Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Exciting Preview for 1st Episode of "Yong Pal".........Let the Joo Won Recapping Begin!

I am so thrilled to be back home and getting ready to get my blogging zone on.  I feel that I have missed so much while being away from my PC for vacation.  But now I am back and excited to blog my little heart out.  So first let's take a quick look at the final trailer released for my next recapping project "Yong Pal" also known in my head as "Joo Won Looking Sexy While Doing Things".

While Joo Won is not my #1 bias, he has consistently been a contender in my top 5 for the last four years, so I am thrilled that his new show looks so promising.  If you doubt my word, let these photos speak for themselves.
Sexy Illegal Genius Doctoring
Being Cute While Doing His Day Job --- Legal Genius Doctoring
Genius Eavesdropping - Because once a genius, always a genius.
All that doctoring is hard so he even has to rest sexy.
Genius styling of eyelashes and hair........Even his eyes are sexy.
Before you start thinking I am totally prejudice, let me make a quick comment on a non - Joo Won topic.
Obviously the director really likes US crime dramas since her room looks like the set of CSI with all those swipe screens.
So far, Kim Tae Hee does a great job of playing Sleeping Beauty, I am also happy to see that she awakes in episode 1.  As much as I love Joo Won, I am hoping for a good plot as well.
Check out this preview of the 1st episode.  What do you think?  Is it on your "To watch" list?  On the off chance it is, be sure to check back tomorrow night as I will hopefully have my recap of episode 1 out ASAP.

Episode 1 Preview
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  1. Definitely on my "To Watch" list! Love Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee, never would've imagined that pairing. Hope it all works out.

    1. Same about putting them together. But happy that at least visually they really work.

  2. Yes I'm SO ready for, as you so VERY aptly put it, "Joo Won Looking Sexy While Doing Things". Always LOL


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