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Oh My Ghostess eps 7 and 8: OH MY!

That kiss!!! THAT KISS!! OH MY GGGGGHOST! THAT KISS!!!!!! Toe-curling, foot-popping, butterfly-inducing kiss! And this time it was real and not just a dream!!!!!!!!
The chemistry brewing between these two is killing me ded! I could spend an entire post talking just about that kiss, but I suppose that would be negligent of me, since there was plenty of other stuff worthy of mention in these two episodes as well. Rest assured, I will come back to the kiss, but let's take a look at some of my other favorite and mentionable moments that led up to the kiss. Since it is still hard to form coherent thoughts (and since my original post in its ENTIRETY was lost - THANKS A LOT BLOGGER! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!! - and this is my second time trying to write this), I'm going to put this in the form of a list. Because I like lists. Lists are good. Here we go.

1. Officer Scary lives up to his nickname. Oh my! This guy! He is seriously giving me a case of the willies. I'm getting the suspicion that he is the one responsible for his wife's hit-and-run that took out her legs. Her case is mentioned more than once. It is unsolved.There are no witnesses or evidence and too much time has passed. Officer Scary looks mighty suspicious whenever it comes up in conversation. Especially when his partner at the precinct comes to him with the "good' news that he has found someone that can recover the lost data from the broken CCTV at the scene of the accident. Wonder who could have been the one to clobber the poor cop over the head and destroy the tape? Hmm. I wonder indeed. And what was up with him keying that car? Yeah, that's totally normal behavior and not creepy at all. I know the prevailing theory is that this guy is himself possessed by an evil spirit. It would fit the theme of the drama for sure, more so than him just being out and out plain evil all by himself without any paranormal assistance.

2. Speaking of theories that are out there, I wanted to briefly touch on one of them and let you know where I stand on it. I know that there is a theory out there that Soon Ae is not actually dead. While I don't discount it as a possibility, I have a couple of reasons why I myself am not ready to give that theory full credence at this stage of the game. The first reason is that I don't want to be sad later if I've been convinced she's alive all along and she's really not. It hurts less to believe her dead from the beginning, that way, if I'm wrong and she is alive, it's a happy thing. Self-preservation of feelings reigns supreme when it comes to how I operate. Secondly, I personally haven't had any reason or seen anything to make me believe she's alive other than the mystery surrounding her death. Dad and brother believe her dead. She's showing signs of becoming and evil spirit as her three years draws to a close. I just have no reason right now to subscribe to that theory. But please, if you do, feel free. I won't judge. And I hope you're right and I'm wrong because I adore Soon Ae and I sincerely wish here undead. And not in the 'walking undead' zombie sense.

3. Serenade! How awesome was Sun Woo's serenade through the wall?! You know he totally meant it for her and was doing it knowing that she would be listening. These two! Love them!
 The cooking lessons also continue to delight...

4. The magic hour. I laughed so hard when BS Soon Ae asked Sun Woo about an article she saw regarding men and how they are the most aroused between 10-11AM -- and then proceeds to check it out for herself to see if this was true! Crotch staring on the hunt for morning wood. Only on tvN.

5. Teamwork! Bong Sun and Soon Ae have joined forces! Faced with competition and the possible loss of her crush, Bong Sun is finally willing to let Soon Ae possess her in order to win over her guy. Watching your guy get kissed by the drunk wench he has liked since college tends to do that to someone. As Soon Ae puts it, the two of them working together to get the guy is a win-win. She gets to resolve her grudge and ascend to Heaven and Bong Sun gets her man. The two of them skipping happily down the street made me giddy.

I love watching Bong Sun no longer cower or run away. I love watching her get stronger. She freaking caught and BIT a bike seat thief for criminy's sake! All by herself, no Soon Ae inside of her to help. Soon Ae is the perfect friend for her.

Makes me wish I had a ghost BFF that would possess me in order to take care of stuff I didn't want to do. I'd like one that has always loved doing dishes and laundry and cleaning house. Or, better yet, one that loves to cook. She could hop in and out, do my dirty work for me, and I could reap the benefits. That would be totally awesome! Sign me up to be a ghost host please and thank you.

6. The restaurant team makes last minute plans for an overnight team building trip on their two day vacation from work, or rather, a certain Sous Chef with no one to hang out with finagles this trip so that he doesn't have to be alone like a loser. A few interesting things come of this trip that are certainly worth mentioning.
  • The kid. The daughter of the couple that runs the pension that the team stays at can see Soon Ae inside of Bong Sun. Kinda cool. Maybe this will make the "hey, I've got a ghost in me" confession go a little smoother if and when the time comes. We can only hope.
  • The contest. I adored the jealousy that popped up when, during the judging of the cooking contest held between all the cooks, BS Soon Ae was cheering for Cordon. Sun Woo gets jealous of this attention towards the gorgeous hunk of hunk from his lady love and thus declares Sous Chef the winner because of it. Jealousy looks good on him.
  • The Great Sleep Off. Long story short, stupid PD Lee crashes the MT and dashes all BS Soon Ae's hopes to score with Chef. The two women clearly are vying for the one man and a battle ensues that night at bedtime. Desperate to stay awake longer than the other so that she can sneak out, both lie in bed, jumping anytime the other makes a move. BS Soon Ae eventually wins and takes the opportunity to sneak into Sun Woo's room and dive into bed with him. Did you happen to notice that while he fended her off and eventually pulled her out of his bed, he didn't really act surprised or even horrified? It kinda seemed to me that he accepted that she was there. Maybe there's a part of him that wants her there, dare I hope?

