Monday, February 9, 2015

Hyde, Jekyll and I episode 6: Hey Jealousy

You know what is a lot of fun? Sitting down to write a blog post only to find that the computer that was working just fine a few minutes ago when your kid was using it for Minecraft now doesn't work at all. And I mean, not at all. One black screen and a cursor, that's all I got. So, while that is being worked on, I'm stuck using the lousy laptop. I mean, thankfully, for the sake of my post, I have the laptop available for use. It's all in our attitude, right?

Anyway, in addition to the news on the computer front, I have something else to confess to you. You may recall from last time that I talked about how I'm trying to watch two of these D.I.D. shows at once - this one and Kill Me, Heal Me. I had promised myself that I wouldn't watch KMHM until after my recap of HJI since I tend to scramble the two of them up in my head for some reason. I don't know what it is - I'd gotten pretty good at having multiple dramas going at one time and keeping them all straight in my head...sorta. But these two are just similar enough (and dare I finally admit out loud, KMHM is just that much more interesting and gripping) that I have a hard time distinguishing some of the finer details apart when writing. So, last week, I held true to my promise that I made myself and wrote before watching. But then I ran out of time for watching and got behind. And then, to make matters worse, everyone in my social media networks were talking all about how amazing KMHM had been that week and that was a special kind of torture. So yes, I confess, when I found my computer dead, I, in my disheartened and frustrated state, broke my rule of one whole week and watched some KMHM. I'm not fully caught up, but I did technically watch more of it than I did HJI. Consider yourself forewarned then, I may, despite my best effort and hundreds of screenshots to use as reference, possibly slip something in that has more to do with KMHM than this one. If so, I apologize, It's not likely, but it is always possible.

Let's talk frankly for a moment. I'm starting to hear murmurings out there about how this drama just isn't living up to its potential. Okay, fine. Let's just say it like it really is - some people are bored with it and don't care for it. Oh, it pains me to even say that, but it's the truth and we can either run away from it or face it head on. I choose the latter. While certainly not falling into the "bad drama" category, it is one that hasn't, I will admit, fully gripped my attention. I don't eagerly count down the -days until the next episode. This saddens me because I so badly want to love it. 4 years. 4 HB-less years. I NEED this drama! Why has it let me down?!? I have to agree with Kmuse - I hate Ha Na's job as a circus ringleader. It is so L A M E. I could sit here and compare it with it's cousin, Kill Me, Heal Me, but I won't. That's not fair to it. Unfortunately, it's what I do in my head, but for our purposes here, it's not the direction I would ever want to go. I will focus on it as its own entity and identity, separate from any other. My biggest issue with it is honestly the writing. I think the actors are doing fine. They can't help that the script is duller than a rust-encrusted station wagon. Kmuse and I agree on that front. Is there potential for the story? Yes. Is all lost? No. Could they turn it around? Sure. I don't think it's beyond saving, but if the same writers keep doing the same writing, then no. I'm afraid that most will abandon it long before its run is done. Can you imagine the horror of them having to cut the episodes down??? That's worse than an extension, and I hate extensions. For the record, I haven't heard any talk of that being a possibility, I've just seen it done before and so it makes me nervous to think of a HB drama facing that kind of drama shame. But enough of my ramblings and Debbie Downer talk. There are still fans and there is still salvageable material here to talk about. So, let's put away our Negative Nellie talk and focus on the positive things from this episode.

A Confession
Ha Na has just confessed her feelings to Robin-actually-Seo Jin-posing-as-Robin. His response? A look of shock.

No words, just shock. Her interpretation of his response is that he has just rejected her. She runs away. embarrassed as all get out.

Can't say as if I blame her. However, it would seem as if she may have misinterpreted the reaction incorrectly. Instead of a look of horror, it is legitimately a look of real shock. And, it would appear that this shock has awakened in him a sense of his own budding feelings as evidenced by his rapidly beating heart.

Looks like our girl shouldn't give up hope just yet. We know that Robin has feelings for her, but now it would appear that Seo Jin is wandering into that camp too. Being jealous of yourself - that's just awesomeness right there. Seo Jin leaves in the nighttime while he is still himself, leaving a note for Ha Na. Let's just say that poor Ha Na doesn't take this very well. *giggle* She's kinda funny, this girl. I love her freak outs.

When Seo Jin wakes up as Robin, Robin has no idea of what happened on the retreat. His final memory is of the accident. His first thoughts and concerns upon waking are of Ha Na  and her well-being though. Such a sweet boyfriend that doesn't know he has won the girl's heart because his other self won't tell him. There are no recorded messages from SJ to Robin, so Robin assumes that there is nothing to tell. Seo Jin even goes as far as to delete text messages sent to Robin from Ha Na - no easy task since the two personalities don't have access to the other's passcode. At least not until Seo Jin goes all Phone Hacking MacGuyver on us until he figures it out.
I laughed all through this scene

So Robin is truly in the dark when he wakes up and faces Ha Na. She's crushed and angry and he's clueless. When he does finally find out the truth though - woo hoo! Is he ever mad! Seo Jin's about to get a beat down from his other side! Things are about to get real up in here. Our pseudo/temporary truce is obviously off between the two of them. This is fun stuff right here!

The Bad Guy
TGHU (Thank Goodness He's Ugly) Wasting good looks on bad dudes is always tragic
After his little run-them-off-the-snowy-road trick, Bad Guy is finally identified. Here's the clincher though - he works at the same hospital as our Hypnotic Hot Doc. Not only that, but guess who is in HHD's office when the call from the detective comes in? Uh huh. You guessed it. Bad Guy himself. Despite HHD's best efforts to cover up the contents of the convo with the detective, BG figures out that he's been made, clobbers poor HHD over the head, and takes off.

