Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Twenty Again" Releases the Final 3 Teasers Before Friday's Broadcast.

Just when you thought they were done promoting "Twenty Again" (it starts Friday after all) they surprise us with three more energetic teasers.  I swear that if this drama is not as perky and full of energy as these teasers are promoting, I will be one upset Ahjumma.

KMUSE- I DEMAND HIJINKS!  And I am talking more along the line of "Marriage Not Dating" hijinks not "Heart to Heart" hijinks.  Because guess what..........that show was NOT funny despite what the teasers wanted us to believe.
KMUSE - I desperately want Choi Ji Woo to be an annoying perky, put myself into every situation, ahjumma who is hilarious.  Just like the teasers promise us.

DONGSAENG: I have my hopes up high. Dear Drama, please don't let those hopes be dashed. Please just give us what you keep promising us, that's all we ask. I want to see myself in a silly, goofy way in this character. 

KMUSE - I want Ahjumma embarrassment to the nth degree.  Someone I can look up to and emulate when I want to embarrass my own lovely offspring.

DONGSAENG: Yes! I'm always looking for new material and inspiration in embarrassing my own spawn. Getting it in drama form is like an extra bonus.
KMUSE - I have high hopes that this will follow through on all comedy fronts.  If not I might be an angsty Ahjumma, crying into my ramyun as I am disappointed yet again.

DONGSAENG: I'm with you there Kmuse. Comedy is one of those things that is always hoped for yet can be so hard to find in satisfactory form. I am choosing to be optimistic though and continuing to put the "haha" vibes out there into the dramasphere with this one. My regressive ahjumma sister certainly will not let me down. Fighting!

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3
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