Monday, September 14, 2015

"Sassy Go Go" Releases Peppy New Teaser and Stills.

I love this cast and so far, I continue to look forward to this drama despite my usual dislike of most things perky.  I guess I have just been distracted from all the cheer squad "GO TEAM!" perkiness by Lee Won Geun's amazing smile.

DONGSAENG: I like perky -- on TV. Not always in real life, but in my dramas? Sure. Bring it on. This one looks like it could be fun. Of course, I have sort of a fascination with the world of cheerleading, what with it being so foreign to me and all. Korean cheerleading therefore is like a double foreign foreign world and I, like moth to flame, cannot resist its siren call.


KMUSE: After seeing our first glimpse at the world of Korean high school cheerleading, I have to say that my attention was most caught by our second female lead, Chae Soo Bin.  That was some super cute cheating going on.  Wonder if this will be one of those dramas that gives me that elusive, 2nd female lead syndrome?  "Sassy Go Go" will begin airing on October 5th following "Virtual Bride".

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