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Yong Pal Episode 14 - Demons & Angels

Episode 14 was a hard one to start because I had heard rumors of where the writers were taking the story and, personally, I was not a huge fan.  However after viewing it for myself, I have come to certain conclusions about the characters and my feelings towards them, their romances, and their outlooks on life.  Pretty much we have a collision of Angels vs Devils and I am not sure if the two can co-exist in each others spheres.

In case there was any confusion as to which character from our OTP is the "angel", then obviously you have not been reading my recaps.  It is obviously our beloved Yong Pal.  He must be one of the most humble and understanding men in the history of kdramas.

Tae Hyeon's reaction to all the buttkissery aimed his way is hilarious.  In an attempt to avoid all the bowing, Tae Hyeon orders his bodyguard to enter through the underground entrance.  But his attempts to avoid underlings is for naught as they show up, out of breath from running, at the alternate entrance.  Hahahaha, Tae Hyeon practically has to kick them out of the elevator and is so exasperated that his bodyguard asks (in a I will take them out permanently tone of voice) -- "Are you uncomfortable with any of them sir?"

I have to imagine that if Tae Hyeon was going to be in his own personal hell (think Dante's Infernoesque) it would involve a lot of lackeys bowing.

At least Tae Hyeon has his trusty Yong Pal squad to keep him grounded with some sly comments about not only his new status, but also his getting lucky on his wedding night.  Cute!  They also reprimand him for his non romantic proposal.  He just looks blankly and questions -- "Do I have to do that?"

Yeo Jin's housekeeper comes in to get checked out, and finds that she does indeed have a benign tumor that needs removed.  She is obviously thankful too Tae Hyeon's impromptu medical assessment, so agrees to help him find a wedding ring for his bride.

While Tae Hyeon is off being the most sweet and caring man ever, Yeo Jin is at home playing Queen Crocodile, eating board members for lunch.

Yeo jin is just so unlikable and cold to pretty much everyone except Tae Hyeon.  She is on a mission of vengeance, and no one can stop her.  Not even her husband (more on that later).

Lets check in on Chief Lee who is recovering from the attempted murder instigated by Greedy Ahjussi. Tae Hyeon comes to visit him, and when Chief Lee finds out that Greedy Ahjussi is dead, he flips out.  He screams at Tae Hyeon to save him since Yeo Jin is going to kill him next.

You could see the shock in Tae Hyeon's eyes as he digests that info, and the instance where Tae Hyeon realizes that the ramblings might actually be true.  We also learn that Tae Hyeon's mom did indeed die (or at least didn't get the surgery she needed) because Yeo Jin was the VVIP patient that showed up that night.  Not anything that we didn't expect, but at least it is out in the open now.

One thing of note, is that everyone's favorite hired killer, Scarface, is killed by his gang.  They had been hired by Secretary (under Yeo Jin's orders) and had him buried alive.  A very horrible death for a horrible man.  Queen Crocodile strikes again.

Tae Hyeon is somber at dinner as Yeo Jin flutters about him in full blown wife mode.  Things sober quickly when Tae Hyeon straight out asks Yeo Jin to not kill Chief Lee.  Yeo Jin confirms that she has plans to get justice against Chief Lee as well as others.  Poor Tae Hyeon's expression just is devastated while he tells his wife -- "What you are trying to do is not justice.  It is just murder."

Yeo Jin tries to deflect by telling Tae Hyeon that he doesn't understand how the crocodile world works.  If Yeo Jin doesn't make them terrified, they will rise up and destroy her.  Tae Hyeon should just sit back and not worry his little head about these type of things.  She will take care of him since Tae Hyeon is now her heir.

Tae Hyeon tries to explain to Yeo Jin that revenge will lead to more revenge.  Please just don't kill Chief Lee.  For me.  Which was the right thing to say since as they speak, Chief Lee is being kidnapped and sent to the OR for a date with death.  After Tae Hyeon's begging, Yeo Jin gives him a reprieve.......for now.

Random Observation
You couldn't get me into that spider infested dormant garden if you paid me.  It looks like the set of a horror movie about killer spiders, not the scene for a sweet romantic moment.