7. Search and Rescue. As Sun Woo is escorting BS Soon Ae back to her room, they hear a name being called. You know, after they tumble onto a couch together.

The pension owner's daughter has gone missing. Sun Woo and BS Soon Ae join in the search for the little girl. The two of them reach a point where they separate in order to look in two different directions. BS Soon Ae soon finds the girl who is apparently out playing hide and seek with some ghosts. As BSSA approaches, the girl takes off, running deeper into the woods. BSSA chases her and ends up getting locked in a refrigerated storage shed by the kid (she wanted to lock away the ghost - the human body just was a victim of having the wrong being in her at the wrong time I suppose).

When the child is found, Sun Woo goes off in search of the now missing BSSA.

Eventually an entire search party has to be formed as she is no where to be found. They search for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Soon Ae detaches from Bong Sun in order to go get help. She manages to light the firecracker that BSSA had bought while out shopping with Sun Woo and then dropped as she chased the girl. Sun Woo sees the firework and instantly recognizes it as a sign from Bong Sun. He immediately runs towards the spot the firework came from. You can clearly see the sheer panic in his face. He's terrified and worried about her. The search party shows up at the storage building, they hear BSSA inside shouting for help, and open the door. As soon as those doors open, he's right there, grabbing her and holding on for dear life. Once he sees she is okay, he starts shouting at her. She stands there dumbfounded, unsure as to why he's yelling, but he's obviously just had a serious scare and cares about her, and yelling is all he can do. When Cordon offers to piggyback BSSA back to the cabins, Sun Woo flatly refuses to let him and puts her on his own back and carries her himself.

8. PD Lee. Okay, so I interrupt this happy little reunion to touch on this chick and how much I have come to really, really dislike her.

Ugh! I hate her! Sun Woo has been in love with her all of these years and she can't convince me that she had no idea. But for all of these years, she's held him at arms length and solidly friend-zoned him. He's been tortured by his one-sided love. Now that he has another love prospect in the picture, suddenly this lady decides that she wants him and starts to put the moves on him. Showing up at the MT and crashing the party there? Lame! I can't imagine how hard it is right now for Sun Woo as he has one girl literally begging him to sleep with her and his long-time crush sending all sorts of signals that she's into him now too. Must be hard to be king ;) Seriously though, PD Lee has historically treated him poorly and doesn't deserve him now. She can just go away. We're done here. He more or less conveys that message to her when dropping her off at work the next morning. She dances around the subject of why she followed him to the MT, wondering why he doesn't ask, while at the same time, admitting that he has to know and his lack of response or reciprocation and his putting up of boundaries between the two of them tells her her answer - he doesn't want her. She is no dummy and can see that it is because his heart has moved on to someone else.
This is all I want to see of her from now on - her leaving. Walking away. Buh bye.

9. Ah, that someone else. Finally! We get to the best part! After shedding the leech and sending her to her corner in Friend Zone, Sun Woo comes straight to BSSA and declares that it is time for a cooking lesson. Ooh la la! Time for things to heat up in the kitchen! And heat up they do! After practicing some cooking skills, they call it quits for the day and start to clean up. A wayward hose soaks the two of them. While drying off, the steam starts to rise. BSSA has just asked him prior to the soaking why he got so mad at her back at the storage building she was trapped in. He can't even respond, but you can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to figure that out for himself. Well, it would seem as if he's got an idea. And it's an idea I think we're going to like. There they stand, drying off, the sexual tension so thick as she suddenly becomes very aware of just how close they are. He's breathing heavy, with his breath ragged and catching. She's suddenly become very uncharacteristically awkward and shy. He has a towel wrapped around her, which, after standing there all tense and intense while you can see his emotions rising for a good solid few seconds, he grabs and uses to pull her into him for one heckuva kiss. It is passionate. It is eyes closed. It is moving and long. I feel it from head to curling toes. It is glorious!
"The water may be turned off, but I'm not"

Part way into the kiss, Soon Ae appears outside of Bong Sun's body.

Uh oh. I don't think she meant to do that. And by the look on her face, we might have a complication on our hands soon. Our ghost friend was supposed to resolve a virginal grudge, not fall in love. The falling in love part was supposed to be just Bong Sun. Only problem is is that most of the action happens on Soon Ae's watch and Bong Sun has no memory of it. I mean, last thing she knew, she was freezing inside a giant refrigerator. She 'wakes up' to find she is lip-locked in a passionate kiss with her boss and crush. Imagine what that would be like for someone like her. Meanwhile, Soon Ae is the one experiencing all the pre-kiss foreplay. It's inevitable in my opinion that she is going to develop feelings for him and then we'll have a sad triangle between two women that I like equally. Not to mention, we have a leading man falling in love with two different people that he thinks is all one person. One very much alive person. Not one dead girl and one possessed girl. This can get real messy real quick. And that doesn't even take into account that it may be difficult to resolve one's virginal grudge if you are expelled from the host's body as soon as things heat up. Oh yeah, this may not be as simple as our ladies thought it would be.

Final thoughts: That kiss tho. Sweeping all the doubts and fears under the rug for now and just relishing in that beautiful moment where lips met and spit swapped. Seriously, this one ranks in the top 5 drama kisses for me. There's something about their chemistry that owns my heart and soul. I love these two. Well, three. I love these three. I know we're only halfway through the drama as a whole and so there is for certain something coming along to ruin my perfect bliss, but for now, for now I bask in the crazy mad sexy glory that is this drama.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time my Kdrama AddiKted ones!

Back hugs and fish kisses,

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