Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unnie's WWU: Hyun Bin's free!!!

That's right!!  Hyun Bin, best known for his roles in My Lovely Sam Soon & Secret Garden, (at least to Dongsaeng & I) has been officially released from his mandatory 21 months of military service!

Let the squee fest begin now!!!


Come on join us!!  We know you want to, your family knows you want to, (unless you haven't come out of the K closet yet about your addiKtion), YOU know you want to.  Just join in the squueeeeing fun!!


When Dongsaeng & I first started watching K Dramas, Secret Garden was one of our first & is STILL one of our all time favorites!  I, myself, have re watched Secret Garden at least 5 times, from start to finish!  I will never get enough of that drama.  It has romance, mystery, comedy, chemistry, sexiness, amazing dialogue, great characters, awesome acting, directing & its perfection, IMHO.  And one of the MAIN reasons I LOVE this drama is HYUN BIN!!!  The very first Korean Man I ever called "Oppa", in my head at first, then on my Eye Candy Pinboard & then out loud & on this blog for all the world to hear.  Of course now Hyun Bin Oppa has his very own Pinboard all to himself.  {{We'll just ignore the fact that he's actually 7 years younger than I am.  He's my 1st "Oppa".  I talk about that more at length here.}}

Now, I must state one thing, one fact, clearly.  I watched Secret Garden before Dongsaeng.  I fell for Hyun Bin Oppa before Dongsaeng & encouraged her to watch SG too.  She loved it & liked him a lot BUT it wasn't until she watched My Lovely Sam Soon that she felt he was swoon worthy.  She didn't care for the Joo Won hair do in SG.  So I should, by all rights, have first dibs on Hyun Bin Oppa as he was mine first!  Rules of engagement AddiKts!  I saw him first!  MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE....  Ahem... going for dignity but I really don't think I will actually land anywhere near dignity as I left the "Land of Dignity" somewhere along the first "Squuee..." on this post.

{{whispers he's still mine first}}  *clearing throat*

Back to the post.  Hyun Bin Oppa's release...  21 months ago on March 7th 2011, just as Dongsaeng & I were discovering the K world for real, Hyun Bin volunteered to serve the ROK via the Marine corps.  We were devastated!  No!!  Not our Binnie!!!  Like the rest of the K Loving/Binnie Loving world we sniffed & weeped & tried to put on a brave face as we watched our Binnie enter the service for his country.  We were also very proud of our "Oppa".  And immediately began our countdown!  Dec 2012 could not get here soon enough.  All year long we have waited & watched & counted down the days.  Literally as Dongsaeng put that countdown widget clock thing on her Dongsaeng page.  And before we could blink & while we were falling for other amazingly good looking, talented K Stars, our Binnie was released.

As I waited for my son in Tae Kwon Do tonight, working on Christmas cards for an amazing group of K friends, Dongsaeng texted me that it was 50 MINUTES till HB's release!  Which got me all excited, as I knew it was coming, but was so super busy, being Super Mom today, that I hadn't really had a chance to remember my name, let alone Hyun Bin's imminent release.

Once I had the chance I searched out articles on HB's release & read his statement.  I loved what he had to say...

“I really appreciate all the fans and the reporters for coming to see me in spite of the snowy weather. 21 months ago, I promised that I would come out as a stronger person. I think I’ve kept that promise because I feel that I’ve become stronger and more confident, serving in the Marine Corps. I was really thankful for your support and interest before I started doing my military service. Many people have supported and encouraged me even during the military service.”

Then he broke down a little when he went on to say....

“I wanted to act so much."

He continued with....

“I thought so when I was watching other actors acting when I was on furlough because I couldn’t be part of it. I can now, so I want to prepare a lot before I actually start acting again. I’ve saved all the energy I’ve received from you, and I’ll return it to you soon.”

quoted from article found on

I am so excited to see what he does first.  I'm excited to see anything.  What do you guys hope he does first?  Do you want him to do another drama?  A movie?  What kind of Drama?  Melodrama?  Comedy?  Rom/Com?  I have no idea but I can't wait to see him in anything.  I just want to SEE him.  Period.  End of sentence.  Oh Hyun Bin Oppa thank you for coming back safely & so quickly...although it didn't feel like it went by quickly, while we waited, but it was quick.  Sending him many good luck wishes for his future acting endeavors.

And because it wouldn't be fair to talk about the yummy Hyun Bin Oppa without showing pictures here you go.  Pictures from his press conference today.  Enjoy Addikts.

Btw these pics were found in the Soompi article about his release.  For more pics from this same article follow the link.

Hyun Bin chokes up when he talks of how much he wanted to act.  

Bow of gratitude.

Final Salute before discharged.  

It's been a crazy, busy, hectic week; in a crazy, busy, hectic time of year.  I hope you enjoyed this week's Wednesday Write Up.  And now I leave you with a MV of "That Man" Hyun Bin version from Secret Garden.  




  1. Aish he looks even more gorgeous than when he entered the military. And I think I've found some kindred spirits! 32, married, mother of 2, completely head-over-heels for Hyun Bin (and TOP of Big Bang)! So glad to find your blog ^_^

    1. Kindred spirits are ALWAYS welcome to TCA!!! So happy you found us too! Looking forward to lots of great conversations! And Hyun Bin is basically a god. Cannot wait to see what he does now that he's free.


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