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The Ahjumma Scoop - Let's Get Our Chat On

WOOHOO! It's time for another segment of "The Crazy Ahjummas" scoop where we chat all the dramas and kpop that we are watching yet not recapping.  This time we discuss bad boys, bad endings, wonderfully cheesy Chinese dramas, and a little dose of BTS boys on the side.
So many great dramas and so little time so we figure this is a nice compromise so we can actually do important things like, you know, sleep and raise our kids.


-High Society-
DONGSAENG: Have you ever been in any kind of relationship (romantic, friend, or even familial) where things are going really well but you are just waiting for something to go wrong? That uneasy, unsettled feeling as you fear getting hurt? That's how I'm feeling at this moment with this drama. Things are going along pretty swimmingly at this point. Oh, sure there are issues, but for the most part, things are good. We have our lead couple already in a relationship, having already weathered the whole "I'm not who you think I am" storm. We have a secondary relationship brewing with a lot of cute interactions. And then we have these two friendships both involving one rich half and one not rich half, and they seem to be strong and supportive. But we're only 4 episodes in. So we know something isn't going to last. Something is bound to come crashing down. Call us pessimists or what have you (I prefer "drama experienced"), but I am guarding my heart in fear of some major pain still to come. Personally, I am watching this and just pleading that Sung Joon's character is a good guy this time around. After that Hyde, Jekyll and I debacle, I need him to be a good guy. NEED! For now I'll play along, but I'm not investing my heart into it 100% until I know it's safe to do so.
KMUSE- I am enjoying a lot of the relationships in this drama.  It is something that we don't see much of.  And by relationships I mean the two girls' friendship, the unusual friendship between the guys, and the family relationship between pretty much everyone.  I am not sure if it really gels well, but it does keep me interested.  My only complaint is that it feels like our OTP (one true pairing) is moving through the relationship stages at warp speed.  So fast, that I have not had time to really even feel connected to them as a couple.  I am hoping that the writers smooth away the relationship rough edges in the next few episodes and I will continue to be satisfied.

-Hidden Identity-
KMUSE - I know that Kim Bum has always been hot.  But when did he suddenly jump to the level of , oh baby baby HAWT!, that we are witnessing in Hidden Identity?  Maybe his facial scruff is magical or something.

DONGSAENG: I'm about 2 minutes into this drama, so I obviously have a lot of thoughts to share.


Uhm... I can't WAIT to see a HAWT Kim Bum!!! 
KMUSE- This drama is worth watching simply for the action scenes which are a wonderfully busy, butt kicking, good time.  There is something just fantastic about a leading character who literally is so moody that he is willing to die to take down a bad guy.
KMUSE- I also want to do a quick shout-out to the writers for creating a female character that actually has a point and personality in the drama.  I am so sick of the token mediocre female that has to be added in every crime drama so Yoon So Yi is a nice change of pace.

DONGSAENG: *Update* I've now seen 40 minutes of episode one and can personally confirm the sighting of one very, very fine Kim Bum. And when he grabs the bad guy and dives off the side of the building?! He's hecka scary awesome already and we're only just beginning! Holy glory glory hallelujah! I'm going to love watching him this one!

-The Journey of Flower-
KMUSE - SHAN SHAN!  OK, I know her name is not really Shan Shan, but I openly admit that is what I am going to call Zanilia Liying Zhao for the rest of her life.  Thankfully I truly like the actress, not just her one role, and I am LOVING her new drama "The Journey of Flower".
KMUSE- "The Journey of Flower" is a current airing Chinese drama about Hua Qian Gu who was born unlucky.  Flowers die when her blood touches them and demons are drawn to her presence.  She also happens to be the future calamity of Bai Zi Hua's (Huo Wallace) life.  Zi Hua is a celestial being who falls in love with our pixie heroine and can't bring himself to kill her even if she is fated to be his downfall.
KMUSE- Just a warning to potential viewers, that this is wuxia style drama.  Which means that it includes a lot of fantasy which at times, can be a bit cheesy.  But the plot is really good despite some of the special effects.

-School 2015 Finale-
DONGSAENG: School 2015 taught me that I'm over this idea of ambiguous OTPs. What was fun in Replies 1997 and 1994 was not fun in this one. The good news is that even ambiguous OTPs are still pretty easy to do the math on, so I wasn't surprised by the end result and the boy she chose. I wasn't thrilled with it, but I wasn't invested in my choice enough for it to cause angst, because I figured she'd go with the other guy. The boy thing aside though, it was a decent ending to a pretty solid drama. I'm satisfied with the resolution and the happily ever after. I'm especially glad that Eun Bi got her name back, even if only because the other name became unavailable for her to use. I have to commend Kim So Hyun for her playing of two roles fairly seamlessly. It wasn't the most stellar dual performance of all time, but she did a good job doing what I can only imagine is not an easy thing. So *golf clap* for her.  PS - How HAWT did Sung Jae (Tae Kwang) look with the darker hair?!?! Oh my goodness! I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! Dude, let's be honest, I was tempted to freaking lick the screen! I kind of zoned out what happened in the story from that point on. He was gorgeous! Homina homina!
KMUSE- Sung Jae has won my heart with his amazing acting and very detailed character in School 2015.  I personally hated that the writers used his character to do all the leading man stuff (I suspect because he can act rings around the actual leading man) and then kicked him to the side at the end.  I am fine with her hooking up with swimmer, but I feel that the writers ignored his character development because he could not shine as bright as Sung Jae (Tae Kwang).  The result made me just feel that they were stringing us viewers along for ratings.  On an up note, I look forward to watching Sung Jae on "We Got Married" where he is guaranteed to get the girl.

