Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1st Teaser for Upcoming Weekend Drama "My Daughter Geum Sa Wol"

Ugh, I just don't know if I want to watch this drama or not.  I love some things, I hate some things, and I am almost at the point of just flipping a coin.  So let's go through the pros and cons and maybe this teaser can help me make a decision.  If nothing else the coin is always an option.

The Pros -
#1 I love the leading men.  Both Yoon Hyun Min (Heartless City) & Do Sang Woo (Ex-Girlfriend Club) are highly entertaining and I have not regretted watching any of their dramas to date.    OK, maybe Discovery of Romance, but YHM's parts were always superb.
#2 The teaser is a lot cuter than I was expecting.  Don't disregard the power of a good teaser.

The Cons - 
#1 - I am not a huge fan of either of the female leads.  I am not at a point of saying I will never watch their dramas, but they do not make me feel excited at all.  If I had to choose one of the two, I enjoy Park Se Young (Faith) slightly better.  But they are on pretty equal footing for my tastes.
#2 The Synopsis is extremely vague.  I hate when there is not a clear set synopsis right from the get go.  Especially on 50 episode dramas that can turn into a train wreck at the blink of an eye.

MDL Synopsis ***
Geum Sa Wol is an architect who’s born on the same day as the hero, and is therefore fated to love him. She's a cheerful young woman with a bright nature, which seems a little at odds with the drama that’s about “someone who tries to hide the truth, and someone who’s out for revenge."
So it looks like the pros and cons are pretty equal for me.  Take a look at the teaser and tell me what you think.  Will this be your next weekend drama?  "My Daughter Geum Sa Wol" airs on September 5th on MBC.

((DONGSAENG: I don't think I'll be watching it, but, I do have to just say that, hommina hommina hommina, Do Sang Woo! I'm almost tempted to watch just for him, but not 50 episodes tempted. It was a cute trailer though, if not a bit too cute at one point.))



  1. Cute teaser and yes males are good and I like Park Se Young enough....but 50 episodes? I have even watching dramas for 4 years now (still a dongsaeng in some ways) and have yet to watch a drama that has more than 22 episodes. I not sure this is the one to start me down that path. I think I may wait a few episodes for this one to see of it is worth watching based on other's opinions.

    1. It is always best to start watching the longer dramas in ones you know will be entertaining. Sadly, there are a lot that fall flat in the last third of the drama.

  2. 50 episodes is too much for me.I will admit to watching a couple of the long TW dramas and Life is Beautiful but I had the fast forward button firmly in hand.


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