Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yong Pal Releases Artistic 1st Teaser Showcasing Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won

I can't believe the summer has been zipping by so fast.  Not to mention all of our wonderful summer dramas are coming to an end.  Which means we are quickly arriving to that time for a new batch to begin again, and the first of the August dramas to arrive is a melodrama about a black market doctor and his lady love; Yong Pal.

Brilliant, up and coming, surgeon is in extreme debt due to his sister's medical bills.  In order to pay off the debt collectors, Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), sees rich patients outside of the hospital.  This brings him in contact with a lot of rich, powerful, and sometimes criminal individuals.  Tae Hyun meets beautiful coma patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) during this time.
KMUSE: OK, I will admit a guilty secret. I actually like Kim Tae Hee and unlike the majority of the rest of the population, like her dramas for the most part.  Sure she isn't an Oscar level actress, but I was super happy when she got cast for this role.  She and Joo Won actually look good together (at least visually.)

DONGSAENG: Well, look who we have here. It's Kim Tae Hee, the Kim Tae Hee, often used as the example of perfect Korean beauty in pop culture. I almost feel like there should be angels singing or something as she appears on screen.
DONGSAENG: Okay, that's fine. Joo Won will do nicely in place of angels. I can totally buy that.

KMUSE: JOO WON! JOO WON! JOO WON!  For me he can do no wrong and can pull off literally any type of role.  And he looks super hot swimming through the air.
DONGSAENG: This teaser is very artistic and beautifully done. I loved the dramatics of him grabbing her first by the arm and then around the waist and pulling her in towards himself. Of course my reaction was purely an appreciation in the art of the moment and totally not in the hotness of the man wrapping himself around her. So...artsy...and...stuff. ;) My guess is that this is meant to represent how she is in a coma and floating, lost and hopeless, until this doctor comes to her rescue and pulls her out. At least that's the symbolism I'm picking up based on what little I know about the plot of this drama and this teaser.

KMUSE:  Almost makes you want to be in a coma, if Joo Won was the doctor.  I am very excited to find out what their fated connections actually will be.  Is she related to some scary type people?  Why is he her doctor in the first place?  Is her coma/injuries a secret?  Can't wait to get more details in the days to come.  And I do agree with Dongsaeng that this teaser is absolutely stunning and makes me want to watch more.

1st Teaser
Yong Pal will begin airing Wed August 5th following the conclusion of "Mask".  I personally can't wait to watch.

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