A motorcycle/car chase ensues with our bad guy heading towards Wonderland, we can only assume in an attempt to target Ha Na. Seo Jin, after a mad dash to rescue her (LOOK! He's saving her again!), finds her in time and whisks her off to the safety of his house.

Bad Guy is eventually caught and Ha Na called down to identify him as a witness. Facing him on the other side of the one-way glass, she does finally recall his face and positively identifies him.

She is noticeably distraught and this only is compounded when he charges the glass. She freaks and cowers and Hypnotic Hot Doc goes in for the save this time, as Seo Jin looks on, helpless and jealous. Haha! Jealousy! I love it! We now have our complete love quadrangle. Oh yeah! Let the juicy begin!

Capturing of Bad Guy doesn't lead very far in the locating of Dr Kang, unfortunately. But at least Ha Na is safe. Seo Jin worries about her emotional state after seeing how traumatic the event at the police station was. He hadn't known how hard she had had it until then, and now wants to help, in his best Seo Jin way, i.e. ordering her to get psychiatric care from someone other than Hypnotic Hot Doc. That he specifically excludes his love rival rocks and says so much. I love it!

The Other Bad Guy

This cousin of Seo Jin's is like a snake in the grass. What a total (fill in the blank) he is! He is sneaking around, trying to gather dirt on his cousin with which to take him down, all the while posing as some concerned family member. His crowning glory as King Creepmeister is when he contacts That Other Girl. He posts her picture online and then arranges a meeting with her. Seriously - he comes across as a total Chester the Molester here and made my skin crawl.

Later on, he has a sit-down with Ha Na under the guise of talking to her about some new show. This whole interaction when Seo Jin walks in was fun. And who is the other chick? She seemed just about as peeved as Seo Jin that Creepy almost had his hand on Ha Na's shoulder. Hmm.

This guy obviously has a lot of time on his hand, as he spent the entire episode playing detective and trying to figure out his cousin's weaknesses. Maybe if he dedicated himself more to his actual job, he could be more on par with Seo Jin. Just a thought. After meeting with the kid and with Ha Na, he takes it a step further goes to see Hypnotic Hot Doc. He poses as a patient, presenting with Seo Jin's particular "issues". The idea of Disassociative Identity Disorder comes up in that conversation, as does the fact that Seo Jin had been kidnapped as a child. Whereas he originally was thinking that the Robin thing was an alias, it now would seem as if he's a lot closer to stumbling upon the actual truth. Only time will tell, but this guy is seriously rubbing me the wrong way and I just want him gone. Along with half of the cast. They can keep Seo Jin, Ha Na, Hypnotic Hot Doc, Ha Na's friends (just give them different jobs outside of the whole circus thing), the detective and the adorable secretary dude. Everyone in Seo Jin's family needs to drop dead and leave him the hell alone. Whatsherface can disappear too. I'm done with her and her perky cheerleader self. She at least serves an important purpose in this episode, since it was her that told Robin about Ha Na's confession. I'll ease up on my death sentence a little because of it. She doesn't have to drop dead, she can just be gone. Give her a boyfriend in another country and let her leave or something. Ugh. Okay fine. She can stay...for now. She's good for a little comic relief now and again. But Seo Jin's father and cousin and whoever else is in that messed up family, I still want them gone. Permanently. Poof! No more! Problems solved, now everyone can go about their happy little lives.

The Other Other Bad Guy, AKA Dad
I just quickly wanted to mention something that came up during a confrontation between Seo Jin and his Bad Dad that seems important to at least our character development if not our story as a whole. Seo Jin talks about how it was he who saved himself back during the traumatic incident from his childhood (the one that we learn was a kidnapping if Cousin Cretin is to be believed). Dad didn't come to his rescue, he saved himself. He got out of a bad situation on his own without help from anyone. This is, according to his own words, why he has learned to not trust, depend on, or get close to anyone...ever. This is the reason for his cold manner. This poor guy - he's got some deep scars. :(

Final Thoughts
I appreciated this episode and how we got to spend so much time developing some depth in the Ha Na/Seo Jin/Robin/Hypnotic Hot Doc love quadrangle. I fully enjoyed seeing Seo Jin get jealous, not with just another man, but with himself too. There's a lot of relationship-related interactions that I didn't dissect specifically, and for that I'm sorry, if you know, you were looking for that. There's a lot of misunderstanding happening right now and a lot of mixed emotions and hurt feelings combined with confusion and heartache. We spent most of this episode with Seo Jin, loving him and hating him both. Love him or hate him, we still have to acknowledge that he is changing for the better thanks to Ha Na.

Stay tuned for when we return with this week's new episodes' recaps. Until then, chat us up about this or any other drama on our various social "hangouts". And, as always, thanks for stopping by and I wish you all happy back hugs and fish kisses!


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  1. So glad you're recapping this for us! I am one of the legion of fans who is pretty bored with this show right now, so I'm following your posts to see if/when it ever starts to be interesting, so I can pick it up again.

  2. B Sherman - I'm with you. How could the writers give HB such boring material to work with! At least KMHM is killing it! And I've discovered an new actor to follow - Ji Sung.

  3. I know that the series is merely trying to give the Mental Twins each their own style so we know which one is there at any given moment but every time i see Seo Jin's look, it screams Jo In Sung. Which is sad that as they are taking a perfectly popular handsome guy and remaking him in the image of another "It" man. I'll be stockpiling this drama to watch at some point in the future while I mainline some Chinese dramas where every actor is allowed to make his own role shine.


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