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I Remember You Episode 9 - The Only Thing Scarier Than A Stalker is a Serial Killer Stalking Stalker Victims (say that 5 times fast).

Its more murders, more suspicious characters, and more cute OTP moments as we jump into episode 9.  We know who Min is, but will this help us discover who our main big bad is?  Or are the writers just giving us a million red herrings to drive us viewers bonkers?  Come check out Kmuse's thoughts and let us know who you think is our elusive Lee Joon Yeong.

Know what sucks? Finding out that your little brother is probably a serial killer.  Which is something Hyeon is discovering first hand.  Following his impromptu interview of the dock worker who was smuggling out the dead bodies, Hyeon is left in the room contemplating the number of beads of those murdered.  "If this is Min, if this is really Min's doing... What do I do?"  Our poor hottie genius is in quite the pickle now. 
Remember how we were questioning why Hyeon had not searched for Min before now?  It seems that despite his personal belief that his brother was alive, the ahjumma that raised him (the police officer) told Hyeon his brother was dead.  Hyeon questions her (and the police chief) about why they assumed his brother was dead and their reply is that they searched everywhere but found no evidence that Lee Joon Yeong or his brother were still alive and therefore they must be dead. 
SIGH.... stupid police logic strikes again.
Now that Hyeon realizes his brother is alive (and probably a killer) the search is on.  But who could it be?  His gaze gauges everyone in the police station as he realizes that either his brother or Lee Joon Yeong is nearby.  And then Hyeon runs into none other, but baby brother Min in the hallway and invites him to dinner.  Awww!  Reunited....and it feels so good.....or not since he is, yah know, a murdering psychopath.
It has been several days since Ji An was attacked and she is still living at Hyeon's.  They obviously have developed a cute camaraderie, but Ji An tells Hyeon she will be heading home the next day.  Hyeon is obviously worried though and tells her to "stay by my side until we catch the terrorist" (a.k.a. my little brother who might be trying to kill you).  I am all for cohabitation plot lines since these two are just adorable.  I also like that Ji An was quick in realizing that Hyeon suspects his brother might be involved in the murders.  She will be a great support for him during this ordeal.
What would "I Remember You" be without a new killer every week (thankfully it is one of the few shows I don't mind having a weekly mystery in)? This time we get the ominous music as we watch a girl jogging.  A man approaches from behind; it is our creepy neighborhood morgue expert....followed by a sexy Hyeon. 
Looks like the girl is safe since the two guys are sharing a pleasant morning jog talking about corpses.  However, just when you think the segment is over, the suspense music starts again and  we pan to a scene of a dead body under a bridge.  Although I notice that it doesn't seem to be our jogging girl.
Sure enough, we discover jogging girl on a blind date with one of the detectives (grumpy cop).  He is beyond awkward, but she seems to not notice and is more interested in his advice on her stalking situation.  It just so happens that Hyeon's art BFF is sitting nearby in the cafe and laughing at the overheard conversation...that is, until he recognizes grumpy cop as being one of the potential killers from Hyeon's photos.  Then occurs a hilarious chain of events. Girl feels stalker's gaze, BFF is staring/not staring, and grumpy cop assumes he is the stalker (not that BFF is in fact staring at himself and thinking "ack killer alert").
Grumpy Cop follows Art BFF to the restroom and demands to know what crime he has been arrested for in the past.  He finally decides that he must have been a gigolo which is a form of fraud.  hahaha.  When he gets back to the table, Grumpy Cop is rejected, when the girl says she is going to go the route of getting a bodyguard instead.
Obviously Jogging Girl does not move fast enough as we viewers get totally freaked out (and slightly paranoid) when she discovers a video camera hidden in her house.  And then of course goes outside to wait for the cops.  Because staying inside your one bedroom apartment that is free of killers was too sensible.  Sure enough, she is hijacked by a black van mid-call to Grumpy Cop.
Grumpy Cop is confused as to why she is not talking just as Ji An turns around and says that one of the victims of the serial killer that they are searching for reported that she was stalked beforehand.
Stalking + Girl not talking on phone = Serial Killer has hot Jogging Girl.  EEEAK
Now things have gotten personal for Grumpy Cop.

Cute Couple Break:
Lets take a quick moment to squeal over how cute Hyeon and Ji An are.  It is not so much an overwhelming romance, but this awesome close camaraderie that is always evident.  I loved how she brought him an energizing drink and Hyeon admitted that he is focusing on the case to escape troubling thoughts.  Not to mention the fun comment about Ji An being an expert on stalking.  Hahaha.  Too cute.
Now back to the suspense.

It seems our girl had not one, but two stalkers.  One of the stalkers being her landlord's son, who was delusional about Jogger Girl being his girlfriend.  And since she was his girlfriend, he of course had to put a perv camera into her house.  But he doesn't seem to be to our serial killer.
In fact, our Jogger Girl has woken up, tied to a chair, and is confronted by another woman.  What??
Our local neighborhood stalker uploaded his video onto a larger porn website and then one of the viewers stalked and killed the original stalker's "girlfriends".  Wow, we get layers of crazy this week.  Makes one want to get off the Internet.....oh wait don't since then my readership would go way down....
All of the murders except the first were supposed girlfriends of the neighborhood stalker.  So, thinking that the first death might be the key, Ji An and team leader go to talk to the first victim's husband. They are kicked out of the guy's house but come across a garage (partially open) and the visual of a fake license plate hanging askew on a black van.
Instead of calling it in, the two decide to Nancy Drew the situation by taking photos of everything.  And of course, that is when a large guy enters into the garage, attacking team leader (eventually knifing him in the side).  Ji An gets the drop on him with her gun, but is struck from behind by the girl we saw with Jogger Girl previously.  It looks like our damsel is about to be kidnapped.
You might be wondering what Hyeon was doing all this time.  He was busy preparing his house for dinner with little brother Min.  Yay for Hyeon finally suspecting that the lawyer is in fact his brother.  It just kills me how happy Min is that Hyeon is interacting with him again.  The look on his face when he enters his old house just totally slays me.  Why oh why do you have to be a killer and take away all hope at a sweet reunited bromance with your Hyung??
The reminiscing is cut short as creepy neighbor medical examiner enters and the sparks go flying when the two men look at each other.  I personally can't wait to see how this dinner party turns out.  Will we finally get confirmation that medical examiner is officially Lee Joon Yeong?  Will the dinner be ruined by a phone call telling Hyeon that his lady love has been kidnapped by killer perverts?  Be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out.
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  1. I am so tempted right now to watch the raw version but no, gotta wait for subs, patience is virtue. For the writer's somewhat brilliant writing skills, why can't he come up with another name for the mysterious serial killer. Why Lee Joong Yeong? then in one of the episodes there's the strange mix up coz of those Lees again. And our crazysexycool main lead is also a Lee. Great!
    So if Morgue doctor is the mystery guy, for 15 or 18 years , he grew taller, fairer and got a major face transplant and a medical degree. wow! whatever, Seo In Guk for the win!

    1. Hahaha... yes looks very different. But I guess they couldn't really age Do to look like he is in his 40's


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