Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yong Pal Episode 7 - Comas are the New Black

It's time to face the aftermath of THUGageddon and heal everyone's wounds, both financially and physically.  New unions are made and old are solidified as we all take a breath and rest (Tae Hyun literally.....but more on that later). 
The slow clap of an evil ahjussi is always a thing of beauty.  Just kidding, it is an over effected douche bag moment that needed to end so we could get back to more important things.  Like saving Tae Hyun who is bleeding to death while these mediocre bad guys banter back and forth over who's plan was more genius.  But instead of saving Tae Hyun, Greedy Ahjussi starts negotiations with Do Joon over company issues.  
Tae Hyun, whether through genius or need, collapses to the floor and says he can go himself to the OR and have his gun shot looked at.  HAHAHA, Am I the only one who half expects him to start doing surgery on his own wound?  I love how they all just kind of watch him with concerned expressions, as Tae Hyun staggers into the elevator.  (And that is why I call them mediocre villains).
Thankfully Ahjumma Nurse is busy reviving our mostly dead heroine, who is looking perfect, even in death.  Ahjumma Nurse reaffirms her belief in Tae Hyun, that he will arrive soon, just as our hero is stumbling down the hall bleeding everywhere.  But the power of Yong Pal is with him and he will save Yeo Jin come hell or bullet wounds.
Know when I was joking about Tae Hyun patching himself up, only two paragraphs ago?  Well, that is exactly what happens.... more or less.  Tae Hyun drugs himself up on painkillers and adrenaline and cleans his gunshot wound, then it is off to the OR.
In the poor part of the hospital, where the doctors would rather you die than interrupt their dinner drinking, the attempted suicide from last episode (bandaged like a mummy) goes into cardiac arrest.  She is revived but the dining doctor refuses to stop his socializing to attempt to save her.  Rebel nurse is disgusted with everyone and demands that someone get Tae Hyun on the phone for her and prep the patient for surgery.  Because we don't want to make things easy with our hero only having to save a mostly dead heiress/future soul mate.  Lets just add another heroic moment into the mix.

****Moment of Digression ****
Did anyone else think of this scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" while watching this?
No?  Just me?  Well feel free to watch it now.  I would have loved it if Tae Hyun had uttered the words "it's just a flesh wound."


Tears were shed, people doubted he could do it, but with his last waking moment, Tae Hyun brings back Yeo Jin from the dead..........and then promptly passes out from blood loss.  It is not the mummy girls day as she dies in the adjoining OR before the impromptu surgery could take place (assuming Tae Hyun hadn't collapsed from his bullet wound).  But at least this gives our sneaky hospital workers a convenient way to hide Yeo Jin while they get her out.
In other parts of the hospital (while Tae Hyun is finally being operated on) Do Joon and Creepy Ahjussi are getting their game on.  Their evil game that is.  They will not tell anyone that Yeo Jin is deceased and instead continue on as normal and share the stocks & power.  Do Joon is not really wanting to join forces, but after a wonderfully long metaphor about ruined pots and how this is Do Joon's only way to be fed, he sees the light.  So now Do Joon and Greedy Ahjussi are officially pot friends..... and not in the let's have munchies and mellow out, way.

Someone is contemplating some more glass involved violence.

Yeo Jin wakes up (after having her throat slit, operated on, and being dead for 12 minutes(Yes I am rolling my eyes right along with the rest of you)) with her face bandaged up and Rebel Nurse standing by her bedside.  She informs Yeo Jin that she will now be a coma patient on her floor so not to open her eyes.  Rebel Nurse also informs Yeo Jin of Tae Hyun's injured status.
Tae Hyun is currently on the operating table and we are forced to watch a WAY TOO GRAPHIC scene involving squirting blood and our slightly drunk doctor saving Tae Hyun's life.  I much prefer Tae Hyun's dream segment where he is gorgeous and relaxing next to a lily pond where he finds Yeo Jin waiting for him.


