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{Dramatic December Review} Full House 2

It's December.  I'm driving this review bus alone at the moment while my trusty cohort takes some much needed time off for bigger and better.  Lucky for you, my bigger and better is a whole lot less big and better than hers so I still have some time to crank a review or two out, even if not perfectly on schedule.  Take this week for example.  Thursday (my normal writing day) I got to spend a vast majority of my day at the Mayo Clinic getting a really fun test done to check on my possibly pesky gallbladder (isn't aging super duper?).  I was welcomed home by the head cold I've been fighting all week, and prematurely thought I had beaten, rearing its ugly head and coming back in full force for round two.  I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the many hours spent surrounded by sick people.  No, even I know that that's not possible, but still, it does make one suspicious.  Something you may not know about me, but I am officially the world's biggest baby when I don't feel well.  My dear husband will sally forth and tally ho like nothing is wrong, but me?  Nope.  A little sore throat, some aches and pains and I spend all day in my bed watching dramas and TV and stalking the internet.  And whine and complain even though it's just me and the dog and she doesn't really care.  And since I have found a way to take dramas and TV to bed with me but not my computer (hopefully Santa gets our letter this year where we ask for a laptop then I'll never have to leave my bed - glory be!), this means that my review is a tad tardy.  But you probably aren't surprised.  This is, after all, beginning to be quite the habit.  Bad Dongsaeng.  I'm scolding myself something right fierce at the moment.  Okay, maybe not quite, but I do feel a little regretful.  I am a professional after all, a professional with hard deadlines.  Set by...myself.  Ah!  The joys of being a blogger!  Freedom to post whenever I darn well please.  No boss hovering over my shoulder and breathing down my neck.  This creative stuff takes time you know.  I don't just sit down here and start typing this genius material.  Okay, well, yes I do.  Which is probably why calling it "genius material" is also a bit of a stretch.  Even I, in my tongue-in-cheek false delusions of grandeur, know that.  But it's still funny to joke around about it.  Good naturedly put myself down by cleverly and sarcastically overstating its awesomeness.  See how I do that?  Genius.

So, I have a few borrowed moments before this brief reprisal of cold symptoms gets the better of me and I crawl back to my sick bed and I decided to spend them with you, chatting about Full House 2.  I know, I know.  I said I probably wasn't going to continue, but there's just one week left, so why not?  That and I'm still not fully invested in I Miss You quite yet.  I've made it to somewhere in episode 4, but let's not get ahead of myself.  That review will come in another post.  Good thing we've got a long road still to haul with that drama and I have a bit of time to play catch up.  You know, at the most crazy busy time of the year.

Now, I don't quite remember where I left off last time.  I know it was Thanksgiving.  That was a while ago.  A lot has happened in our drama since then.  I'll try to surmise, guessing at about where I left off.  It's really quite simple really (thank you drama for that - it's nice to have uncomplicated plot for the first time in a very long time).  Kang Hwi is going blind.  He signs back on with evil dude LJ for reasons I still don't perfectly understand.  "You're going blind and being a singer on stage with bright lights isn't helping - it will only make you go blind faster.  So join back with me and be a singer again even though I was unbelievably cruel to you because I'm the only one who will take you," just doesn't seem like a valid reason.  But maybe I missed something.  It's been known to happen believe it or not.  So, for reasons I obviously don't quite understand, Kang Hwi rejoins LJ and U Entertainment, dragging Man Ok along.  She doesn't want to go back until she finds out about Kang Hwi's condition, and then she decides to be there for him.  A slight problem arises though in that Tae Ik likes her and she likes him, but he's very jealous and understandably gun shy after he believes Kang Hwi stole his last serious girlfriend, the nasty-piece-of-work actress lady who has a name but doesn't deserve to have it looked up.  {So there mean lady, take that.}  He's all bent out of shape any time Man Ok spends time with Kang Hwi.  He even goes as far as to follow her to China where they are there for business with his half-sister.  Kang Hwi has a complicated family with complicated issues.  His father is really rich.  Kang Hwi is the product of a mistress/concubine.  He is not publicly acknowledged by his family.  His father is sick and dying.  Yadda yadda.  Back to the love story.

