Tuesday, July 10, 2012

*Edited* Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: How do you stalk your bias?

Welcome back to another edition of Unnie's Wednesday Write Up AddiKts.

It has been a long & dreary day here at Unnie's house.  Started my day w bad news & have struggled all day long maintaining my "happy face" facade.  Mostly because it's summer, so "the monstrosities" are all home with me, & I try really hard to not let them see me lose it.  Needless to say, I had a stinky kind of day here in Wisconsin.  I spent a good portion of it trying to hide from the reality that is stalking me a lot more often than it used to.  Sorry AddiKts I try really hard to keep my real life from interrupting my job as "Unnie International Bloggess".  But there are some days when reality is so strong that it kind of pushes it's way into every facet of me.  This was one of those days.  It was hard to be happy when I woke up to the news that my online support family, was saying goodbye to another "he's way too young (only 25) to die" sufferer of A-T.  The rare genetic disease that my 11 year old son was diagnosed with at age 4.  If you have read my "Unnie" page at the top of this here awesome blog then you know to what I am referring, if you haven't then check it out or better yet follow the link, to the A-T Children's Project, at the top instead.    But the day is almost over....and I survived the sad & I survived the fear & I did so without screaming or crying or railing at fate, destiny, God whatever it is at which people find themselves railing.  Yay me!!

So while trying to distract myself today I did the following things...

  • Stayed in bed, in my pjs, till 10am, reading a book.  
{{It was nirvana for my tired soul.}}

  • Caught up on my Hulu Queue & watched Monday's episode of Eureka.  
{{Yes, I still watch U.S. TV}}

  • Checked Facebook, TCA & Pinterest numerous times.

{{Avoided any emails & text messages from family & friends offering condolences & kindness, because I knew that would push me over the edge.}}

  • Finally took the time to sit & read Dongsaeng's reviews for Dr Jin.  Don't you love her reviews?? She's kind of awesome!  
{{BUT don't tell her I said that, her head's already inflated enough as it is.}}

  • Finally took the time to read her MMTwD Ahjumma Article.  Again I am jealous of her having a sister like Ms. Luckypants McGee who knows how to hook her sis up!  Where's my K Love Ms LpMcG ?!?!

  • Watched a couple episodes of Big on Viki.  Love Gong Yoo.
{{Avoided a few more comforting text messages & two more phone calls}}

  • Remembered, during my watching Big, that today was Gong Yoo's birthday & wrote on FB-TCA & TCA a birthday tribute.  Best part was looking up his yummy pictures.  
{{Don't you wish you had my job?!?!  Giggle}}

  • Went upstairs after dinner & applied my official "Happy Face" & brushed & styled my hair, so that I could accomplish my next task w/out anyone asking me "what's wrong?".
  • Did some dishes & cleaned up the kitchen, played & cuddled w/ my monstrosities, and then made dinner & went to church.

During all this...
Okay, it was only 50 pins not 5000.  That's not bad though right?  Not when he brings me such joy, right?  Oh my!  Maybe I went overboard.  As this brought my total pins, for his board alone, to a grand total of 350 pins.

Can you blame me?  Look at how cute he is....

While contemplating my Extreme KHJ Pinning Habit, I began to wonder....

{{No, really!  It's okay for me to wonder, once in a while.  On a regular basis, it's just not a good idea, but every once in a while, it's okay}}

What is the proper way to stalk your bias?  Is there a proper way?  How does one go about becoming a successful stalker?  Is there a list of dos & don'ts somewhere?  And at what point should one sincerely seek professional help?

TCA VoKab Review: (for our newbies)
"Bias" means your favorite actor/actress/singer/model etc...  The one star that you cannot get enough of, the one you fantasize about.  The one that makes you "squuuueeeeee" the most, the loudest, the longest.  For me as you know, that is Kim Hyun Joong.  I love them all but KHJ is my "bias".

As for the don'ts I think they should include your basic info (also known as common sense):

  • You do NOT go to your bias's home.  
He deserves a place that is safe for him, to not be a bias, but just a human being enjoying food, books, tv, video games or a swim without having to be ON GUARD at all times.
He's just a regular guy hanging w/ his friends.  

  • You do not rifle through the garbage at his house or his office/company okay or anywhere else for that matter.  
That's just nasty.  Have you thrown away something important accidentally & then realized you were going to have to rifle through your own garbage?  If you have, then you know it is disgusting in there.  No one should want that kind of nasty stuff as a keep sake.  Seriously!
  • You do NOT try to get a kiss, hug or grope without his knowledge or consent.  

That's another form of rape & it's an absolute no-no!!  No you cannot consider their lack of an actual no to be a yes.  No consent is the same as a NO!  And NO, we all know, means NO!
  • You don't send him your hair, nails, or any other part of your body, this includes used clothing ie underwear!!  
It's beyond gross.   For one thing those items usually end up in the trash, which if you remember from above it's just nasty to be digging through your garbage, or anyone else's garbage for that matter.  

{{Bleck & shudder}}  8 P

Back to what we can do:
  • You must watch every TV show, interview, reality show, & movie in which your bias was a part.  No matter how small.
  • You must buy every single song/album he's ever made.
  • You must watch...  Every.  Single.  MV he's made or been a part.
  • You must buy & save every magazine, newspaper article that has ever been written about him.
  • You must, money permitting, go to every concert (this includes fan meetings) he gives.

Starting young is a definite must.  Isn't she cute?!?!

