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Mask Episode 15 - The Episode Where Seok Hoon Tries to Kill Min Woo.

We all knew that this day was coming.  The backlash of "the secret" begins and our poor hearts break as Min Woo learns that he has been deceived yet again.  Oh the agony.  How is he going to handle the information?  How are we going to handle him handling the truth?  I trust Min Woo to lighten up the animosity brought forth by the evil twosome (aka Seok Hoon & Mi Yeon) and am not sure if I can handle 100% angst and revenge while he gets his mind together.  So let's quickly rush through this recap so we can get to the other end and hopefully the romantic happy times will be back stronger and better than ever.

Comedy Break:
Before we get into the serious angst, let's just take a moment to laugh at this scene.
Hahahaha the couple that shoots guns together, stays together... or kills each other.  Hmmm probably the 2nd option is more likely with these two.

Evil Plans Coming to Fruition:
Someone sends the murder video clip to Daddy Choi and orders him to give his company shares to Min Woo and declare him president or else his daughter will be shown for the killer she is.  It seems that Daddy Choi doesn't know that Eun Ha is dead, but assumes that his daughter is just an attempted murderess. I am taking a wild guess that this is from Seok Hoon who in fact, plans on murdering Min Woo, leaving Ji Sook a rich widow.  It is just guestimating at this point, but seems logical.
I was right (as we see a few seconds later) when we flashback to Seok Hoon and Eun Ha discussing their evil plan options.  Looks like plan "Kill Min Woo" is on.
Even better, is Seok Hoon's plan to murder his brother in law, while Min Woo is giving his acceptance speech.  Let's not let any grass grow under Min Woo's good fortune, since according to Seok Hoon--"The world will be a better place without him."

Love Sucks:
Now that Min Woo knows, the important question is "when did the switch happen?"  Or, more importantly, did Ji Sook actually stab that man when her car went over the cliff (remember the poor dead thug from ep 2?).  Min Woo is off to find answers by talking with the prosecutor in charge of the closed case.  He receives proof, but still questions Ji Sook's ability to actually kill someone for money.
Min Woo even goes to Ji Sook's old job to talk to her co-workers and her families cafe, which is how Ji Sook finds out that her husband probably knows her secret.  Ji Sook is actually thankful that it is all out in the open, but now she has to convince Min Woo to not accept the presidency.......for his own safety of course.
Unfortunately poor Min Woo is heartbroken and not listening, nor trusting, anything Ji Sook is telling him.  Makes a blogger want to reach through her TV screen and smack some sense into the boy.   Ji Sook is not making things easy as she admits to marrying Min Woo for money, but fails to explain the whole "your brother in law is blackmailing me and is a murdering fiend" scheme to her husband.  That's it.  Ji Sook gets a Korean slap on the back of her head from me as well.  Work with me people.

Still Angry.......Maybe.........Or Not.
And this lasts all about 30 minutes into the episode, until Min Woo begins to miss Ji Sook and orders his secretary to hunt her down.  YAY!  I was hoping the whole "angry she lied" bit wouldn't last too long.  I need some good make out scenes from our OTP (one true pairing) after all.
And then, minutes later, Min Woo calls his secretary back and says not to go find Ji Sook.  "I don't want to know anything about her....come back".  Wait for it, wait for it, and yup..... now Min Woo has changed his mind again, but this time he decides to go spy on Ji Sook himself.  Less waffling and more kissing people!

Ji Sook Saves the Day:
Since her husband refuses to listen to her, Ji Sook decides to bring out the big guns in her quest to stop Seok Hoon's "kill Min Woo" plans.  Namely, Eun Ha's father.  Am I the only one that feels bad for the father who is still unaware his daughter is dead?
He more or less orders Daddy Choi to not give the presidency to Min Woo with the threat of Ji Sook divorcing his son if he goes through with his plans.  This destroys phase 1 of Seok Hoon's plans.  No transfer of presidency means no acceptance speech. 
Phase 2 is taken off the table as Ji Sook gets up and publicly announces that her shares of the Choi family business will all be given to a charity for the needy.  Now even if Min Woo dies, no money comes to Ji Sook, but would instead be invested in a charity that Seok Hoon can't touch.
How totally bad ass is Ji Sook.  Talk about a brilliant countermeasure.  Just as she finishes her announcement, a loud crack sounds above her head.  Remember the lighting structure that was supposed to fall and kill Min Woo?  Well it looks like someone made a mistake and it is falling on Ji Sook instead.  Thankfully it is a very slow falling light and there is plenty of time for Min Woo to rush forward and push his wife out of harms way.
My Thoughts:
This episode was just something we had to get through in my opinion.  We all knew it was coming and hopefully, now that Min Woo is already feeling less upset, we will get through this small speed bump on the road to OTP happiness.  I might have seen some social media spoilers and just maybe we finally get that kiss we have been waiting for (*whispers* we totally get a kiss and it is glorious).  So I am going to leave you now and go check it out for myself.  Have a wonderful drama filled weekend!

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