Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Remember You Episode 15 - Old Habits are Hard to Break

Reality sets in as Hyeon realizes his brother might not be just a simple vigilante killer, rather someone of the crazy serial killer variety.  Min battles with his inner nature and trying to understand what Hyeon wants from him.  And all the while, Dr. Death is there whispering doubts into both the brother's ears.  How is this going to work out in the end for our beloved brothers?

But before we get to the possible sad reality, lets jump in where we left last time. 

Needing to stall, since Ji An is currently snooping through Dr. Death's house, Hyeon confronts his nemesis with his true identity.  Saying he has questions, Hyeon fires out --"Why did you kill my father... Why did you take my brother Min........Why did you make Min like you?"
Dr. Death seems shocked that Hyeon is blaming him.  Poor Dr. Death, so misunderstood.....and crazy....lots and lots of crazy.  But Dr. Death has a point when he asks Hyeon if he really thinks he could have handled his brother at such a young age since Min was like him.  Poor Hyeon sticks to his belief that if he had raised Min, he would have turned out to be a normal child.
Meanwhile that normal child (aka crazy killer Min) is intimidating Ji An who got caught removing photos from Dr. Death's "secret room".   Ji An tries to pass by Min who says --"Why don't you wait til he returns?"
Ji An sticks to denying everything and tries to leave and Min again blocks her way--"Detective Cha doesn't seem to be afraid of getting hurt or completely disappearing from this world."  Holy crap Min is super scary right now.
In his own creepy way he is looking out for his brother.  He tells Ji An that for his brothers sake this is the only time he will ask her for a favor.  Awww He is trying to protect her in the absolute scariest way possible.  He better hurry up since Dr Death is finished letting Hyeon stall him, and says so.  ACK He knows!
He also seems to have lost patience with Hyeon and is a tad bit pissed that Hyeon refuses to see reason (his version of it anyway).  Is it wrong that I can only think of how sexy SIG's neck is in this scene? SIGH.  This Ahjumma has a bias crush that causes constant distraction due to hotness.  For crying out loud, how is his neck muscles so sexy.... like the sexiest ever seen on my TV screen?
But how much is Min really helping and how much is it just him being a apathetic psychopath?  Sure he lets Ji An go, but he stays and discusses the photographs that she took with Dr. Death.  Not to mention the scary face changes that occur the second she leaves the house.  Tell me I was not the only one that got disturbed by these few seconds of screen time?
I swear I will never be able to see two normal healthy men together sipping tea without wondering if one of them is a serial killer.  Has anyone else noticed how many episodes have awkward conversation over tea?  Or birthday cake?  Or dinner?  These writers obviously love to turn the everyday activities of a "normal" person into something sinister and full of tense emotions.
The trend continues in ep 15 as we see Dr. Death and Min sipping tea chatting about whether Hyeon can accept Min's past.  I wanted to scream at the TV for Min not to listen to him, but was relieved when Min said he didn't know if he and Hyung's relationship would last, but that his relationship with his "uncle" was at an end.  Now if Min can really just make that break from his mentor. 
Something tells me that Dr. Death is not going to let our cute brothers have their happily ever after if it doesn't include him.  His reactions to the two boys is starting to scare me.  Definitely see some fraying about the edges.
And why would someone want to destroy something so precious?  Look at these great bromance moments.  Sure Hyeon is totally channeling his dear dead dad in trying to "change" his brother, just as his dad tried to fix him, but that doesn't mean the moment doesn't make us swoon with overwhelming feelz.
And here is Hyeon taking care/mother henning Min to the nth degree.  If it wasn't for the whole "scary as all get out" thing Min has going, I would want to play house with him as well.  And it is well worth the effort to get this type of smile as Hyeon drives away.  Awwwww.
Now don't get me wrong.  I am still enjoying Ji An's character.  But for some reason she is just really harshing my mood this episode.  Not only does she manage to be extremely dumb in sneaking into Dr. Death's apartment, but then she also tries to warn Hyeon that his brother is extremely co dependent on Dr. Death.  Sure everything she says is true in regards to Min.  But that doesn't mean that Hyeon, or we the viewers, want to hear it.  We are invested in that crazy boy and we want a happy ending (hopefully one that doesn't end in death).  Let us have our dreams lady.
Ji An begins a manhunt, searching for the kids in the photos she stole from Dr. Death.  It kind of makes me roll my eyes that she assumes these kids will be her link to proving who Dr Death is.  Obviously killer cop isn't too thrilled about this development either as he looks shiftily around after she makes her "let's catch Joon Yeong" speech.  Anyone else getting the feeling that out of all the killers surrounding JI An, that killer cop is the one she has to worry about the most?
Thankfully for those Ji An fans out in the audience, we see a tiny bit of pre-birthday spunk as she artfully deflects grumpy cop's questions about the two dating.  Ji An leans in close and tells her coworker that he shouldn't go around suspecting people like that.   Hahaha, even better was when Hyeon mimicked her actions and says -- "Ji An says so"
For the sake of my love for our OTP (one true pairing) I hope that we see more spunky moments and less angsty moments from our leading lady.  She definitely does one better than the other.
Guess what time it is?  If you guessed that it is time for another awkward dinner than you would be right!  And as your prize, you get to watch these three awesome characters pretend that they are not eating right next to the spot where the two boys father was killed by the man cooking them rice and veggies.  Yup, try to wrap your brain around that little bit of reality.

