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Twenty Again Episode 3 - Just Give An Ahjumma a Break Already

I will freely admit that I am having crushes on several characters from this show (not hard to guess who).  No Ra and Hyeon Seok are equal parts relatable and absolute quirky, which is the perfect combo for a fish out of water drama.  And I consider both of them as being the proverbial fish.  No Ra of course is the ahjumma in a sea of twenty year olds, while Hyeon Seok is newbie on having romantic feelings.

We ended episode 2 with Ha No Ra being confronted by hottie teacher Cha Hyeon Seok about why she is hiding from her husband.  If No Ra answers this simple question, Hyeon Seok will help her get into the class she needed. No Ra doesn't want to share her sad marital state (especially since she is hoping the divorce won't become final) and evades by asking why Hyeon Seok wants to know?  I laughed when Hyeon Seok also evaded and answers -- "Its a habit. Just the way I am."  Its not at all because I am a crazy obsessive hottie that is still hung up on you twenty years later.  No Ra spins him a story about her husband worrying that she wouldn't have any friends to which Hyeon Seok quickly moves forward and fires back -- "Why would you worry about college when you quit high school so easily?"  He is tenacious.

Hyeon Seok is distracted from questions about scummy husband when No Ra starts apologizing, for whatever might have happened twenty years earlier.  No Ra can't be specific since she can't seem to recall how she wronged him.  To add insult to injury, she also informs Hyeon Seok that she dropped his class so he won't have to see her anymore.

After that No Ra gets flustered and rushes away and Hyeon Seok wonders what happened these past twenty years. Did No Ra really change that much?  I guess he is confused over the massive amount of apologies coming from his crush and her lack of gumption.

Hyeon Seok decides that he can't let things stay the way they are.  Hyeon Seok will help No Ra get her psych class but she must also reapply for his class.  Since he doesn't want it to get cancelled or anything from lack of attendance.  He is just so adorable.

Lets jump from cute OTP to sleazy cheater pants who are trying their best to keep their relationship quiet.  I can't be the only one who wants to put blue kool-aid in their shower head anytime they come on screen. 
What is also annoying is the fact that No Ra is barely a blip on their radar.  The only time she is mentioned is in reference to the hassle of rescheduling their wedding date.  It would be poor taste to get married too quickly and have the home wrecker girl called out as a, well, home wrecker. 

I am starting to get the vibe that Hyeon Seok's assistant has some non-work related feelings for her boss.  It's just the little things like her obsessive organizing to make his life easy, and noticing the names of students (especially ahjumma students that her boss is obsessing over) that just screams unrequited love.

She even goes so far as to question her boss if-- "Ha No Ra is that wench?"  Meaning the woman who was his first love that made him angry.  Hyeon Seok doesn't disagree that she is indeed the woman from his past and the topic is uncomfortably dropped.

I have not been a huge fan of Min Soo's girlfriend but I have to admit the library toe flirting was cute.  I think it will depend on how the girlfriend treats his mom in future episodes.  If she can be nice to an ahjumma I will forgive her selfish youthful moments and embrace her character.  Heck, I might even learn her name.

It cracks me up that Min Soo declares that they can no longer act like a campus couple now that his father works at their college.  It seems that our jerk of a father made his son sign a contract that if he dated in college he would be sent off to do his military service.  Hahahaha The poor girl.  I can't wait til they find out that mom is involved in their college lives as well.  The umbilical cord is slowly tightening around Min Soo's love life. 

Write your biography and start a bucket list in order to live your life to the fullest. Great advice given from Hyeon Seok in a radio interview.  And one that No Ra takes to heart.  As No Ra starts her biography, she realizes that she had only lived the last twenty years for her son and that she had never focused on her own ambitions.

We see a flashback of No Ra's life as she raised Min Soo by herself (notice her jerk of a husband was never supportive or around).  No Ra had worked hard on being a wonderful mother, but blames herself for being weak and not the mother or wife that her family deserves.   Now that No Ra anticipates her imminent death, she realizes that she needs a change.  So she does what any ahjumma does when things get tough.  She goes for a makeover. Not a huge makeover, by any means.  But just enough to make No Ra fit a bit better with the students as well as become a visual match for the youthful looking Hyeon Seok.

No Ra and headphone student have a fated connection.  He just doesn't accept that fact yet.  Not only is she his partner multiple classes, but he is also the president of the Hip Hop club that No Ra wants to join.   Ironically he is searching for No Ra (just doesn't know it yet) because of her impromptu dance on campus the previous day.  Seems this mystery dancer was a hit and got people to join the rival club, so headphone student wants to snag her first.  Sadly, he is not even aware that he has the mystery girl within his grasp and instead asks if No Ra is his stalker.  Hahaha.  Too cute.  Headphone student tells her she can't join because everyone would leave, including him.  No Ra just looks at him and informs him that she will leave for today (inferring that she would be back).  I am loving that the old No Ra is starting to come out to play.

Welcome parties can be so awkward in the best of times.  And our sweet ahjumma's attempt to fit in with her classmates is not an easy task.  For a person like myself who hates these type of things I about had palpitations watching this scene.  Thankfully they were not that hard on her after the initial awkwardness. Sadly, the good mood did not last for long as one of the teachers decides to join the new freshman.  A lecherous teacher who had a fondness of drinking with young girls. ICK.  There is someone worse than No Ra's soon to be ex-husband?  Who knew?

The mood worsens as the groping goes on, until finally No Ra can't stand it any longer and tells the professor to stop harassing the girls.  From one confrontation she goes from ahjumma to unni.  A great ice breaker in her quest to fit in at school.

Sadly the happy feelings of Unni don't last as the lecher forces his seniors to shun No Ra as an example of what happens to people that stand up to him.  What a total jerk.

In order to understand the situation and what exactly she did wrong, No Ra goes to her old friend Hyeon Seok who of course acts like a jerk.  Words were said, feelings were hurt, and No Ra rushes out, dropping her journal in her exit.  Hyeon Seok picks it up and reads her note to Min Soo telling him about her 5 months left to live.

It just so happens that No Ra visits the doctor that same day and discovers that she is not, in fact, dying.  Looks like we are going to have some fun confusion in the upcoming episodes and I personally can't wait to go watch.  ***Just watched ep 4 I happen to know that it was daebak.  Not only that, but Dongsaeng is busy getting her recap ready to release.  Be sure to check back soon for her thoughts on ep 4.

My Thoughts:
I am very happy that No Ra is now aware that she is not dying.  At least our Ahjumma can go forth in her college quest without the sorrow of her passing pulling her down.  And just the thought of how Hyeon Seok is going to take this death rumor and run with it makes me laugh.  I am sure we are in for some funny miscommunication on everyone's part. 

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  1. Your recaps make my day every time! Now I have to go watch this drama. :D

    1. Ahhh thanks :) I do highly suggest watching it. Very enjoyable so far.


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