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Oh My Ghostess ep 13, 14 & 15: The End is Near

Our romance and our mystery/suspense really ramp it up as we prepare for the grand finale. Our couple has a few "little" things to overcome if they're ever going to be together. Possession, love triangles with dead girls, and an evil-spirit possessed foe/friend/brother-in-law out to get them for starters.
Since I didn't manage to get caught up before the finale aired (agh! big giant blogger FAIL! I'm so sorry!), and since these three episodes really kind of played well together, I've decided to combine the three and give the finale its own post. I know - so arbitrary of me, right? That's okay, we'll make it work, and I'll even try to keep it short yet comprehensive ;)

I LOVED this episode!!! I simply ADORED the end of it! One of the most honest and heartfelt endings I have seen in a long time. It wasn't over-the-top 'flowers and candy' romantic, but it absolutely stole my heart. It's kind of a shame that this drama isn't on a major network (though, let's be honest, much of its charm would have been lost had it been) and getting more attention. These two leads are doing a phenomenal job. I am feeling right along with them and it is pure magic.

Sucker for a Runner
Oh boy, how I love a runner! Left standing in shock as the cable car starts its way back up to Namsan Tower, Sun Woo is separated from Bong Sun right after she tells him she's been possessed by a ghost and she takes off. As soon as he's back on the ground though, he goes running, then driving, searching all over for her. There are some drama tropes that I love, no matter how often they are used or abused. Amnesia? Nope. Definitely not. Girl-dressed-as-boy? Oh please no, not again. But a man running after the woman he loves in a desperate attempt to be with her? Absolutely positively YES! Oh, how I just love a runner!

Scary Confirms the Possession

Scary Cop does some sleuthing, remembering, observing and such and confirms that Soon Ae has been possessing Bong Sun. Big shocker there. I don't want to talk about him. He sucks. I love when Soon Ae later on possesses the female cop in the precinct in order to spy on him. In the process, she spots her diary in his locked drawer and also finds out that the cop that was beaten and mugged by Scary is also on to him. Hey cool - that will come in handy considering she is incorporeal (you know, like a ghost and stuff). Always good to have someone with a little clout, evidence, and flesh on your side.

Na Bong Sun is Na Bong Sun but She's Not Na Bong Sun
Let's back up now and talk about our spirit-crossed lovers. When last we left him, Sun Woo was looking for Bong Sun. He eventually catches up with her and they chat. He's not believing this whole "a ghost stole my body" story, but, to his credit, he's listening and trying to understand her even though he's obviously upset and confused by all of this. A lesser man would have called her crazy and dumped her without even bothering to hear what she had to say, but not our Man of Vitality. They certainly go through a rough patch as he's trying to figure everything out (his girlfriend did just drop a huge bombshell on him after all), but he doesn't abandon her completely. On a side note, I would imagine that dating a drama writer would be very difficult as a man because there's no way he could ever measure up to these heroes that are created. I mean, girls, am I right or am I right here? Sun Woo's character is pretty darn perfect and everything a girl could ever wish for. I know I'm hooked. 100%. I love this man and I want this man and think that he is simply the picture of perfection.

It takes him some time to come around and process all of this, but eventually he does. With a little help from a chair-moving ghost.

Desperate Times Crushes Call for Desperate Measures Possession
Soon Ae needs to tell Bong Sun what is going on with Scary Cop. They've been a little sidetracked by the boy though. Just as she's about to warn Bong Sun that Scary is trying to kill her, Sun Woo walks in, thus changing their focus once again back to him. Hey, can you blame them? I'd rather focus on him too. Screw Scary and all his murdering ways.

It comes out to Soon Ae that Bong Sun has told Sun Woo about her, her ghost-status, and the possession. Poor Soon Ae is taken by surprise since this reveal hadn't been discussed by them ahead of time and now the man she likes is standing there not believing in her existence. A little move of a chair and touch of a cold, dead, icy ghost hand helps solve that not believing issue a bit, but I'm afraid it doesn't do much to solve her "ghost in love with a real boy" issue. I'm sure her heart broke as she had to watch him be repulsed by her touch and horrified at the truth of her being. It's not easy being the dead girl.