Kang Hwi likes Man Ok.  Tae Ik likes Man Ok.  Man Ok likes Tae Ik.  Tae Ik is jealous because Man Ok is close to Kang Hwi and won't tell him (Tae Ik) what is going on.  He has no idea that she's helping him and staying by his side because he's losing his sight.  Frustrating?  Injecting unnecessary drama into it all?  Of course.  It is a drama after all, is it not?  If they actually communicated with each other, we'd have a lot less story to cover, now wouldn't we?  Things can't be that easy.

Man Ok:  "Oh, Kang Hwi?  Yeah, turns out dude's going blind so I'm working there in order to help him".  
Tae Ik:  "Okay.  That makes sense.  I like Kang Hwi.  He's my buddy even though we're fighting over a non-issue."  
Kang Hwi:  "You know dude, I totally didn't kiss your ex-girlfriend. She kissed me in order to break up with you because LJ told her to in order for her to advance her career."
TI:  "Oh.  Silly me.  Turns out you really are my friend after all.  Come here, man and give me a hug."
KH: "So, we're good, right?"
TI:  "Of course.  Now let's get back together and be a singing sensation before you go blind.  How about one last stage ol' pal?  Go out with a bang?"
KH:  "You sure I can't have the girl?"
TI:  "Yeah, sorry.  I'm just really into her and she's into me."
KH:  "Bummer.  Alright though.  I can't force her to have feelings for me.  I suppose she and I will just have to be friends.  Friends that share a cat.  And you.  Bros before Hoes, man, bros before hoes."
 The End.

See?  A little communication can go a long way here folks.  But noooo.  No, we get episode after episode of frustrating misunderstandings.  I know that misunderstandings are like the life blood of dramas, but really, aren't there other means we can use to stretch the story out in order to get our 16 episodes?  Surely we can have both, right?  A nice lengthy drama and communication with very little misunderstandings?  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently.

Okay.  Moving on.  Tae Ik and Man Ok are both crazy about each other, but Tae Ik is having a hard time trusting Man Ok since she won't explain what the deal is with Kang Hwi.  Kang Hwi has asked Man Ok to be with him, but she doesn't go for it.  Poor Kang Hwi.  Things are kind of stinky for him.  Of course, things aren't much better for anyone else either.

How about the drunken confession in the tent though?  That was fun.  Until she conveniently "forgot" the next day.  Stupid drunken stupors.  Just kiss again already.  Please?  Too much tension.  A little lip action can go a long way to fixing that.

Where are we now at the conclusion of this week's episodes?  Well, Kang Hwi is trying to make a comeback as Only One/Just One (something like that) and Tae Ik and the cute manager guy are debuting as Take Two with the help of lovable Former Senior Manager Hwang.  They are originally coincidentally scheduled to come back on the same day (ouch) but due to various reasons, that plan is scrapped and instead they're coming back on some competition show against each other.  This doesn't really warrant a DUHN DUHN DUHN like other dramas, but I'll go ahead and throw one in even if it slightly reeks of sarcasm.  I can't help it.  I try to wash the sarcasm scent off as best as possible, but that stuff just sticks.

One week left.  I look forward to a resolution.  It has been a fun ride, but I just want to see these people work everything out and be happy.  They're all so sad.  They're too cute and nice to be so sad all the time.  Life's been tough enough on them all - they need to find their happy place.  Hopefully that can happen in the remaining 4 days.  That and some major kissing.  I need a kiss or two or a dozen.  I'm getting desperate here.  They have great chemistry between them - let's just make this thing happen, alright?  It's time.

Now, right on cue my throat is crazy flaring up on me, so I'm going to call it a night.  I will get to my I Miss You review sometime over the weekend if all goes well.  If not, well, then know that it is coming.  Someday. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy some dramas and other fun life things.  I will see you come Monday-ish if not sooner.

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