Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: The age line

As you know, from the blog title, that this blog was created by two "Ahjummas".  Of course my dongsaeng & I don't really think of ourselves as old women.  Married?  Yes.  Have kids?  Yes.  In our mid 30's?  Yes.  But "Ahjummas"?  I'd have to say no.  At least I don't.  Generally speaking, I don't really think of myself as an ahjumma.  It may have to do with the fact that I live in the US & here I'm not really considered an ahjumma until I get closer to 50.  That's when I'll probably think of myself as "Over the Hill".  The title of our blog is really more of a 'tongue in cheek', poking fun at ourselves title, than it is an accurate relay of how we view ourselves.

Am I older than pretty much most of the K Idols/"Oppas"?  Yes.  There are a few older than me.  But not many.  As my 13 yr old son pointed out to me recently, after I told him that I had divided my Pinterest Eye Candy board into 2 different boards; Eye Candy & "Oppa" Eye Candy.  I then said, "sadly there weren't as many to choose from on the "Oppa" board as there was on the regular Eye Candy board." To which he lovingly said, "Yeah I can believe that, not too many men live to be 5 million mom."   {{sad face here at rotten eldest monstrosity}} I swear I am not 5 million.  4.8 tops!  ;)P

But I was talking to a few friends this morning on Facebook.  Someone had shared a picture of one of the K Idols that I actually feel guilty thinking is hot!  I won't mention which K Idol it is, he is just a couple of years into his 20s, which I must point out makes him legal - technically... lol, but every time I drool over him, I can't help but feel very pervy & pathetic & yes even "old".  My standard rule has always been if I was old enough to have babysat you, then you are way too young for me to be daydreaming about!  I started babysitting at age 12, my 7th grade year of Junior High School.  Without giving an exact age difference, I can tell you I would have been able to babysit him as a baby.  {{sad face}}

Therefore he should be immediately stricken from my mind!!  O.O

In theory that's how that rule works.  However, putting it into practice has been a little tricky to accomplish.

So this is where I ask myself...  Nay....where I ask YOU guys....what is your age line?  Do you have an age line?  At what point do you think you are pushing the bounds of propriety?  Obviously, my bias is younger than I am...but I would not have been able to babysit him as a baby!  Thank goodness!  Therefore he stays on my list, as my bias & in my daydreams.  {{hubba, hubba, wink, wink, rowr!!}}

Here is an example of too young to daydream about ... for me.  

Kai from Exo - K .  He's only 18.  TOO young!
Source: Uploaded via Adeline on Pinterest

Here is are a couple of examples of younger but still totally acceptable....to me.

Kim Hyun Joong {{aka My Hyun-y / Aka My Bias}} age 26
Source:  Uploaded via Nora on Pinterest


The guys from JYJ:
Junsu age 25, Jaejoong age 26 & Yoochun age 26
Source: Uploaded via Asia on Pinterest

And a great example of one that is an actual "Oppa" to me.  

Song Seung Heon Oppa age 36
Source: Uploaded via Kixvix on Pinterest

So where do you stand?  Where do you draw the age line?  Where do you say yeah he's a baby...I just can't look at him & not notice that he's just a baby.  I cannot possibly be alone when I say that there are certain incredibly good looking make K Idols that I feel are too young to drool over.  Am I?  Tell me AddiKts!  I'd love to know.  Even if you are not an "ahjumma", as I am not, there must be a line for you, right?  And what should I do to get myself to stop drooling over that one {{okay there may be a couple of others}} that I can't stop drooling over when I see them?  Do you have this problem too?  And what did you do?

{{OR do you just keep it a deep dark secret of desire?!??!}}   >:}

Recommendations respectfully requested here.  I don't want to be a pedonoona!!!!

{{Alas, I fear it may be too late for me AddiKts.}}

Oh and lets not forget Mr Beautiful {{aka The Jade Emperor}} from Arang & the Magistrate!!
Yoo Seung Ho age 18 
Source: Unnie's Screen shot from Episode 6 of ATM
Gorgeous but again....18!!! O.O

So tell me.  Leave me your comment below or on the FB page or Tweet it to me.  I'd love to hear what you have to say on this subject.

As for what I have been up to?  Well I'd like to say I was enjoying my first day sans any kids in my house, as today was the first day of the new school year but alas....I had a guest in my house all day long.  A girl monstrosity that would not stop throwing up.  My poor baby princess.  >.<


Needless to say, it was a long day for your unnie.  But I sit here in the silence of a house full of sleeping people & listen to the thunderstorm rage outside & can't help but feel very blessed.  Fingers crossed she is feeling better & back in school tomorrow.  Have a wonderful week AddiKts!  I'll see you Friday for my ATM DFR!  All these acronyms!!!

Now what should I leave you with to make you smile?????


OH OH OH!!!!  I KNOW!!!!  Simon & Martina over at Eat Your Kimchi  just celebrated their 100th K Pop Music Mondays Episode by putting together a compilation of their funniest stuff.  Helps to explain a few of the inside jokes if you are just tuning in to EYK.  Enjoy AddiKts.  And SMILE.  It makes people wonder what you're up to.  o_O  {{giggle}}



  1. 걱정 마세요 unnie you are not a "pedonoona"! I have noticed a trend in Korean movies and dramas that people are starting to realize that these 꽃미남 are noona killers. There is a growing trend in should be noona/dongseang relationships that are romantic relationship. For example Kim Bum oppa in "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry". Or my favorite, the high school aged Jung Il Woo oppa and his teacher in "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" and there are others. When I first got into Korean culture most of the idols were unnies and oppas now at 21 most of the newly debuted groups are most definitely dongseangs...its ok though I can still drool and protect at the same time. Hwaiting!

    1. All that means Josie is that I am not the ONLY "pedonoona" out there. LOL I had noticed the new trend to pair the younger man with the older woman & I am not complaining! But there are a couple of those younger dudes that I feel pervy for drooling over. ;) And OMO!! FBRS?!?! ***Spoiler Alert*** That kiss outside the movie theater in ep 10!?!?! Homina homina homina!! JIW can kiss my married ahjumma pedonoona self anytime he wants/anywhere he wants. He should get an award for best kisser! I LOVE that drama!!

  2. Yay! Comments are working! I already said what I had to say on the FB thread, but I'll say something here too. I try to stay within a 10 year range. So, yeah, that means EXO and SHINee boys are out of bounds. I don't normally even bother looking at the younger groups (though I do still enjoy their music of course), but have to admit, after watching TTBY, trying to not ogle SHINee's Minho has become difficult. Curses! The boy is only 20 :( Starting around mid-20s though? Fair game I say. I get giddy when I find out someone is actually a technical oppa. It helps balance out the younger ones and then I don't feel so bad ;) GREAT POST UNNIE! I LOVE YOUR GUTZ!!!

    1. Since it's a SHINee boy that gets me all hot & bothered too Dongsaeng, I can totally understand why trying not to ogle Minho is difficult, gotta admit TTBY is excellent at making him look ...ahem... manly. Darn you age line!! Darn you Unnie for being born so long ago!! Why couldn't my parents have waited another 10 years!?!! {{ ;) giggle}}


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