-Warm and Cozy-
DONGSAENG: I know this may not be the most popular or shared opinion out there, but I LOVE this drama. I love the flawed Geon Woo. I love the idiot Jung Joo for being an idiot and sticking with him even when the adorable mayor, whom I also love, is pursuing her pretty hot and heavy. I'm sorry the sweet mayor is going to get his heart broken, but I can't help but root for these two weirdos. They are a bit broken and warped and a bit "off" when it comes to love and interpersonal relationships, but I love them for it and think that they are sweet match. He is certainly no Chilbongie, but once I let that go, I fell for him and his "never had or learned to love" broken ways. I'm not loving this little "twist" they have thrown at us (I was wondering when the Hong Sisters would strike) that affects our leading man and the big brother/lady diver love line. Geon Woo is about to run off in order to protect everyone from his unfortunate daddy issue (you know, when your dad killed your big brother's new girlfriend's ex-husband that is kind of a buzz kill) and that's a bummer. A bummer, but at least he's showing improvement and acting unselfishly. He's grown as a man thanks to the influence of this young lady in his life. Yay Geon Woo!
KMUSE- I am in the "meh" group on this one.  The leading man is just progressing so slow that it is annoying me.  Also the amount of rudeness that Jung Joo willingly puts up with is more than I can handle most days.  While there are enjoyable moments, I would probably not suggest this one to other kdrama viewers.
KMUSE- Also it has been a while since I have disliked a character so much (and not in a good way).  Cha Hee Ra is the trifecta of annoying character, annoying actress, and annoying development.  In other words she is just annoying and I could happily not see this actress again anytime soon.

~The Lover~
DONGSAENG: I suppose it is time that I come out of the closet and admit my guilty pleasure is this drama. While it doesn't have me captured as it did in the first few (already up and subbed) episodes, I will admit that it is the one I substalk (you know, when you watch and wait for that magical % to creep up to the acceptable "okay, now you're worth my time" number). I know that this one isn't very popular (I know because that % goes up very, very slowly, meaning that hardly anyone is interested in subbing it), but I am still hooked. I have heard people complain that it is boring, and that there's only one couple they are interested in watching (the boys of course). While I remain interested in all the couples' storylines (well, except for the engaged couple who creep me out with their oddness)(seriously, they are twisted and will so not make it), the pace of this one is like throwing a wet blanket on a smoldering fire. Only one episode airs per week and then it takes about that for the subs to be done. It is killing me. Slowly. I have no complaints with it other than that. Otherwise, it is a fun romp with some hilariously raunchy escapades, cringe-worthy awkwardness, and even the occasional heartwarming, life-affirming "aww!" moments. My favorite couple is the one I consider the "main" couple, the older ones. Maybe this is because, after 17+ years of wedded bliss, theirs is the relationship I most relate to.
The Noona relationship has its moments of awesome, but mostly the would-be-rocker boy toy annoys the heck out of me. 
I've already mentioned that I'm not at all a fan of the engaged young couple that barely knows each other. He is like a serious creeper and she's a wench. I'm glad they don't get much screen time. 
But yes, the couple that keeps everyone, including myself, coming back for more is our set of male "roommates". 
I feel bad for poor Joon Jae though. Takuya is a major flirt that sends crazy mixed messages and taunts the poor boy, even if unintentionally. Joon Jae has fallen hard for his temporary roommate and Takuya plays him like a violin. I can't figure out Takuya's intentions/real feelings, which is obviously the point here, but it makes me feel bad for Joon Jae, always having his heart played with. That boy is going to snap. The latest episode finally had some movement in that Joon Jae's feelings are made pretty clear to Takuya. Now we just have to wait to see what he does with this information. Or if it even sank in that he was the one Joon Jae was crying about.

BTS has a comeback on June 25th with their new MV "Sick" and the promo photos are spectacular. Let's just say that I could be perfectly happy stuck on that elevator for a long period of time.

DONGSAENG: Speaking of being on elevators with Khotties, I recently learned that a friend of a friend works the elevator at a couple of Las Vegas resorts. She runs it during events and such and gets to meet lots of performers this way. Now, guess what one of those resorts that she works is? Do you see where I may be going with this one? Oh yeah. It is. It's Mandalay Bay. You know, as in the resort that BIGBANG will be playing on October 2nd?! I nearly DIED at the idea of this person being in an elevator with BIGBANG! The worst of it? She would literally have no idea how amazing an experience that would truly be even if it were to actually happen. I will fully admit that my little VIP fangirl mind started racing at the fantastical possibilities as I imagined up all sorts of lovely scenarios. This is the stuff daydreams are made of. So many bodies pressed together in such a small space..... ded! (And no, none of these daydreams actually involve me going to Vegas and trying to use this poor girl I don't even know as a connection in order to go all sasaeng and stalk my boys. I may be crazy, but not that kind of crazy. For the record.)

And hey, speaking of Bigbang, anyone else out there watching their tour diary videos? I particularly am obsessed with this one for so many GD reasons. This is Tour Report 'We Like 2 Party' in Hong Kong....

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