I have to give Bong Sun props here. Throughout all of this, she's been truthful with him, even when I am sure it was difficult. She doesn't hide anything and lays it all out for him, like how she willingly let the ghost possess her in order to win his heart. She even is as gutsy as to tell him straight to his face how she likes him and has liked him for a long time. You go girl! Our shrinking violet is getting a touch of the moxie. Gotta love it!
Bong Sun: Because I liked you. Because I liked you so much. I liked you so much from the moment I first saw you. I wanted to keep you by my side even if I had to resort to that.
All of these reveals and new information he's being forced to deal with proves to be a bit overwhelming for our sweet Chef, and so he tells Bong Sun that he's going to need some time. This leaves her heartbroken as she feels like she has lost all hope of ever being with him. He's going through the list and realizing that all of these moments they had shared together had been shared between him and a ghost. He's got a lot to figure out and process. So much pain and sadness between the two of them right now that I can hardly stand it. Bong Sun takes this "space" and decides to leave, emptying her 'apartment' and taking off.

My Joon
So, Bong Sun has taken off and not left a forwarding address. She's also not showing up at work. The staff takes notice of this, figures that the two of them broke up, and take Chef out in an attempt to cheer him up. At this stage, he's not sure where he's going with this relationship. He feels hurt and betrayed and unsure of who he even likes - Soon Ae or Bong Sun. Just as the other guys look like they are starting to convince him that bachelorhood is the way to go, my lovely and wonderful Joon steps in. He tells Chef to not let Bong Sun go and how, from the first time she came into the kitchen, she looked at Chef. Whether she was serving or washing dishes or on break, her eyes were always searching for him. In other words, my Joon is confirming that Bong Sun has always liked Sun Woo and that he would be a fool to let her slip away. Go Joon!!!

Sunshine Blog - "You Are My Sunshine"
When she left the storage shed she was calling home, she had ripped up her notebook of recipes and Sun Woo paraphernalia. Sun Woo comes across some of these torn pages and figures out that she is the author of the Sunshine blog that he is a fan of. For the first time (at least as far as I've seen), we learn that the actual name of the blog is "You Are My Sunshine". I love this! It's so perfect because both of them share the name "Sun", so it's like a nod to the two of them. Anyone want to bet that she chose the name based on him? SUN Woo and his restaurant, SUN? Methinks that be the case. I am so happy that he finally knows that it is her and can start to realize that his feelings for her are deeper than he first suspects. As he starts to accept the ghost story, he realizes how much of what has been happening in his relationship was with the ghost and not the girl. At least now he can begin to figure out that there's something there with the girl after all. I love how he remembers thinking that this blogger and he got each other emotionally. Yes! Progress in the right direction!

Visiting Grandma
So our hero is on a journey of discovery relating to our heroine. He's finding out all of these new things about her. That journey takes him to her grandmother's house. She's missing and he thinks she might be there. She's not, but it is still not a fruitless visit for him. He gains all kinds of new insights into her and her world.
Grandma, having "the gift", can instantly see that our Man of Vitality is all yang and comments on how he's a perfect match for our all yin girl. 
   lonely girl meets lonely boy
Sun Woo gets an idea as to what life was like for a young girl who could see ghosts and discovers that she was just as lonely as he had been as a boy. You can see the empathy growing and expanding and taking root in his heart. But of course it is more than just simple empathy - he's a boy realizing his soul mate may just be this girl.

Score One for Brother
As mentioned above, Bong Sun has taken off and Sun Woo can't find her. Just where has she gone? Soon Ae's dad and brother found her passed out on the street and took her in, so she's been staying with them while hiding from Scary Cop and pretty much everyone else. Brother is then later the one to tell Sun Woo where she is, after he tells the chef off and punches him for hurting her.

Still a Sucker for a Runner
...and this running was even better than the one earlier! After ghost girl's brother tells Sun Woo where Bong Sun is staying, he takes off running. And my heart takes off beating! He's so desperate to see her and it's beautiful and magical.
Ahhh...running. Bad for screencaps, wonderful for the heart.

I'm Holding You Like This because My Heart Told Me To
"Don't be mistaken, Na Bong. I didn't run over here because I've forgiven you for lying to me. I was just so worried."
She tells him that she missed him and it looks like he's about to burst with that. I love how he even made her repeat it, telling her to speak up and not sound like a mosquito. So cute!!
I know he kind of looks upset in these shots, but trust me, he's not. At least not in a bad way. He's just crazy overcome by some pretty intense feelings. Feelings of love. Love is smacking this boy upside the head pretty darn good right about now and it is wonderful to see. *sigh*

Long Before You Were Possessed
Not an actual confession of love, at least not directly, but still an absolutely perfect moment between these two. Sun Woo tells Bong Sun that long before she was possessed, he noticed her and felt protective of her. He then begs her to not disappear again because he'd go crazy with worry. She agrees and they embrace. So many wonderful, happy, warm feelz I can't stand it! The way they hold each other, clinging to the other.... Just the best moment so far between these two as far as I'm concerned. It's so honest and heartfelt and vulnerable. Love it! Best episode ending so far.