Hahaha I wish I knew how to do GIF's since Hyeon's "What the hell" look and Min's cute shrug -- "I guess there were not enough bodies at the morgue" answer were awesome.  This show really knows how to bring about the unexpected when these three get together.
Thanks to the dinner talk, about murder of course, Hyeon realizes that one of Min's clients is going to murder the real killer of his girlfriend.  Hyeon rushes to call in the tip to grouchy cop while the two men continue to eat as if nothing had happened.  Realizing the extreme levels that his brother is similar to Dr. Death, Hyeon left, all the while agonizing over his emotionless brother.
The only consolation to Hyeon's rose colored glasses falling off is that Hyeon decides to at least confront Min with his concerns rather than just accusing/assuming like their father.
On a lighter note ----- Only SIG can make holding a girl's hand seem the equivalent to 3rd base.  My bias has some serious hand skinship skills going on.  Check out the following photos on how to do a proper walk and hand grab courtesy of Seo In Guk.

Step 1 Walk closer than usual
Step 2 brush her hand with yours
Step 3 Casually cross your hands
Step 4 Grasp her hand and intertwine your fingers
Step 5 BAM!!!!!!  She's pregnant.  Oh that isn't how babies are made?  Oops.
Out of the goodness of his evil heart, Dr. Death returns the diary written by Hyeun's father.  Remember, one of the questions Hyeon originally had was for Dr. Death was "Why his father thought he was a monster?".  I guess this is his answer.  As Hyeon looks through it, one page makes him pause. We see this phrase written -- "What happened that day.... Did Hyeon do it willfully or was it an accident?"
The rest of the presents (clues from Min) arrive in the mail and Hyeon and Min open the boxes.  Min insists that they are not important now and there is no need to remember.  Just as Hyeon starts having a few flashbacks, Min breaks the focus by saying -- "I won't kill anyone from now on.  Do you think a happy ending is possible?"  OH MY GOSH HE IS KILLING ME.  Hyeon worries about whether the sins of the past can be ignored but then comforts Min by saying --"we have to make it possible"
But those memories are not to be denied for very long.  When in the middle of a confrontation with evil cop on a rooftop, Hyeon happens to pick up a gun and images assault his mind.  Images of younger version of Hyeon holding a gun and firing it at, I assume, their mother.  ACK!  Now I am dying to see the next episode since we only received small glimpses through Hyeon's memories and still don't have a complete story.
My Thoughts:
I continue to be amazed at how well written this drama is.  Sure we had to give up a little romance for some character development.  But it was SO worth it.  I know I am interested not only in the brother's relationship, but also with their relationship with Dr. Death.  There is something so mesmerizing about it all.
I will be very sad to see this drama end.  Be sure to check back tomorrow as Dongsaeng and I combine together to write the last recap and let you know are feelings about, not only ep 16, but the series as a whole.
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  1. Ji-An win not many fans or rating thru this drama, but the few that she won, she won right into their hearts, personify her in plain quiet invisible but sincere… “not loud” acting, no-frill acting.
    she was not given more screen times, due to fact that KBS do give in to Fans’ service, bow to fans demands to see more of “Brotherly Love” “Hyung-ship”… but with those little scenes, she awe in her plain ways without needs to clad in branded, just ponytails n denim. She is definitely not loud, she yak nag n protest but she don’t “shout”… she is invisible almost her whole 20 years in shadow behind Hyun, and even willing to take a back stage when Min reemerged. She doesn’t demand unique treatment in a all-guy team, in simple terms, she is unlike many K-Drama Main female lead, she is like a supporting role, a wallpaper…
    but, goosh, does she stand up in her sincerity and trust and devotion, in Hyun, she acts as his conscience to steer him back to truth, his refuge after an emotional drained day, his ear n shoulder to cry on….
    a simple walk, a gentle holding of hands, can send our hearts up to celestial realm, a simple, “I am very tired today…. Me too…” and they smile in unspoken conversation… only a heart that beats in the same tune and understanding can bring out volumes in a simple “me too”…. And allow each of them to be themselves plain and genuine and raw …. Allowing themselves to let down their guard for that short moment…. (hyun really needs that after the discourse between the 2 psychos n hopeless plight of Min’s redemption)…. He really meant it when he said, “you done well to drop by”.
    and we were all gratified that he smiled and said Okay, to drop by 3 times every time she drop by. and we shalt spend our Post-I remember You anguish moments, imaginign the many :drop by and hand holding..
    Ji-An, ways surpassed the glaring pageants of Park Shin Hye, Uee, Kim Tae Hee, Yoona….
    she is simply Ji-An, will not be forgotten, for a long long time (beside my the other Ji-An, Oh of Healer).

    1. I love her too, and SIG's role...

    2. I don't dislike her, but I do feel that they didn't know what to do with her character in the last 4 episodes and it that is what I don't like. I thought Jang Nara the actress did a great job with this role. The development of the character could have been a bit better towards the end. By putting her just as a stumbling block for Hyeon and Min they really set her up to be less than she could have been. Again, talking about the character development. Personally I think this is my favorite Jang Nara role.

    3. I agree that they lay more emphasis on the bromance (Min) than romance in this show....that's why we only got one real kiss at the finale....haha

  2. I am so ok ith the lack of romantic moments for this show coz it really doesn't need any of it but they sprinkled just enough to keep the formula. there's no chemistry, the kisses were awkward. but the hugs was more heartfelt and the hand holding is more than enough for the romance.
    I think I care more for Min's feelings coz 20 years of pining and longing for your one and only brother, warrants all of his attention and care, tho it doesn't look normal in the real world, let's just bear in mind that Min is a very special child.
    The last scene was beautiful. There's just something to it or maybe just Sig faintin beautifully at that as the camera zooms in on his face. Oh, my heart!

    1. I certainly agree on your remark on SIG fainting beautifully...hehe <3
      They actually emphasize a lot on bromance than romance that's why we only got one and the only real kiss in the finale !


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