Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Witch's Romance Episode 15 - Happily Ever After........Almost??

Episode 15 was a fun episode that was all about giving the fans what they want, namely a lot of couple cuteness and smooches.  Because when it comes down to it, that is all a fan wants at the end of the day from a romantic comedy.  And thankfully that was all delivered, and then some. 
Bring on the Cute
The morning after Dong Ha's confession is so so cute.  He snuggles his pillow grinning with joy (totally squee moment there!) and Ji Yeon is stalking his doorstep, wondering why he is not out yet.  YAY for team love.  I am so glad we are getting all of the cute OTP moments that we were hoping for from the beginning.
Lovers and Coworkers
Ji Yeon goes to work and is shocked to see Dong Ha who is having a chat with her nemesis.  Ji Yeon runs to intervene and misunderstands what they are talking about, thinking Dong Ha had just told her coworkers that they are dating.  Love the repeat of the scene from episode two where she again totally misunderstands what he is saying since all that is on her mind is their new "couple" status.
The End of a Drama Means Filler
I am sensing the need for some plot filler in the first half of the episode.  Since we are towards the end the writers want to put our OTP (One True Pairing) together as much as possible and had to figure someway to get them back into the workplace.  I find it kind of amusing that he will be working for her rival this time.  It provided some cute laughs, but again, feels like filler that is needed to stretch the series to 16 episodes.  Yup, I was right.  All filler and he only lasted as an employee for a few days before she made him quit.
A Witch's Seduction
The "A Witch's Seduction" talk with Ji Yeon's coworker makes Dong Ha jealous and he starts putting down the law.  Dong Ha tells her that he does not like other men seeing her pretty legs and takes her shopping where he is determined to find something that covers her from her neck to ankle.  She just takes it in stride since he is so cute when he is jealous, but then is mistaken for his sister when she goes to check out.  OUCH.  The downside to dating a younger man.
Sexy Ddukbokki
Dong Ha feeds Ji Yoon a bite, then takes one for himself while calling her "Honey".  So adorable!  But then he gets sexy when he goes to feed her a bite, then bite/kisses the other half from her mouth.  Total Squee moment for our cute OTP.  Who knew that ddukbokki could be romantic. (Personally it is my least favorite Korean food that I have tried so far.  However if I got a cute kiss like that one, I would suffer through)  

Age Gap
Know what is even worse then having a boyfriend who is 14 yrs younger than you?  Your boyfriends BFF's dating people much younger then them.  This age gap leads to awkward conversations and makes the person who is older, really feel their age.   It also pushes our OTP into having a serious heart to heart about their relationship fears.  Ji Yeon worries that Dong Ha's "heart will change", since she has first hand knowledge how hearts really can change.  He hugs her and reassures her that he is in it for the long hall and that he is worried when she goes off without him.  I like that they both are being open about their feelings and fears.  With the things they will have to overcome to make it for the long hall, good communication is a must.
Taking the Next Step
Finally they are connecting emotionally!  YAY for sweet moment.  But this is a cable show, and since the almost hit a home run in the second episode, we are expecting a little more than a kiss.  Unfortunately, Dong Ha seems to be a bit timid when it comes to taking things to the next level.   Ji Yeon is also worried that her sexy skills are non-existent after such a dating dry spell.  Add to that, the fact that Ji Yeon is trying to not look like a love sick stalker girlfriend, and things are just not progressing.
Thanks to their besties interference, both have sex on the brain and a plan to end their dry spell.  I laughed out loud when I saw that Ji Yeon was reading a How to Seduce A Younger Guy book.  Looking in a mirror and wondering what she should wear for her seduction, she is embarrassed when Dong Ha catches her prancing.  He also sees the book on her coffee table.  Hehehehe busted.  He asks for a beer (so subtle Dong Ha) the drink that started them down the road to sex last time.  Both avoid eye contact and she brings out around 24 beers on a platter.  HAHAHAHA  But it does not even take one beer, before both are making out on the floor..............and are interrupted by Ji Yeon's mother who comes barging in (Time to change your door code.)  She complains about younger men and their issues, specifically president's issues, and wonders why the beer she is drinking is so shaken up.  Dong Ha and Ji Yeon just give each other cute looks over her head.  

Curse the Writers 
You would think that everything would be smooth sailing from here on in.  They both have confessed their love, Dong Ha is going to go back to school, they have overcome every hurdle including the 14 year age gap and the whole "physical" parts of their relationship........except now we have one little work related fly in the ointment.  Ji Yion wins a prestigious award which requires her to head to England for a year, in some kind of exchange program.  WHAT?  Seriously writers, we have suffered and suffered to get this OTP together, and now you are going to separate them? (actually let me curse the writers of the original Taiwanese version, since the kdrama writers are just following the original story.  Curses upon the Tdrama writers that can't let our OTP be together without that one added bit of drama.)
Only one more episode to go and then we will be saying goodbye to this wonderful world.  I promise to work as fast as possible to get the finale recap out by tomorrow afternoon. 

Til Then,
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