Dating for Real
Sun Woo and the now un-possessed Bong Sun start dating in earnest, no more secrets (or ghostly middlewomen) between the two of them.
Seeing ghosts suddenly has its charms when it means your boyfriend gets scared and holds your hand ;)
"Now that I hear you breathe, I feel strangely at peace."

Poor Officer Han
Officer Han, Scary Cop's partner that he already mugged and hospitalized once, meets an unfortunate fate when he confirms his suspicions. He gets fingerprint evidence that Officer Scary was the one that jumped him and took the recovered CCTV footage, Scary catches on, and, well, no more Officer Han.

Poor Sun Woo
Sun Woo, who not too long ago learned he had been in a three-way relationship with a girl and a ghost, has one more unpleasant and even more devastating realization to make in that his brother-in-law the hero is actually a cold-blooded killer and super duper scary. His love life may be on the mend, but everything else is falling to crap around him.

Meeting a Ghost
Our love triangle has a formal sit-down together to discuss Scary. Using Bong Sun as a mediator, Soon Ae drops some major bombs on poor Sun Woo regarding his dearly beloved brother-in-law. Suspicions are confirmed and a bleak picture is painted. In one fell swoop he learns that his BIL is responsible for his sister's accident, Officer Han's death, and quite probably his ghostly almost-lover's death. That's some heavy stuff. The women ask of him a favor - they need the missing diary in order to find the clues they suspect are in there.
Poor Sun Woo. His world is falling to pieces around him. Good thing he has Miss Inner Peace by his side to cheer him up.
I LOVE the new and improved more confident Bong Sun! I also love that he calls her crazy and notices, and appreciates, the change in her as well. Ah! These two!
The diary is retrieved by Sun Woo, as is Soon Ae's father's cell phone that still has a message left on it by Soon Ae the night she died (and before her suicide text was sent). These two things lead to a license plate number, which turns out to be Scary's license plate. As Soon Ae (in the female officer's body) is reporting what she has found out regarding the license plate's owner, she's caught by Scary himself. He strangles her until Soon Ae comes out. Not sure here, but there's a chance he just killed that poor female officer by the way. She at least passes out before he throws her body down and it lands with a sickening thud. Creepy! As she's being strangled, memories of that fateful night come flooding back to Soon Ae. A picture begins to take form. Eun Hee on the ground, a car driving away, legs in the bathroom... It's not a pretty picture.

Sung Jae's Story
I'm going to stop calling him Scary Cop for just a second and show a little smidgen of mercy for our villain of the story as we take a look back at just what happened that changed it all. We get a flashback to 3 years ago. He's working a sobriety checkpoint when his father (adoptive father, right?) pulls up and is nasty to him. Like really nasty. Daddy Dearest snarls at his son and basically calls him a monster, because of that whole tried-to-smother-my-baby-brother business in the past. This encounter with his father really upsets Sung Jae. He even goes as far as to almost stab the man later, but pulls back. Upset and distracted by his painful encounter, he accidentally runs over a girl, Eun Hee, in the street. He gets out, is horrified at what he has just done...until the evil spirit hops into his head and then he callously drives away from the scene, even running her over a second time in the process!!! I'm assuming here, since they zoomed in on the tires rolling over her legs, that this is the move that paralyzed her.

The hit-and-run is witnessed by Soon Ae, who had been on her way to visit her buddy the cop while he worked the checkpoint. She doesn't see the accident happen or the driver, but does get the license plate number off of the car as it took off. She wrote part of the number in her diary and then makes the mistake of going to her friend, the now possessed Scary Cop, about what she saw.
This of course wins her an all-expense paid one-way ticket to Deadville. He grabs her, throws her in the car, takes her back to his place where he drowns her in the bathtub before chucking her body over the bridge. Before she is caught, she figures out that he's the culprit (when she sees his license plate) and tries to call her father. Apparently no one trusts emergency services around here and instead always chooses to call anyone but 119 anytime they're in danger or trouble. This phone call to her father goes unanswered, but a message is left on his voicemail in which she enters the license plate number. This message was saved by the grieving father (who is blaming himself for his daughter taking her life, regretting not answering his phone that day) and is used by our team, along with the diary, to nail Scary Cop as the culprit that he is.


