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Flower Boy Next Door ep 10: Dramatic Friday Review

If you just endured through the rather lengthy ep 9 review, rest assured that this one will, by sheer necessity alone, be shorter and more concise.  Hopefully.  In 25 minutes the family starts returning home and my weekend begins which puts a serious damper on blogging efforts.  So, without further ado, let's jump in.

We start where we left off last time.  Dok Mi has decided to give Do Hwi a chance to explain and redeem herself for her crimes back in high school.  She has shown up at the party, which is all just a ruse to crush her, only to discover that an unexpected guest in the form of her old language teacher is there to see her.  This shock sends her into a panic attack, and girl has some serious panic attacks.  She passes out, just as we see her do in the first week when Do Hwi shows up.  Again, just like the first time, Enrique is there to catch her as she does so.

Only, it's not actually Enrique.  She just imagines that it's him.  It's actually Jin Rak who carries her off to the hospital.


Enrique, meanwhile, has started to hear all these disturbing things about Jin Rak, like how he is being sued for fraud and how he may have plagiarized Enrique's "Zombie Soccer".  The details are still a little fuzzy so I won't even try to sort through them all, but suffice to say, Enrique doesn't trust Jin Rak and leaves the airport in order to save Dok Mi from him as well as Do Hwi, Muppet Slayer.

Enrique arrives on scene after Jin Rak has carried the out-cold Dok Mi to the hospital.  He demands to get the full story from Do Hwi and the teacher, trying to understand what it was that could have happened that was horrible enough to cause Dok Mi to withdraw so dramatically as she has done.

While he, we assume, gets the story from them, Jin Rak is getting it from Dok Mi herself.

We still don't get details other than there were rumors that led to tormenting by her classmates which led her to wonder at there being any genuinely kind people in the world.

Our Enjin bromance is indeed in trouble.  Enrique doesn't know what kind of man Jin Rak really is, but either way, both of them agree on one thing - neither one of them feels that Dok Mi should be with the other.  Neither one feels that the other man is good enough for her.

So we have a big old mess on our hands here.  Something is up with Jin Rak.  Dok Mi has been upset by this new betrayal of Do Hwi and swears that she will no longer try to leave her comfortable world that Enrique has tried to pull her out of.  She more or less says, "Look, I tried.  I tried listening to you, but look where it got me.  I'm better off living the way I've been living."

A new romance is budding, in a very unexpected place.  I'll be honest, I saw Dong Hoon maybe eventually ending up with Do Hwi, but no, looks like the webtoon team leader, aka Captain Crazy Pants, has swooped in.  He's working his side job as a designated driver when he's in an accident.  He is in some hot water and calls up his boss to help bail him out by co-signing a promissory note.  How funny was she as she walked into the club?  This character is so bizarre and off-the-wall.  When she started dancing I was cracking up.

Anyway, so the two of them have their little "moment" when they both pretty much fall for each other.  Both are shocked and surprised.  Sometimes these side characters add so much fun to a drama.

Things aren't going as swimmingly for our leads.  Well, actually, Jin Rak is doing pretty okay, but poor Enrique?  Not so much.  He's thrilled at first when Dok Mi shows up at his door, until he finds out that she's there to break things off with him.

She is choosing Jin Rak.  The tension between the two of them as she is leaving....  Oh my.  Yeah, there's obviously something there.  She's just running scared and heading for the safe zone.

Safe Zone Jin Rak, however, gets the thrill of his life when she approaches him and asks him out to a Van Gogh exhibit.  He's all cute and stumbles all over his words and is so adorkably awkward that you just can't help but love him.

And I do.  Just not for her in this case.  There's no denying though that the boy has admirable qualities.

Remember our nefarious nare-do-well masked phone thief from an earlier episode?  Well, he/she returns for our dramatic closing scene.

Enrique gets shoved into the path of on oncoming car.  I think we're to assume that he is struck, though we don't see for sure.  All we know is that he is hurt and laying in the street.

A girl (who looks a whole lot like Seo Young when we see her from behind) pushes through the crowd and Enrique sees the face of Dok Mi.

It's at this moment that he realizes that he has indeed fallen in love with her.  And that's where we end for this week.

I don't know how you feel about next episode spoilers, so I'll forewarn you, my next comment will be based on the spoiler for episode 11 that was shown at the end of 10.  Did you see the kiss that's coming?  Be honest, how many times did you go back and rewatch it?  Oooh!  I can't wait for next week!  Like Unnie mentioned to myself and others, it better not be a squish kiss.  We want to see a real kiss.  Real passion.  Please oh please.  Those of us that have seen Yoon Shi Yoon in other dramas know the talent which this one possesses in a good liplock.  Shin Hye, as much as I love and respect her, however, well....  Not so much.  She's a squish kiss kind of girl.  I'm scared to see what we will get next week.  I just hope it doesn't disappoint.  YSY's talents deserve to be properly displayed.  The world needs him to end the curse of the Shin Hye squish kiss.  Time to grow up honey and enjoy this moment the way it was meant to be enjoyed when that man was put on this beautiful earth of ours.

I hope that you enjoyed this week's installment of Flower Boy Next Door.  May you have a wonderful weekend, and to those celebrating the Lunar New Year, happy New Year!  We were supposed to have our annual New Year feast, but one of the hostess-with-the-mostest is sick, as is my own Little Popper #1.  So it looks like we'll have to postpone the fun for another week.  Bummer, huh?  Hey, that's just how the fortune cookie crumbles sometimes, right?  Speaking of...I just found out that fortune cookies aren't Chinese.  Chinese people in China have never even seen them.  They actually originated in Japan.  Funny, huh?  Interesting little Asian trivia tidbit for you there to finish off our week.  Be safe, be healthy, be well.  And, as always, thank you for stopping by!

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