Monday, September 21, 2015

Twenty Again Episode 7 - Operation Bi-Polar Man Child

I felt that this was an episode full of individual operations.  For example, No Ra (now that her secret is outed to her family) was firmly in operation mom mode.  Because, sure No Ra might be finding herself, but that doesn't mean she is going to ignore her son (except in public, that is).  Or my personal favorite which is "Operation Get Our OTP Together", which sadly took a huge leap back as Hyeon Seok went into operation bi-polar mode upon realizing that No Ra wasn't dying and was still with her jerk of a husband.  So come join me as I discuss the various goals of our characters and where that leaves us.

Now that she doesn't have to worry about her secret being discovered by her family, No Ra is a bit more adventurous about stalking her son.  Discreetly of course.  Since she can't give a homemade lunch directly to Min Soo, she circumvents the rule by giving two lunches to his girlfriend. Thanking Girlfriend for helping No Ra with the classroom mixup.  Operation "Get Min Soo kimbap without him realizing it is from Mom" is a go.

And since, being a mom, No Ra wanted to see her son all happy and dating, she follows girlfriend to her meeting spot with Min Soo.  Being a mother myself, I totally can relate to No Ra's actions.  
And thankfully she was stalking since who should appear but her scum of a husband who is on the hunt for his mistress (UGH HATE THEM).

Which means this operation turns into "Operation Save Min Soo from having to join the military if he gets caught by jerk hubbie." No Ra rushes by and grabs Girlfriend, dragging her away before Woo Cheol arrives.

Later, Min Soo confronts No Ra and is shocked to discover that she knew he was dating.  No Ra informs him that she is happy he is being a kid since this time will only go by once and to take advantage of dating and doing college stuff.  Just don't get caught by your father.  To which he replies -- "Mom were you always this eloquent?"

Awww, I am so glad that these two are slowly coming to some kind of understanding.  Yay for Mother/Son bonding time.

I have absolutely no sympathy for these two cheaters.  Oh, poor baby. You can't go out on dates openly with your boyfriend because he is married.  Boohoo Daddy won't agree to me dating someone who is divorced.  Wah, my wife is being selfish and not divorcing me and dropping out of school like I demanded.  Go whine somewhere else because I personally think you both deserve to grow old alone with only a pet slug for company. 

OPERATION OTP (Also known as Operation Hyeon Seok Forgets To Take His Bi-Polar Meds)

It was so sweet when Hyeon Seok was overjoyed that No Ra wasn't going to die.  There was hugging and happiness and all was right in the world.  That is, until Hyeon Seok realizes that this just creates more unanswered questions. Why didn't No Ra say anything to her husband about her illness?  Why is she working a part time job? There is just so many questions.

I covet main guys apartment/workspace.  Why can't I be brilliant and have a gorgeous brick building to live in?  Why did I instead have to be an Ahjumma in the suburbs who has a normal, non brick, house?  SIGH...

And now it is time for Hyeon Seok to become as moody as a woman during a visit from Aunt Flo. 

Yup, Hyeon Seok goes all cranky aggressive because he assumes that No Ra is just accepting all of her husbands cheating crap.  And sure she actually is at this point, but that doesn't warrant a regression in one's maturity level.

No Ra goes through the effort of making homemade lunch boxes for Hyeon Seok as a thank you for everything he has done for her. And was surprised when Hyeon Seok informed her that everything he did was because he felt pity for her impending death.  Not only that, but she needs to stop coming to his workplace and bugging him.

No Ra of course is confused and although she does tell him off, she leaves upset.  Hyeon Seok's maturity level regresses even more as he takes No Ra's cell phone hostage. Then spends the whole episode thwarting No Ra's retrieval of the previously mentioned cell phone.

The confusion continues as a gorgeous bouquet of flowers are delivered to No Ra on campus with a note --"To the person I want to watch over"-- attached. Hahaha, seems Hyeon Seok had ordered the flowers before his change of heart and now is beyond embarrassed over his mixed signals.

Hyeon Seok's one redeeming act was that when he realized that Woo Cheol is insistently calling No Ra's cell phone (which he still is in possession of), he promptly gives it back.  What if the jerk is calling to do what is right by his wife?  If that is what No Ra wants, then Hyeon Seok won't stand in her way.  Which leads right into our last operation.


Or at least that should be No Ra's goal.  Sadly, No Ra is a lot nicer than I would have been if I was in her situation.  Woo Cheol has called her home to declare that if No Ra will drop out of school, he will suck it up and stay married.  And since he is sure that No Ra will agree, he has the drop out form right there with him.

To which she replies -- Screw that. Continue with the divorce.  Or at least that would be what she would say if she wasn't so polite.  But the meaning was the same as No Ra tears up the form as Woo Cheol looks on in shock.


WOOT!  YAY!  The divorce is on.  Sadly, I am not as firmly entrenched on the Hyeon Seok and No Ra ship as I once was.  I was a little disappointed with his attitude.  Sure I understood why he was a bit upset, but to act that way was just childish.  Is it to late to start rooting for Headphone Student and No Ra to be endgame?

P.S.  Before I get a ton of angsty messages about how noona romances just don't work.  I was just kidding about Heaphone & No Ra hooking up.  I know that Hyeon Seok will change and become the sweet guy we know is lurking underneath all that immaturity.   I just am a bit cranky that he regressed as much as he did. I am sure that the next episode will be bi-polar yet again and be back wishing No Ra could spend an overnight stay in his gorgeous brick bedroom.  SERIOUSLY, I covet his house.

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  1. It really is an awesome house. I would love to live in such a beautiful place. Mr. Grouchy-Pants doesn't deserve at the moment though. Hopefully he'll come around.

    1. I hope so. I really enjoy his character when he is being sweet. And I need him to deserve that house.


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