Bong Sun has been captured by Scary and he's holding her captive with plans to kill her, slowly and painfully.
What I wanted to know here is how did Scary put a girl in the back of the cab and the driver not catch on??
And again, while we're at it, how did he get her into the orphanage without no one seeing? The place is lousy with kids running all about.

Now they know the truth about Scary Cop
Soon Ae recovering her memories is the final clue that they needed to put the whole big picture together as to how this all relates. Now they know everything - Scary's possession by an evil spirit and all of his dirty deeds of the past. It doesn't take much for them to tie Bong Sun's disappearance to him either. Even Eun Hee is catching on that something bad is up with her husband despite her brother's bald face lies to the contrary. She even finds his secret stash of evidence, which Sun Woo tries to brush off.
Wow! That battery life is impressive! 3 years and still turns on!

Search and Rescue - so much running
Remember how I love a runner? There was so much lovely running going on in these episodes, especially as Sun Woo is desperately trying to find and save Bong Sun.

All the pieces start falling into place with help from everyone (except the police of course - what is up with SoKor's constant negative spin on their police force?), and I do mean everyone. Ghost Whisperer Ahjumma tries to channel her mystic powers. Soon Ae calls in all the ghosts she can find to start searching. Even Bong Sun herself gets involved in her rescue when she manages to get a phone kicked to her by a little ghost boy so that she can call and then text Chef.

We Interrupt this Intensity with a Who Cares?!
There was one part in this episode that I found very unnecessary and even annoying. With all the intensity in trying to find and rescue Bong Sun, we cut over to the kitchen staff at Sun Restaurant. Now, I love these guys and their silly antics as much as the next person, but this was odd timing and placement in our story line. And the most obnoxious part about it all was that it was all about something kind of lame. Sure, our love him/hate him Sous Chef was taken down a notch or two by the discovery that one of his underlings in the kitchen is actually a sunbae of his from school. Under normal circumstances, I'm sure this scene would have given me a bit of a chuckle, but as it was, sandwiched in the middle of high-intensity suspense having nothing to do with kitchen staff seniority, not so much.

Using all of the clues gathered, including Bong Sun's "rosemary" (so Citizen Kane-esque of them - rosebud/rosemary - see?), her location is figured out. Seeing that the gig is up and the posse on its way, Scary makes a run for it with Bong Sun tied up in the back seat. A chase scene ensues (with Sun Woo chasing Scary and the Ghost Whisperer Ahjumma and Soon Ae behind him) and ends after Bong Sun wriggles her way out of her bindings enough to stab Scary in the gut. Injured, he stops the car and staggers off while Sun Woo rushes to the now safe Bong Sun's side. How much do I love that this girl saved herself? Our little meek and timid mouse proved that she's a big girl and stronger than she's given credit for.

No More Scary
Soon Ae and Ghost Whisperer Ahjumma (GWA) follow after Scary Cop, using the trail of blood to track him. They find him, GWA starts working her voodoo, and the evil spirit pops on out so that we can get a good look at his ugly self. He's nasty. I feel for Sung Jae as we see him without his evil internal driver. He's filled with sorrow and regret and fear. Yes, I actually sort of find myself feeling sorry for him. Not enough though to not be relieved when, after the evil spirit jumps back into him, Scary Cop falls to his death. Actually, to his credit, upon further review, it would seem as if he intentionally killed himself in order to make the evil spirit go away, as he listened to his wife's voice in his head telling him that he was a good person. His story is tragic, but after all that has been done, it really is best that he just goes away so that all these lives he has ruined can start to pick themselves back up and put themselves back together again. And so that my finale can have lots of sweet, sweet lovin' without interruption from killer scary demon cops.

FINAL THOUGHTS: My final thought is I HAVE TO FINALLY FINISH THIS RECAP SO THAT I CAN GO WATCH THE FINALE!!!!!!!!! I AM DYING HERE!!!! So please ignore any mistakes or sqiggly places here because there's no time for editing - I'm off to see this fabulous ending I keep hearing so much about! :D

Back hugs and fish kisses,

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  1. Hope you enjoy(ed) the finale, I certainly did. So many things to love about this couple, just wish we would've had more Bong-sun, Chef moments. Loved the mosquito comment, and the little brother was such a character.


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