Monday, September 28, 2015

Twenty Again Episode 9 - A Series of Unfortunate "If Only's"

This episode made me think of how it would sometimes be convenient if we could look back in time and see how all our choices are going to turn out.  Kind of a "If only" time capsule of No Ra's life, you could say.

If Only You Could See the Strength of the Person Right Next To You

We see a lengthy flashback of the day things all went to crap in No Ra's life.  Namely the day she met Cheater Pants.  Just before the performance we see Hyeon Seok and No Ra as thick as thieves enjoying their trip.  They even make a time capsule in which they predict each others futures.  No Ra writes--"Hyeon Seok will be the greatest producer in Korea." 

On a nearby rock we see Hyeon Seok print --"No Ra will.....???  Ugh we don't see what Hyeon Seok writes but I bet it was something romantic.  Look at that face.  It has hopeless romantic/stalker written all over it.

Everything is all set for the big performance.  Just before they go on stage,  Hyeon Seok receives a page from his mom.  His father has collapsed and he needs to go home immediately.  He rushes away glancing back as the dance team starts their performance.  As he backs away he bumps into none other than a teenage, Woo Cheol (SCUM!) who is enthralled by No Ra.

If Only We Knew This Guy Would End up Being a Cheater Pants Jerk

Cheater Pants is all ready to head out to Germany on his study abroad.  He decides to hang out with a friend the night before and sees No Ra's performance and is captivated.  Why?  Their dancing is about as good as the current day hip hop performance.  Kind of makes me want to fire the dance coordinator and make them redo anything dance related.

But back to Cheater Pants who obviously loves mediocre dance performances.  Since, yet again, he is enthralled with his wife during her current performance.  But do we care?  NO!  And being the narcissist he is, Cheater Pants assumes No Ra's performance is all about him.  Sigh... if only Hyeon Seok did not have to leave that night, I bet things would be so different.

If Only No Ra Wasn't Married
Is what the current day Hyeon Seok is obviously thinking as he watches No Ra perform.  Kind of sucks when you realize that you are still in love with someone who is emotionally and legally taken.

Realizing that he is still in love with her all these years later, Hyeon Seok does what any emotionally stunted man would do.........he runs away.  And since things have changed (at least for Hyeon Seok) he now tries to avoid avoid avoid.  Which doesn't work that well when you have already regained your BFF status.

If Only Headphone Student Was Age Appropriate.

Anyone else crushing on Headphone Student?  He turned out to be so sweet and adorable and obviously he is open to seeing how awesome No Ra really is.  As shown by his list of favorite qualities for their relationship class.  I know that this isn't really a relationship other than friendship, but if he was only 10 years older I would firmly be on board this cougar coupling.  I give a rousing two thumbs up to this character's development.

If Only Min Soo Hadn't Found the Divorce Papers.

Nah, I am glad this finally happened.  Maybe now he can realize that his dad is a jerk and not someone to emulate.

If Only Assistant Girl Was More Capable of Being a Relationship Roadblock.

Sometimes I feel a little bad for the poor assistant girl.  She tries so hard to get No Ra back with her husband so Hyeon Seok won't be emotionally taken.  But instead she just clears up the obstacles towards our OTP's fated love.

Like how she sends No Ra off to the retreat that her husband and Hyeon Seok are both participating in. Rather than hooking up with her husband, No Ra spends all her time with Hyeon Seok who goes super sensitive when No Ra gets indigestion.  Nothing is better in clearing up emotional confusion than seeing your options side by side (even though No Ra is still in the dark over the Hyeon Seok option).

My Thoughts:
This is a drama that I love but still have some frustration with.  Yes I love all the great emotional growth with the majority of our characters.  It is very satisfying to see No Ra bloom and have these great relationships with her friends.  However I still want to just smoosh our OTP together and say "NOW KISS".  Which I know is unrealistic since I really want No Ra to be officially divorced before that happens.  I want no smear of unethical cheating to touch her character.  So I will remain frustrated and hope that a quicky divorce can happen soon so my shouts of "NOW KISS" might actually be a possibility. 

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