Monday, September 14, 2015

"Glamorous Temptation" Releases A "No One Wants to Be A Third Wheel" Themed Teaser.

The mighty Sageuk, "Hwajung", is petering towards an end on MBC which means it is time to promote a new drama for that time slot.  Enter 50 episode makjang fest "Glamorous Temptation", which tells the story of two woman who fight against each other to succeed in life and love.  To give you just a tiny bit of a hint, we go total "Nice Guy" and have the 2nd lead end up the first leads Stepmother (at least that is the rumor around the kdrama chatrooms.) 

The first teaser gives us a glimpse into that dynamic as three best friends relationship gets awkward when two of the three fall in love with each other.  No one likes being the one left out in the cold.

So far we just see the younger version of the leads,  Nam Joo Hyeok and Kim Sae Ron, who have undeniable chemistry even in this small teaser.  They will be running the show for the first ten episodes at which time Joo Sang Wook & Choi Kang Hee take over.  "Glamorous Temptation" is written by the same writers as "May Queen" and "Golden Rainbow" and I suspect it will have a very similar feel to those previous dramas.  In other words lots of family drama, angst, and vicious 2nd leads.  


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