Monday, March 9, 2015

Hwajeong releases first stills of Cha Seung Won

I was slightly disappointed in the storyline of "A King's Face" starring my #1 bias Seo In Guk (I promise I still love you).  While SIG did an enjoyable job with his role, the rest of the story pretty much fell apart by the seams.  So when I heard that the new sageuk "Hwajeong" was covering the same King (Gwang Hae) I was a bit hesitant to dip my toes back into the historical waters.

Fortunately a few things have changed my mind, the first being that this Gwang Hae ( Cha Seung Won - Greatest Love) will be a lot closer to the historical ruler and not the nice cleaned up version from King's Face.  Gwang Hae is known for being a ruthless man who seized control from all his other half siblings so the super sweet nice guy from the previous kdrama just rang false.  Also in this drama they will not be focusing on Gwang Hae's romance life, but his interaction politically with his half sister Princess Jeong Myeong (Lee Yeon Hee - Miss Korea).  The final, and third, reason I am excited to watch this is due to these kickin' stills that were just released.  
Cha Seung Won looks intense and amazing in his Saguek garb and I am looking forward to seeing him in a historical role.  Hwajeong will air on April 13th on MBC.

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  1. I'd like a roundup photo of all the actors who've played that King - I've heard there were a lot.


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