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Yong Pal Episode 9 - Tilting at Windmills

It is sad when an episode takes you 2.5 days to get through.  Some of the blame can be on my kids  since they have run me ragged in back to school errands, but most of the blame can be directed towards the episode itself.  That is not to say that it was horrible, just a little bit vanilla and not very Yong Palish.  But all is not lost since at least we got to see some awesome windmills windmilling.......oh and a kiss ........... but mostly, I am impressed with the scenic windmills. 

I am not saying that our OTP's romance is too fast (**whispers........I really am**), but lets just admit that feelings were felt that were never felt before.  At least that we viewers were able to witness.  I felt that it was just yesterday that they were officially declaring friendship and then seconds later begins the declarations of "I love you."

Physical therapy Yong Pal style seems to consist of eating what Tae Hyun makes her and holding tightly onto his, oh so sexy body, as they strengthen her legs by walking.  Hmmmm.  Sign me up for Joo Won therapy because that looks delightful. 

Look how good are you doing.  Hold tighter.
You are progressing so quickly.

I must therapy closer to your torso.

Look father we are doing physical therapy.

I checked with web MD.  This is not therapy.

Even the priest doesn't buy the "physical therapy" shtick. Last time I heard, standing in each others arms and gazing adoringly is not a way to strengthen ones limbs.  Sure enough the priest drags Yeo Jin to confession where she admits to wanting all her enemies dead.  The priest calmly replies that God is reacting to her hatred with love.  Doesn't Yeo Jin in fact love the man beside her (Tae Hyun)?   The awkward use of religious spaces to further romance continues as Yeo Jin realizes that she does indeed love our Supermanesque leading man.

I foresee a big problem in regards to mummy girl's real identity.  Especially since that body was incinerated while under the guise of a dead Yeo Jin.  Chief Lee comes sniffing around asking about the coma patient (remember, she was the girl that attempted suicide.) and upon finding out that a mother was questioning after this person, he starts to look sneaky.  Sneaky like he is about to break a wine glass and start slashing, kind of sneaky.  I do question the quality of the staff.  Here we have a glass room and Rebel nurse manages to make her underline pretend to be the patient with no one noticing?  Not to mention the fact that at all other times there is just no patient in the bed.  Wouldn't there be questions?

You have to give Chief Lee some credit.  At least he is cautious in his dealings with our evil head honchos.  Especially after he hears that Crazy Nurse was hit by the truck of doom.  He promptly runs to the Director (still injured in the hospital) and asks if they should be worried that the President will kill them as well.  Director just scoffs at Chief Lee's worries.  What would they do without them?  Who would take over Floor 12?  We are indispensable.  If you are a bad guy underling, the last thing you should ever say is that you are indispensable.  That is the quickest indicate your imminent death in kdramaland.

"I don't care if you kill everyone.  Just don't touch Tae Hyun."  Hmmm, it seems that Chae Young is not overly sympathetic to the random people caught up in her husbands tyranny.  But try to touch her boy toy and she comes out swinging.  We also see what Chae Young's cards are when she tells Do Joon that if Tae Hyun dies he will have to kill her as well.  And then Sung Hoon's (fiance boy) family will receive confirmation that Do Joon killed their son.  I am thoroughly appreciating the over the top expressions that Do Joon goes through during this segment.  Yay for the writers giving him more camera time.

We get a lot of cute OTP moments in this episode.  I think we can safely say that the Yong Pal couple's ship has sailed.  I was initially nervous when I started watching because a lot of people were not enjoying how slow this episode is. And I can see where they were coming from.  While we have cute couple moments I have to admit that I am impatiently waiting for the action to start again.  Because at the end of the day, I am not watching "Yong Pal" for sweet and quiet.  I want super hero and action against the bad guys to be the focus.

But at least we get a scenic windmill kiss out of the situation.  Tae Hyun piggy backs Yeo Jin up the side of a mountain (rolling eyes) so they can have a "sound of music" type of moment and enjoy life at the top of the world.  And of course there is a rumor that if you kiss at the base of the windmills and than come again and kiss a second time, you will never be apart from the one you love.  Hmmmm I think the director made that up just to explain the scenic location.  But there are windmills (which I love) so I will totally give the lack of mythological realism a pass.

Lets give a "WOOT WOOT!" for windmills.

Meanwhile Chief Lee is freaking out when he realizes that he might have picked the wrong pony.  A pony that is going to end up killing him in some horrible way for being a part of murdering his sister.  You should have not been so stab happy you idiot.

Not only was Crazy Nurse killed, and new people brought into the hospital.  But now the Director was also murdered.  I would start investing in a backup plan right about now.

Even in the country, hiding from everyone in a monastery, Yong Pal is needed.  Tae Hyun is called to look at a woman (a illegal refuge) who is having problems with her baby delivery.  It is time for Yong Pal to try and save not only the baby, but also the mom.  Nothing will make you happy that you are not pregnant than watching a home C-Section.  Ouch.

***I might have looked away through a bit of that.  A bit too realistic for this Ahjumma

But everything doesn't go according to plan and the mother must go to the hospital or die.  Tae Hyun can't watch someone die on his watch, and personally takes the mom, despite the threat to himself.   Yeo Jin makes our hero promise that he will be back quickly.  Which we all know is the kiss of death to kdrama plans.  I am guessing they won't get that second windmill kiss anytime soon.

My Thoughts:
I am glad that things are moving away from the monastery where everything is all flowers and sausages.  I just don't enjoy the story as much when everyone is safe and happy.  I need action. I need plot movement.  I need Joo Won being stressed and angsty.  Luckily it looks like we will get all those things in episode 10.

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  1. Can we talk a little about acetaminophen? I realize new studies have come out on the drug. But can one dose really do that much damage? I don't know?!?

    And that C section?? I had to watch with one eyes closed.

    I do really enjoy this program :-)

    1. YES!!!! The acetaminophen thing was just plain silly. One dose? Unless it was this crazy dosage that they use there and not here, but I have never heard of such extreme damage done by one dose, even an overdose.

      I had to look away during the C-section too.


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