Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Teaser for She Was Pretty (this makes #4)

As if I wasn't already excited enough for upcoming drama She Was Pretty, we get a new teaser today that just amps up the fun level, making it all the more difficult to patiently wait. Did you see how cute Siwon is?!

It's not just silly fun either. Sure, there's that, but there's also a touch of the heartbreak as well, which brings it to that next level of deep as well as goofy, a sure-fire win to this ahjumma's heart.

This teaser focused mainly on introducing the characters to us. 

Characters like...

Kim Hye Jin:
Our "ugly" but lovable-because-she-is-just-so-darn-plucky heroine
Ji Sung Joon:
Our hunky heartthrob love interest hero
Min Ha Ri:
The Competition for hunky hero's heart
Kim Shin Hyuk:
The Competition for our not-so-fair fair maiden's plucky heart --- aka Our Second Male Lead --- aka Siwon: The One We Put a Lot of Trust in to Keep Us All Smiling Because He's Just So Darn Cute and Funny

I was already excited about this one, and this teaser helped add to that excitement for sure. Cute, funny, and heartwarming? Sign me up! I'm all about that....

(Base! "I'm all about that base" is now stuck in my head...)

Teaser #4
One more week to go! She Was Pretty premiers on MBC beginning Wed, Sept 16th. It will be recapped here on our blog by yours truly, so make sure you come back and check that out too! We'll have lots of fun with this one for sure!

Back hugs and fish kisses to you all,

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  1. yaya, im very excited as well for this drama, i really need a good rom com and this seems like it has a mix of hilarity, combo of the four main characters, sadness and sweetness. of course im all about my bae park seo joon, i have a thing for prickly male leads lol. and jung eum is perfect as well. i havent see siwon and jun hee is anything but i already like them.


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