  • You must go to book signings, album signings, public appearances.

  • You must fantasize about your bias as much as possible.

I'm lending him for this post only...remember look, no touch.  Hands off, he's mine.  Just missing a stamp that says, "Property of Unnie" on his tushy. :)

Any kind of fantasy you want, no judgements here.   I prefer the clean romantic kind, like my beloved KDramas but I KNOW, that some of you, prefer a more "adult" fantasy, than I do.  The point is, it is your fantasy & he's your bias.  Fantasize away, my darling AddiKts.  Fantasize away!  My blessings I give you.

{{Unless you are trying to fantasize about my KHJ, he's busy in my fantasies, find your own bias & leave mine alone.}}

  • You must live in denial that your bias is someone else's bias as well.  You know...like me. ^_^   
  • If you send fan mail?  Send nice, "Oppa?  Hwaiting!!" fan mail.  
Not crazy, psycho "I wanna have your baby",  "we were meant to be together",  "I'm coming to see you oppa!!"  fan mail.  That kind of fan mail goes in the don'ts list above.  That kind of fan mail will NOT attract your oppa, I promise.  It will however attract the police after he reports you & gives them your letters.  

  • Find out what your bias's fav charities are & donate or volunteer to help them, if you can.  
He'll love your dedication & heart. Awww.  If you volunteer, be ready to roll up your sleeves & sincerely work hard (w/out whining about the labor or any of the conditions in which you find yourself working) & give it your all because it's a good cause & it's good to help those less fortunate than yourself.  It will make you proud of you, as much as it makes him proud of you.  And that's a win for you, a win for him & a win for the world around you.

And last but not least...
  • You must take a card from the "Unnie Way of Stalking Your Bias" ....pin!  
Pin like a mad person!!  Pin till you can't pin anymore!!  Search out his image, his video clips, & pin them all onto a special Pinterest Board dedicated solely to him!!  Bwahahahahahaha!!!

I think if you follow the dos & not the don'ts you will be able to have a bias that loves his fans like my bias does his.  He loves them so much he dedicated his "Kiss Kiss" MV to them.  Awww ...  What a great bias I have, right?

In fact, it's my ringtone on my iPhone, I love the song so much.  And I want to share it with you guys...yes again!

So here it is from his Official YouTube Channel...
This proves my dedication to you guys that I am willing to share my bias, sort of, with you. ;)

BTW All the pictures in this post are screen shots I took from this MV. Please do not say they are yours. Technically, they belong to him & his company as I got them from KHJ's MV, on KHJ's channel. Thanks AddiKts...knew I could count on you!  And sorry for the grainy quality for some reason YouTube was not cooperating w/ quality.  If I get up the energy maybe I'll try to grab better quality shots tomorrow & use them instead.  MAYBE.

So what things would you add to the DO & to the DON'T list AddiKts!?!?  Come on I know you have more things to add.  Don't be shy!  Down there at the bottom of this post you can leave your opinions on proper stalking etiquette.  You don't want to be a Sasaeng Fan do you?!?!

Another TCA VoKab Review: (paying attention newbies?)
"Sasaeng Fans" are the supremely crazy break into your house just to try & kiss you fan.  They are bat crazy & need to be stopped.

That's it for this week's WWU.  I hope you had fun hearing my ideas for the best ways to stalk our bias'.  I apologize if this post wasn't what you hoped it would be.  I tried.  I really did try.  I even shared my bias, sort of, with you.  But I have a feeling this one is falling flat.  {{sad face here}}

**EDITED**  TCA's GIVEAWAY has closed & the winner announced.  Congratulations to the winner!!!

Oh! Don't forget the GIVEAWAY!!  I have a feeling that we won't get to it till tomorrow, late morning, before we announce the winner.  I know Dongsaeng was hoping I'd announce it in this post but I just don't have it in me tonight.  So we'll do a special TCA post tomorrow dedicated to the announcing of the winner.  So far though we only have 3 AddiKts that followed the entry rules completely.  So, I guess it's between 3 whole people.  Maybe we should Kai Bai Bo the winner. ;)  Just kidding.  We'll be using a 3rd party non invested website to help assign the winner.  But right now it's a 33.33333...% chance, who gets it.  But there is still time, thanks to my stinky day.  Hurry up & follow those entry rules & get your name entered into the drawing as well.  Who doesn't want free money or maybe it's free music instead?!?!  Crazy people that's who!!  Free stuff rocks!!  Enter while the entering is still good!

Until next week AddiKts...



  1. Oh, Unnie.... You make me laugh. I don't know why you thought this post fell flat. I think I laughed here more than any other time. Thanks for (sort of) sharing your bias with us and the rules of how to properly engage in bias stalking. I loved every bit of it! Thank you!

    1. Dongsaeng you are my one fan! And I LOVE that about you. That you love me so much makes me feel special. I guess there are a couple ha-ha moments in this post but its still feels flat to me. But I think this one will always feel that way because it was such a stinky kind of day. I am so richly blessed in how much love I receive from you & all my family & friends. A richly blessed woman, indeed. Komowayo Chingu.

  2. Ha ha ha You do crack me up Unnie ( is it alright to call u that when am more than a decade older than u???) Anyway, thank you for sharing your bias who is actually a member of my harem of boy toys...hmmmrrrphhhhh

    1. Oh Yay!! Again Lyweelyn thank you for your kind words & encouragement. I send love to you & yours tonight. I will sort of, share my bias with you anytime.


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