Do Joon is also released from the police station (with no charges against him) but exits to find himself alone.  No lackeys, no minions, only the information that his partner had taken his own life.  Reality is harsh for our bad guy and it is witnessed by his wife Cheo Young, waiting across the street.

I actually thought this was a pretty touching moment between the wife and her crazy husband.  Cheo Young invites Do Joon out for a drink.  Not sure if Cheo Young is actually interested in connecting with her husband or just looking for allies against Yeo Jin.  Either way she doesn't look as upset as she had in the past.

But Yeo Jin was not going to allow her brother any moments of freedom.  As Do Joon waits for Cheo Young to pick him up, a black SUV hits him.  When that doesn't cause enough injury, a thug jumps out of the car and hits Do Joon with a retractable kubaton.  Seconds after the thug departs, an ambulance rushes to the scene and loads Do Joon inside.  Cheo Young is ignored as the ambulance rushes away, sporting the sign of Hanshin Hospital.  Looks like Yeo Jin has just officially kidnapped her brother.

My Thoughts:

Our OTP (one true pairing) are from two different worlds. Tae Hyeon is a person who always is going to choose life and trying to do the humane thing.  Even when it is someone who opposes him/his goals, Tae Hyeon never forgets that he is a doctor first.  A perfect example of this was when Detective was injured.  He could have easily run away and saved himself, but he paused to help his enemy because that is just the type of guy he is.

Yeo Jin on the other hand is from a very selfish and entitled world.  She thinks of no-one except herself.  I always feel that she only sees the world as an enemy.  And even Tae Hyeon is there only because of how it can benefit her.  Sure I think she loves him as much as she can love another person, but if push came to shove, I suspect she could let him go. Yeo Jin has been raised to look at the world in a certain way and can't see past her power and anger.

Surprisingly, this doesn't completely put me off the plot.  I actually think the dynamic between the newlyweds is interesting.  I write this with a huge "but" added on to the end.  I like the dynamic.....BUT.......... if the writers choose to change either of the leading characters, in a way that goes against the development they have so painstakingly created, then I will be pissed.  Tae Hyeon is never going to be OK with crooked business practices and hurting others to push himself forward.  Yeo Jin is never going to be able to not see herself as more important than those around her.  Each of them can love the other, but if they suddenly "change" for love I just won't buy it.  This is a classic case of opposites attract that might not have a long term follow through.

Just out of curiosity, type your theories on how the OTP are going to end up, in the comments.  I have heard everything from people guessing Yeo Jin will pass away leaving the hospital to Tae Hyeon.  Maybe Yeo Jin will have a change of heart?  Maybe aliens will arrive and beam them all up to a shiny circular room for random probings?  Whatever your theory, I would love to hear it.  Makes the time go by faster being able to see that I am not the only one still watching.

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  1. Oh, I feel it will end in the usual KDrama way - 10 years ago she would have died doing something selfless to protect Tae Hyeon (& he might have as well) but currently she'll just decide to reform herself (after much angst that this actress will NOT pull off well) to keep her man.... I personally would be happier if there were some kind of contrast between Sleeping Beauty crocodile & sister-in-law - who both appreciate our Yong Pal - and if in the end it were SISTER-IN-LAW who won out after achieving humanity.... & seeing her hubby killed by his sister... Cause her redemption seems more realistic than Sleeping Crocodile's... But that ain't gonna happen

  2. I have no idea but I love your snarky recaps best!
    I hope he leaves her to run a small hospital somewhere far far away. But would she let him go? I mean without cutting off his fingers or something. She is one scary lady.

    1. I know right? She is crazy. I kind of wish he would inherit the large hospital and could make it somewhere that helps people for real. Sadly, I would be OK if her character dies at the end. Probably won't happen, but you never know.

  3. I enjoyed the show but the ending left me disappointed. Even with the sympathy that I had in the beginning for Yeo Jin was gone by that time. If her revenge had fallen short of actually taking lives I could have accepted it. I think the writers were too focused on the "happy ending" scenario for the two leads and forgot what they had made of her character after she woke up. So does she get punished for her "evil" deeds or they forgotten by all?


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