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The Ahjumma Scoop - Let's Get Our Chat On

It is time to eek out one last Ahjumma Scoop before I head out on vacation!  KCON HERE I COME!  So if you notice that our recapping schedule is just a bit off next week please bear with us, hotel wifi can be an absolute bugger to deal with.  But before we get excited about all things KPOP, let's chat about what we are currently watching.

-Scholar Who Walks the Night-
KMUSE: I like vampires, I like sageuk stories, I LOVE Lee Joon Ki, this should be an automatic slam dunk.  Sadly, the writing is greatly lacking.  I could not be more bored anytime the political palace/kill the bad guy stuff comes on screen. 
KMUSE:  However!!!!  The OTP (one true pairing) is awfully cute and really big into suggestive skinship, so I will carry on despite the stupid plot and introduction of doppelgangers (90% of the time hate doppelganger story lines).  Let's just hope that they stick with lots of kissing and forget the search for books written by the lusty scholar, fake lusty scholars, anyone using the title lusty or scholar in any way (ouch my head hurts again).

-Empress of China-
KMUSE: I had an off couple of days a week ago and that usually sends me straight towards Thailand Lakorns or Chinese dramas.  This time I started the epically long (96 episodes) "Empress of China".  
KMUSE: Some of you might recall the huge uproar about the stylists/directors busty vision for the drama.  For those of you who might have missed it, pretty much the Chinese government decided that it was morally corrupting to have that much breast shown on a TV drama.  So they forced the station to take it down and re-edit (was off air for a month) so all you saw was from the collar bone up.  The show has since been digitally altered to cover all the heaving bosoms with fake fabric.  It makes me feel a bit bad for all the actresses who had to go through the pain of having their chests pushed up that high and stuffed to create that look.  All of you girls out there know you only get boobs like that from some serious under wiring and it can be uncomfortable.
Synopsis - A rural daughter of a general joins the harem of the emperor and works her way up the ranks to become the first and only empress of China.
KMUSE: As for the storyline.....I made it to episode 59 and so far I have been highly entertained.  If ever you wanted to see a drama where mean girls run amok, this would be it.  Don't expect any good guys/bad guys plot since pretty much everyone in this show is evil down to the core.  It is the perfect example of how power corrupts and why a bunch of women loving one man just doesn't work.  I would suggest for those that enjoy historical dramas.  It is interesting and I plan on finishing the 2nd half next time I am feeling under the weather.

-Death Note-
KMUSE: There is a new Death Note drama out there and so far I am underwhelmed.  It is just missing that sense of genius that the movies and the anime possessed.  We are only two episodes in so maybe there is time for it to improve, but so far I suggest everyone check out the movies which were amazing.

-High Society-
***Major Spoilers Ahead*** 
(but only through episode 12 since I still haven't watched 13 or 14)
I have to say that I love Yoon Ha's makeover. The edgier look works for her.
DONGSAENG: The secret is out and the gig is up. Yoon Ha has discovered that Joon Gi knew who she was and pursued her in the beginning for her background and family connections in an effort to improve his situation. He's a gold digger in other words. She had been so sure that he loved her for her and so this comes as a devastating blow to her. In his defense, he has come to truly love her and I appreciate how he comes completely clean with her, holding nothing back. He tells her the pure, sometimes ugly, truth. Even about the article he had released about her in an effort to get her to return home and to the company instead of breaking out on her own as she planned. He also tells her point blank that living is more important than loving for him and so he lets her go. At the same time, he joins her family's company so now they work at the same place. Nothing like seeing your ex every day at work after you break up. It's not like they even had the chance to be an office romance. Lame. Yoon Ha isn't the only one that Joon Gi has cut off. Things are strained to non-existent in our bromance as well. His character is so hard for me to pigeonhole. Part of me is disappointed in him and his using others to climb the corporate ladder. But then there's the part of me that understands and can't hate him because at least he's open and honest with those that he's using. He's not really been all that deceitful this whole time. A teeny tiny bit misleading, but never out and out lying. He's not all that slimy. He's smart and he knows how to leverage certain situations presented to him. And those he is using get benefits from the relationship as well. It's a symbiotic kind of thing where neither side really loses. I just can't hate him or fault him for it. Basically it strikes me as being kinda messed up all around, and not just him that's messy. If that makes any sense. I blame the game more than the players in it. I really don't think any of the four main characters act out of malice or pure selfishness.

DONGSAENG:And then there's our secondary couple, Chang Soo and Ji Yi. They have a romantic evening together...and then break up when Chang Soo's mom tries to kick Ji Yi out of her apartment. These two kids. What are we going to do with them? I love them together and honestly, I love watching them struggle to try to figure all of this out. It would be less believable if their different stations weren't so insurmountable. Granted, I'm growing somewhat weary of the class wars going on between the haves and have-nots, but I also think that it's legitimate issues being portrayed. Chang Soo not willing to throw it all away to be with the girl he loves, yet still clinging on to her, torn between duty and love and Ji Yi being very practical and understanding that this relationship is doomed from the beginning and she really doesn't have much interest in being a Cinderella full-time. It's a tough situation no matter how it is sliced and these kids have some major soul-searching and figuring of stuff out ahead of them, no matter what route they choose. It's not as easy as some stories would have us believe.

DONGSAENG: Overall, I am loving this drama and think that it has been well done so far. These characters are all complicated piles of complexity with many layers to them. I just have one simple request and it is purely superficial of me, but Joon Gi needs a haircut. Or at least product. His fuzzy top is distracting me from the rest of his pretty. And speaking of pretty - holy freckle frack! Hyungsik is killing me more and more in every episode! Have you seen the size of his Adam's apple?! Not actually really my thing, but it's too huge to not mention. It's like a character all by itself. I find myself just sitting there watching it on screen to see what it does next. That man is just gorgeous! No wonder I fell for him at first glance all those years (like 3) ago. Hottie hottie hottie ho!

KMUSE:  This one got away from me and I am way behind.  Looks like I need to do a dramathon and catch up soon.

My Beautiful Bride OST
Haunting is a good description to describe all the music used in the drama.  This is a bit unusual for a kdrama OST, in that the songs are in English.  Just like "Heartless City" OST (same writers), this soundtrack channels a heavy light jazz feel.

Steelheart "Stay"

Elsa Kopf - "Days and Moons"

GOT7 "Just Right"

This MV just made me smile.  Not only are the GOT7 boys adorable, but this is such a positive song with a great message, that I felt the urge to share. 


  1. Thank goodness Yoon Ha developed some fashion sense after she broke up. The clothes she wore while happily dating were appalling.

  2. Among the ones listed above, I'm watching only The Scholar Who Walks At Night, and I agree that it is rather slow with "lusty" feels, *laughs*...I dunno why the crown prince's pen name is "lusty scholar"....are they that lusty in that setting...hahaha......

    I feel a lot of vibes of Blood but in historical setting and Blood is slightly more amusing than this....

  3. That GOT7 video is adorable! And the words like get off the scale are shocking coming from the image-obsessed KPop industry. I love it. And will now go download it. Such positive messages should be supported.


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