Monday, March 2, 2015

Kmuse's Musings : Bring on the Teasers

It is that time again when a new batch of dramas is quickly approaching.  And since I love sharing all things kdrama, I thought I would compile all the teasers into one place for easy viewing pleasure.  If you have any questions on any of these dramas, feel free to ask in the comments or on our FB Page linked here - The Crazy Ahjummas FB
Falling for Innocence
"Falling for Innocence" is the upcoming drama featuring everyone's favorite besties Jung Kyung Ho (Cruel City) and Yoon Hyun Min (Cruel City) as they compete for the love of Kim So Yeon (I Need Romance 3).  The stills and drama synopsis led me to believe that it was going to be more serious, but judging from the teaser we might be looking at a good dash of humor as well.
Teaser (for those that can't get the video on the the app, here is the youtube link)

Divorce Lawyers in Love 
I am crossing my fingers with this one because I have been burned a couple times recently when it comes to Lawyer dramas (I'm talking about you "A New Leaf").  But this one seems less about lawyering and more about romantic one-upmanship between the leads.  Let's cross our fingers that the shenanigans will all be romantic in nature and we can get away from the trial/criminal of the week concept.
Teaser 1 & 2 (Youtube Link)

Super Daddy Yeol
I have been a huge Lee Yoo Ri fan ever since watching her in Jang Bo Ri & Running Man, so I was on board no matter what.  Even if it is a story about a mom who has a terminal illness and decides to make a local schmuck (Lee Dong Gun) become the perfect father for her daughter.  I personally am hoping for a misdiagnosis since I already want this odd family combo to make it long term.  Check out these cute teasers.
Teaser 1 (Youtube Link)
 Teaser 2 (Youtube Link)

Angry Mom
Unfortunately there are no teasers yet for the upcoming drama "Angry Mom", but at least we have some great stills to get us excited.  There is something just so fun about a mom faking enrollment back to high school to take down school bullies.  Is it at all believable?  Heck no, but if I can suspend my belief about aliens and vampires, I can extend it to Kim Hee Sun passing as a teenager.
What drama are you most looking forward too?  Did we miss any?  I personally am getting really excited for the newest kdrama batch and hope that they continue 2015's run of amazing shows. 


  1. Of all the teasers, the most I'm looking forward to are Super Daddy Yeol and Angry Mom. They seem a lotta fun but I will def watch Divorce Lawyers and Falling for Innocence too. Bring on the spring romance!!!!

    1. Am really hoping they are all good. Can't get enough great dramas. Especially romantic dramas:)


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