Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lee Je Hoon to Star in Upcoming Drama "Signal"

I can't describe how happy I am with all the casting news coming out today.  Not only do we get Kim Woo Bin back on our TV screens, but now Lee Je Hoon (Secret Door) is also back as the lead in upcoming thriller "Signal" on TvN.  I loved him in "Secret Door" despite the blah 2nd half and look forward to seeing him provide some intense angst in this new drama.

“Signal” will be a fantasy crime drama about a detective in the current time communicating with a detective from the past through an old walkie talkies to find answers to unsolved crime cases.  This completely makes me think of the US movie "Frequency" which I loved so I am 100% on board with this plot.

"Signal" is actually written by one of my favorite writers, and hands down my favorite crime writer.  He has done past dramas "Ghost" & "Sign" which were both thrilling and entertaining from start to finish.  This time he will be tackling the serial killer murders of Hwaseong from the 1980's.  The same story which inspired the drama "Gap Dong" just a few years ago.  I just hope that this drama turns out a bit stronger than Gap Dong which I had the joy of recapping back in the day.
Not only do we now have an amazing leading man and a proven writer, but we hit the trifecta with PD Kim Won Seok coming in to direct the drama.  "Misaeng" continues to be one of my favorite dramas from last year, a lot in part to Kim Won Seok's amazing directing.

"Signal" will begin airing in January 2016 following "Answer Me 1988".


  1. wow....I love crime thrillers !! looking forward to it !!

  2. Very excited - loved Sign & Ghost :D

  3. The "Frequency" movie came immediately to mind when I read about this. I enjoyed watching "Sign" and "Ghost" too.


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