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Mask Episode 16 - And Then He Kissed Her

KISS!  Kiss, kiss, we get a kiss, kissy kiss, kiss.  Guess what happens in today's episode?  On the off chance that my hints were too subtle.... WE GET SOME SMOOCHING ACTION!  But that is at the end, so let's get through the other less important plot real fast so we can get to the good stuff.

It is a dark night and our OTP see each other from opposite sides of the street.  But what do we see in the distance?  Could that be a white truck of doom?  Noooooo!!!!!  Sure enough, just as Min Woo begins crossing the street to his wife, he is smooshed flat by the previously mentioned truck.  Seok Hoon walks up behind the crying Ji Sook and asks her if she actually thought Min Woo was safe after she divorced him.  And then Ji Sook wakes up.  Yup, just a dream.
See even your subconscious is telling you that Min Woo won't be safe despite, your attempts to divorcing him.  Listen to the force Luke .......I mean Ji Sook.
And her intuition is spot on.  At that very moment Seok Hoon is indeed forcing Daddy Choi to put 60% of his shares under Min Woo's name.  Now it is just a matter of whether Ji Sook can achieve her divorce before Min Woo bites the big one.
Determined to get rid of Seok Hoon (as far away from Min Woo as possible), Ji Sook announces to the family that she wants a divorce.  The reason?  Not Min Woo, but Seok Hoon, declaring their long term affair as the reason why.  Hahahahaha.... did I mention that I love this writer.  He is really brilliant.
One of the oddest reactions of this situation, is dear Mother Choi's who falls apart at the news that her daughter had been cuckolded. To say that woman has some anger management issues would be an understatement.
It sure seems easy to get a divorce in South Korea.  Rather than the months/year long process that it is here in the states, they can go down to the courthouse and file intent.  Than after counseling and a month of reflecting they can be divorced.  The part I choose for cutest moment of the episode was Min Woo and Ji Sook's counseling sessions.
"He's a neat freak. Has to have everything lined up.  He's so sensitive I can't handle it."--Ji Sook tells the therapist.  "She has tons of secrets and won't tell me about them.  I'm not even curious anymore." -- says Min Woo's.  Hahaha.  These are the words they throw at each other to give reason for the divorce.  But once they talk one on one with the counselor, their love for each other totally comes through.  Awwww... Don't do it.  Communicate.
Even the division of assets is super simple.  The only thing both of them want from the divorce is their plant that they were growing together.  They fought so much about it, that the poor potted petunia falls and is broken.
Now we get to the WTH part of the episode.  I just have one question.... Why are people giving these crazy nut jobs guns?  Even Min Woo, who I love, maybe should not be using firearms.  For once I totally agree with South Korea's no gun policies.  Just say no to giving over-entitled, probably on a quest for revenge, Chaebols guns.
I will give Mi Yeon a sliver of credit, for at least attempting to convince Min Woo not to go.  Of course, I would give her a lot more credit if she just outed her crazy murderous husband instead of hoping for a happy ending.  Min Woo of course refuses to be dissuaded since if he was always worried about bad things happening, he would never leave the house.  That is all well and good, but that becomes just stupidity when guns are involved in the equation.
Seok Hoon is back on his revenge track as he makes sure that Ji Sook can't destroy his plan yet again.  Ji Sook is busy being investigated for embezzlement due to Seok Hoon's tip.  Hmm, back to his old tricks I see.

The Nonsensical Action of The Episode Award Goes To..........
Min Woo as he walks away (ALONE) from the group of men he is supposed to be schmoozing, so he can go be shot by his brother-in-law's minion.  Congratulations.  If you weren't so adorable and hot, I would say that the laws of Darwanism deserves to strike you from the human record.
There was a lot of fake illness, high speed cop chases, and frantic Ji Sook moments, as Ji Sook attempts to find her husband before he can get shot.  Lets just say that the time constraints around this scene make the positive outcome highly unlikely.  But save Min Woo, she does.  Ji Sook pushes Min Woo out of the way of Seok Hoon's bullet.
Contrary to popular kdrama belief, getting grazed in the shoulder by a gunshot does not make you instantly pass out, nor give you amnesia of the minutes before impact when your wife is rushing towards you and pushing you out of the way.  Ouch... my brain hurts from lack of logic.
Blah blah blah.......your sister saved you...........blah blah mention of the consequences of Ji Sook's illegal joy ride..............blah blah blah..........Lets get to the good stuff.  And here we are finally at the court house preparing to sign the divorce documents.
At which time Min Woo pauses half way up the steps and says --"I don't care what your name is or if I will die if I am with you.  I will be happy to be with you Byun Ji Sook.  I will be happy to be with you"  SQUEEEEEEEE  Min Woo called her by her real name.  I can't believe how totally over the moon I am by that.  He continues-- "if you disappear from my sight, it will be the same as killing me."  Oh my word be still my heart.
"Ji Sook.  I love you".  Double SQUEEEEE!!!  Que the music (I really need to learn how to imbed music.....imagine the song "And then he kissed me" is playing right now) And then guess what.  Min Woo kisses Ji Sook.  And not one of those open eyed fish lip kisses.  Nope, an honest to goodness, steamy leading man staking his claim kiss.
That's all folks.  That is how it is done.  Drop the mike and go home because this OTP ship has officially sailed.

My Thoughts:
All in all I enjoyed this episode.  It might have been more in the middling range if not for that spectacular kiss at the end.  There were a lot of times I exclaimed "What the flying monkeys is going on?"  Especially anything surrounding the hunting trip from hell.  But who cares about logistics or reality when we can see our fated couple in a public lip lock.  Maybe now some open dialogue can help Seok Hoon get his comeuppance next week.
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