in which she berates him for going too far this time (why yes, I do believe murdering 5 people is way too far) and tells him to kill himself  by suicide pills.  
This whole segment, I kept wondering why the mother would think he would kill himself if she told him to.  Wouldn't hiring thugs to murder him be a more successful and effective way of ridding yourself of this threat.  If he killed his father to survive, why does she not think she could be in danger as well.   For whatever reason, I guess he takes her words seriously since he calls Dr Maria and tells her that he made a decision (this is when she comes over in her hard tough hoochie outfit).  When she arrives he tells her that his fate is in her hands and he pops in one of the pills.  He tells her that she has ten minutes to save him and falls to the floor in pain.  But much to his surprise and possible disappointment, she tells him that she wants him to die and walks away. 
Whatever is going to happen?  Is everyone going to be committed?  Is Tae Oh going to die?  (Just letting you know now, that if they kill him off anytime before the last episode these recaps might die as well.  This show would be unbearable without his amazing acting).  Is Dr Maria's botox ever going to ease up so she can have an expression on her face other then big eyed wonder?  Tune in for my next recap as we'll find out all the answers to our questions, and I am sure a lot of answers that we never would ask, or want to ask.  Til then, have a wonderful drama filled weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love the crazy in this drama (guess I've finally gotten to the point where I take things for what they are). I confess that I find Tae Oh the most interesting thing about this show so here's hoping the show won't screw that up.


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