Tuesday, July 22, 2014

King of High School Episode 11 - Let the Emotional Feathers Fly

The bubble of cuteness has burst and we must now sit through the angst and sadness that accompanies a lie of this size.  Min Seok (in his school uniform) and Soo Young stare at each other in shock as Yoo Ah comes up and hugs Min Seok's arm.  Neither acknowledge the poor stalker but eventually Soo Young runs off with Min Seok in pursuit.  He tries to explain the situation but it does not go over well.  It goes over even worse when he meets up with her later that night again trying to assure her of his love.  But when she rebuffs him he left devastated (no one can do devastated as well as Seo In Guk).
Poor Min Seok, once Soo Young finds out his real age it is hard to see past that number.  I can understand where she is coming from.  It is hard enough to be in a large age gap relationship when you actually know about it.  To find out that you were a cougar this whole time unknowingly is kind of life altering.  That combined with the whole "my whole life is a lie" aspect of her boyfriend is enough to make anyone run away.  And let's not forget the stalker girl sitting in the wings yelling at her sister every time she gets a chance.
Soo Young is understandably upset that her sister is only thinking of Min Seok and her own issues instead of how devastating it was to find out that your beloved boyfriend is really ten years younger then expected.  In true selfish teenage fashion Yoo Ah is unable to see beyond her own feelings and yells at her sister for thinking that she could have Min Seok, calling her grandma and pretty much just saying anything hateful that might hurt her Soo Young.  The tension is broken (at least for us viewers) when the two girls end up having a pillow fight before Yoo Ah storms off.  I thought it was interesting how we saw the remnants of the fight stay on the floor (the feathers from the pillow) through the whole episode.  Just another reminder that everything has fallen apart for our heroine. 
Yoo Ah decides to deal with the situation by ignoring reality.  She does her usual stalker activities of giving Min Seok snacks (my heart broke seeing him so dead inside during this scene) and decides to be proactive by trying to hook her Unni up with Jin Woo.  Yoo Ah calls Jin Woo to meet her for dinner and discuss the "situation" resulting in her offer to help him with his wooing.  I still think that Jin Woo is all wrong for Soo Young, but now I have a new ship to sail from this drama.  Stalker and White Ricecake Ahjussi (aka Jin Woo) are adorable together!  I want Yoo Ah to graduate from high school and marry him ASAP so she can scream and take down his father a peg or two.  I never even thought of them as a possible couple until this scene.  See!  There is actually a way for me to not hate Jin Woo.  And there is even time for him to get that much needed therapy in before she is legal to marry.
Soo Young runs away to her rural home where she roams the town and pines for Min Seok.  It doesn't actually say she is pining, but I will assume she is since who would not be missing that awesome bundle of yumminess?  Yoo Ah gives White Ricecake (that nickname is awesome) the heads up on Soo Young's location and he runs off to attempt to woo her back.  All I can say is way to little to late.  You had your chance and you were a total jerk.  But at least his change of heart has allowed me to accept him as a possibility for Yoo Ah. 
Soo Young politely declines Jin Woo's interest but he pulls her into a hug, again trying to change her mind.  This of course is the exact moment when Min Seok walks into the picture and his look of utmost despair just ripped out my heart.  He slowly walks away, only to burst in on the couple a few moments later dragging Soo Young off to talk.  We end episode 11 with nothing resolved and the two men facing off yet again.

Oh the heartbreak and feels that this episode evoked in me.  On one hand I knew that this was where we were heading plot wise, but knowing and feeling are two different things.  I appreciated how the writers kept the sweet feel of the drama steady by using side characters to keep the humor intact.  Grandpa shadow boxing Min Seok was so adorable and helped ease the pain of that scene and also Min Seok's handler trying to cheer him up with porn just cracked me up.  The show was able to be sad without sinking into a deep melo pit in which it can't come out. Now I just have to patiently wait for subs so I can watch Seo In Guk call Soo Young Noona.  Silly how small things like that can thrill me.
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  1. Oh I loved this episode too Amber! and I'm falling hard for CEO. ottoke. his voice is killing me. THanks for the re-cap.. <3 Patty Eun Soo

    1. He does have a very sexy voice. He might not be my favorite character but his voice and new hairstyle are slowly winning me over. Not above Seo In Guk since there is no one that could replace him in my heart, but as a solid side character he is not horrible.

  2. I agree that no one does devastated as well as In Guk. He is so fascinating to watch. The show is so good, and he is so good, I am just licking up all the emotions and loving the hard times as long as it doesn't last too long. Because yes we knew it was coming. We have to see it get worked out. And I am SO glad that people talk things out in this drama and that we have side characters lightening the mood. So many rom-coms are funny in the beginning and then go all melo on us. You From Another Star was another one that was able to keep the humor going through the angst all the way to the end. So kudos to them both!

    1. Am going to have to check out this writers previous work since I am very impressed with the mixture of heart and comedy so far. I agree that it is rare that you can consistently maintain that line.


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