Awww our favorite Gang Boss and his minion are alive, if not well.  They were beaten to the point of immobility and are being treated on the 12th floor for their the nurse that can't seem to find people's veins.  Is anyone else questioning why she is actually employed to work with VVIP patients?  I am declaring nepotism somewhere along the chain of authority.  But at least two of my favorite characters are still alive.  YAY!
Time has passed and Tae Hyun is alive..... and in a coma?  Since when do you end up in a coma from a gunshot wound?  I have a feeling that comas are now as common as passing out due to rain.  At least he gets to lie next to Yeo Jin who is faking her own coma in the bed next to his.  I love how Do Joon comes to check on Tae Hyun because he is soooooo important now.  However, I don't like how Yeo Jin might be questioning Tae Hyun's loyalty.
Surprisingly, the cop from the beginning episodes makes an appearance.  Loan shark boy got himself arrested and identified by everyone's least favorite detective (someone needs to tell the man to say it not spray it.)  The detective finds out that someone in Hanshin hospital had been in contact with the loan shark, but no specific name.  The hunt for Yong pal is back on.
Up on level 12, Chae Young is back and being pampered.  Does this girl not have a house?  It is almost like it is a hotel, not a hospital.  Upon hearing that someone had burst into her hotel hospital room during the fight and how Tae Hyun had been very worried for her safety, Chae Young rushes down to Tae Hyun's bedside.  Hmmm.  Yup, I believe she has officially been Joo Won'd.  Was not expecting there to be a love triangle, but looks like I might have been wrong.
Our, now official, second lead demands to know what is wrong.  Also, why aren't people doing things to heal him?  Call everyone from every department and fix him at all costs.  If Tae Hyun dies everyone will be fired.  Hahaha feel the wrath of a girl with newly awakened romantic feelings.  It also cracks me up that the poor little intern just ran away to do Chae Young's bidding without actually knowing who she is. 
In the room across the hall, Yeo Jin witnesses her sister-in-laws outburst.  She has to be wondering what Tae Hyun had done to literally have everyone worrying about his recovery.   It is getting quite comical.
Eventually (we know it is eventually because they show us nurses coming into the private room over an non designated period of time) Tae Hyun wakes up.  And who should be in the room across the way (there are literally glass windows separating the two patient rooms) but Yeo Jin.  How Tae Hyun knows it is his lady love, we will never know.  But we do get a sweet moment between our OTP (one true pairing) as Tae Hyun brings some potted lavender into Yeo Jin's room and plays her romantic songs off of his phone.  
It must have been Rebel Nurse who brought Tae Hyun up to speed since she watches from the doorway, just like a proud Yenta who made the perfect match.  Tae Hyun takes Yeo Jin to the roof (hahaha, I guess the positive point of being poor is that no one notices if you are walking around while supposedly in a coma) to see the outside world after her 3 year imprisonment.  I actually really loved this scene.  You could feel Yeo Jin's joy at freedom as well as Tae Hyun burgeoning feelings for our leading lady.
Sure enough the roof of the hospital is not a safe place to cavort and Cynthia shows up.  She bids Tae Hyun goodbye (with Yeo Jin trying to avoid her notice) since she will be going off to America.  Cynthia is not fooled and asks Tae Hyun to please get her some coffee as a farewell gift.  While he is away, Cynthia, without really acknowledging who Yeo Jin is, tells her about Tae Hyun's stupidity.--- "He gave away enough money to save his sister for a woman.  I guess his naive personality is part of his charm." She then drops the bombshell that she does indeed know who Yeo Jin is, calling her by name -- "Make him yours if you can.  He will be a good person to have with you while you are in hiding." Awww Cynthia, you did turn out to be a good guy in your own way.  I am sad to see you go.
Tae Hyun returns to find Yeo Jin, obviously upset.  When he inquires as to what happened she simply replies "What have I done?"

My Thoughts:
In some ways I feel that the writers are already preparing for the, much hinted at, four episode extension.  That is somewhat smart, since I hate when they have mediocre plot to fill the extra time at the end and resort to constant flashbacks.  But that means we are getting all of the repeat scenes now.  For example, there were a truckload of flashbacks while they were saving Yeo Jin.  Personally I thought it took away from the moment just a bit.  If it hadn't been for Joo Won's wonderful acting (yes I teared up when he cried with his mask on) I would have zoned out.

I would rather have preferred that they round out Tae Hyun waking up from the coma.  We go straight to a visual time jump of our hero in a coma, to him walking next door to Yeo Jin.  It leaves me with questions.  Such as: -- How did he know the mummy girl was Yeo Jin?  Why do those hospital rooms have conveniently open glass walls so they can see each other?  Wouldn't that create privacy issues? 
I also wish that they would write Tae Hyun's motivation a bit more clearly at times.  It seems like they only trot out the dying sister when they need to jump start Tae Hyun's actions.  Also, wouldn't he be worried about his sister (who is at deaths door) right about now?  The fact that they have Cynthia telling Yeo Jin about how he gave up the money for love......blah blah blah.  I just don't think that we have had enough interaction to call it that yet.  Despite how much the writers are trying to push forward the romance with the coma vision in the lily fields.  They are barely even friends, let alone at a point that he would choose his sister's death to save Yeo Jin.  I think it was more of the fact that in being on Yeo Jin's side he could have both the money for his sister as well as do the morally right thing.  The other two options had him selling his soul and becoming a murderer.  When it comes down to it, this was the logical choice Tae Hyun would make, not a romantic one.  We will just have to wait and see if they start pushing the romance now that she is awake and mobile.  Personally I believe that with 20 (maybe 24) episodes in the drama, we have time before we need the deeper feelings.
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  1. Did you notice the NO bandages on coma girl's neck? After having it sliced open & surgery needed to save her? LOL LOL LOL

    1. There is. There is a brown patch on her neck. I guess the nurses dont want to make the patch too obvious or the higher-ups will notice that she might be Yeojin.

    2. I did FINALLY notice it in episode 8 - that's a good reason as well!

  2. Cynthia does not know that Tae Hyun made a deal with Yeo Jin.

    You are right when you said Tae Hyun made the right decision by choosing to be on Yeo Jin's side. He would be a murderer if he sided with President Go or Do Joon. And by choosing Yeo Jin, he still has that 2 million waiting for him. But it's not as simple as just a business transaction either. Boy has obviously fallen in love although he doesn't know yet. At least not fully.

    We do not need drama to show us exact steps to how things work. Yes, some parts defy logic or demands you to chuck it to artistic license but some parts you need to deduce yourself. For example, Tae Hyun knowing that Yeo Jin is the one lying there with the bandages. Do we really need a scene of Rebel Nurse or someone telling Tae Hyun that? Going by this reasoning, the drama would need more than 4 episode extension. I apply the same thing for his sister. Do we need a scene where Tae Hyun goes to his sister's bedside and sob more? I made my own deduction - probablyTae Hyun called his sister and told her he's been really busy(so as to hide the truth that he nearly died) and finds out that she's doing fine at the moment. And nope, it's always a leap I needed to make.


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