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Kmuse's Top 10 Actor Challenge - #7 Jung Ryeo Won

Hey Kaddicts!  Kmuse here with yet another installment of my Top 10 Actor Challenge.  If you have just started following us you might be asking. "Kmuse, what is the Top 10 Actor Challenge?"  In a nutshell, it was where a friend on FB told me to write down my top favorite kdrama actors and then challenge others to do the same. 
It was surprisingly hard, giving out numbered spots to my favorite bias's, but I was able to accomplish it and pass on the kdrama love.  As I was looking at my list, I thought of how fun it would be to share it with the blogging world.  This way you might learn something about the actors as well as see what dramas they have starred in and maybe even get ideas for your kdrama queue. Also if you want to see my posts for #'s 8-10, there are links provided at the bottom of this post.
#7 is the second female on my list and all time favorite actress Jung Ryeo Won.  No one plays a better strong personality female than this actress and I am always entertained whenever she is on screen (except Medical Top Team - even Ryeo Won couldn't save that bore of a drama).  

I first saw Jung Ryeo Won in the 2009 drama Ja Myung Go, where she played the title role as a princess who's destiny was to save a nation.  She and costar Jung Kyung Ho played star crossed lovers in an epic battle for power between waring countries.  Unfortunately the timing of this drama was horrible for Jung Ryeo Won, since her drama was up against the ratings juggernaut Queen Seon Deok.  This led to the writers desperately scrambling to attract viewers and a weakening of plot.  Ja Myung Go was cut drastically and the pacing and the ending suffered greatly.  I would still suggest this drama for Sageuk fans since I thoroughly loved the cast, just be aware there are minor problems.
It wasn't til 2012 that she got another shot at a leading lady role, but what a doozy of a role it was.  Ryeo Won was cast as the foul mouthed chaebol's granddaughter Yeo-chi, who ran through life leaving destruction in her wake.  Not only is Ryeo Won one of my favorite actresses, but this is also one of my all time favorite female characters.  It is rare to find a really strong female in a kdrama, especially one that stays strong through the whole show, but Yeo Chi is one of those mythical roles of a lifetime.  If you have not yet watched this drama, I highly suggest you move it up in your queue.  You won't be disappointed.
Jung Ryeo Won followed up her success in History of a Salaryman with another strong female character in the drama King of Dramas.  While this drama was not the highest rated show at the time, it had a ton of buzz and proved that an older actor can be just as sexy as a young idol.  A story about the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing of the kdrama industry. Ryeo Won plays a newbie screen writer who pairs up with a rag tag group to create her first drama.  It is fascinating to watch the creation of a kdrama, and she was highly entertaining.  If nothing else watch it for Kim Myung Min's sexy voice and SiWon's hilarious Engrish.
I am still impatiently waiting for her confirmation in a new drama, but as soon as it comes out, I am sure I will excitedly be tweeting and firing up a FB discussion group.  Until then, there is always reruns to give me a Jung Ryeo Won fix.
Be sure to check back next week as I discuss my #6 actor.  He is well known for his handsome looks and intense characters and he will always be my favorite heartbroken king.  Any guesses?  Be sure to check and see if your guess is right!
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