Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Crazy Ahjumma's Kdrama Gossip

Gossip! Gossip! Gossip! There is nothing I love more than sharing the latest kdrama gossip.  So come check out all the latest tidbits on casting as well as BTS (behind the scenes) photos of many of our most anticipated upcoming dramas.
There has been so much casting news this week my mind has trouble remembering who is where.  Which is sometimes a great thing when it is actors that you enjoy.  Other times it results in a "meh" reaction, but I am always willing to be surprised.  These are just a few other tidbits since we made individual posts on Kim Woo Bin's and Lee Je Hoon's new dramas.

KMUSE - Lee Jong Hyuk (Dating Agency: Cyrano) & Park Hee Bon (Producer) join tvN’s upcoming drama "Bubblegum".  Their casting as the 2nd leads makes me so happy since I now officially like the whole cast.  Now we just have to cross our fingers that the story is worthy of these good actors.

DONGSAENG: Oh, I'm sure it will be. Good actors are never found crammed into lousy stories, right? ;) I'm happy about these two being added and am looking forward to checking this drama out.

Moon Geun Young (Goddess of Fire) is coming back as the lead in the upcoming mystery suspense drama "The Village" with  Kim Jae Wook (Who Are You).  Also cast is Shin Eun Kyung (Oh My Ghostess), joining as co-lead (not sure if her role is really a traditional 2nd lead role).  The drama will tell the story of an unidentified corpse which is discovered in a small and peaceful village.  Secrets will be revealed as we try to discover who the dead body is.  "The Village" airs in mid October.
KMUSE-I will be honest.  I am not a Moon Geun Young fan.  However, she isn't a dealbreaker for me and it has been a while since I suffered through "Cheongdamdong Alice" and I might be ready to give her another try.  Also a huge "YAY" on Kim Jae Wook being back in dramaland.  Kind of wish he was the leading man, but will take what I can get.

DONGSAENG: He's so preeeety. *_* 

KMUSE - "Because It's The First Time" really really wants me to give it a try.  That is the only explanations for their release of these stills.  Obviously they are bringing out the big guns with these pictures of 2nd lead Kim Min Jae.

DONGSAENG: Whoa. O_O  *_*

KMUSE - I just have to continue sharing the love for the upcoming Lakorn remake of "Playful Kiss" called "Kiss Me".  It stars my favorite Thai couple Manaying Sucharat & D'Angelo Mike reuniting for the second time (third, if you count "Full House" the honeymoon).  "Kiss Me" begins mid September and I am crossing my fingers for fast subs.

KMUSE - Yoo Ah In is filming!  Sure these are just some generic shots from someones Instagram account, but it is still exciting for us poor fans who are searching for anything "Six Flying Dragons" related.
KMUSE- From one Saguek to another, here are the first stills of, the always sexy, Jang Hyuk in his upcoming drama "God of Commerce".  I am one of those people that is always happy to see him in a new historical.  Just one of those little things in life that make me happy.

KMUSE - And finally I wanted to end with one last look at my bias Seo In Guk who just happened to do an amazing cameo for the drama "Oh My Ghostess".  Sure I might have shared this on our FB Page, but there is nothing wrong with sharing again.  Also this is safe to watch since it really doesn't give spoilers to the main story..... Or at least I don't think it does.

DONGSAENG: Drool!!! Love this boy! Haven't seen episode 16 yet, but will be watching tonight if I'm lucky. Can't wait to see his lovely face again. PS, since we're talking Ghostess, just a heads up that I am working furiously on getting the final recaps out, so keep your eyes peeled for good news on that front soon! Excited to chat this amazing fantastic drama's finale with you all!


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  1. Thanks for the updates on the upcoming dramas!

    Just watched Seo In Guk's cameo on "Oh My Ghostess". I just can't.... He's killing me. He's so funny - and so hot.

    1. So so so very hot. Why hasn't he already signed up for another drama already. I am pretty sure all of our adoration can fuel him so he doesn't have to sleep.


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