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I Miss You (ep 4 & 5) DFR

Yes, I am combining ep 4 & 5.  I hope this doesn't make everyone mad but seriously episode 4 was as hard to get through as episode 3 was last week.  And thanks to this lovely cold of mine I cannot cry or I run the risk of making it so much worse. Do you have any idea how torturous it is to watch phenomenal child actors in serious melodrama roles & you aren't allowed to cry along with them?!?!  It's painful.  Again I had to keep walking away from the drama.  It took me almost 2 days to get though ep 4 alone! 친차! Chincha!


That is as far as my review went before my bronchitis worsened & I had to walk away from my laptop.  I have since gone back through both episodes 4 & 5.  I am still going to combine the 2 together because episode 4 was really long & not much happened that was productive...just filler & setting up.  Plus it was so very depressing.  I feel really rusty & unsure on how to to do this.  So bear with me guys as I try to get back into the swing of reviewing dramas again.

Episode 4 takes place the first few days after Jung Woo & Soo Yeon have gone through their nightmares. Jung Woo is back home, not that I would call that big house w his heartless parents a home, & badly injured, physically, emotionally & mentally from his ordeal.  Soo Yeon is with Hyung Joon & his nurse, I can't remember her name & I'm too in the groove to stop & go look it up.  Soo Yeon is still in terrible shock from being raped & hasn't spoken yet.  The nurse wants to get rid of her, she's a liability to them.  But Hyung Joon is adamant.  She saved his life once & he refuses to let her go.  He explains to the nurse that "The Money" in the bank account cannot be touched without him and not until he is of age.  So if she wants him to go then Soo Yeon is a part of the deal.  Even the nurse is using the kid.

While all of that is going on Soo Yeon's "family" are going crazy looking for her.  Mom is convinced, for a while, it was the woman in the old neighborhood, the one that Soo Yeon's dad is supposed to have killed her child.  But we know differently don't we guys.  Well yeah so do the detective & his daughter & eventually even Soo Yeon's mom finds out it wasn't her.  Mom & Eun Joo end up going to Jung Woo's house trying to find out what he knows since he is the last one to see Soo Yeon alive.  Only Jung Woo's awful parents insist he is busy, not there, indisposed, has no idea where their daughter is & prevents them entrance to the house.  But Eun Joo, manages to sneak in w/ help from mom.  She runs through the house looking for Jung Woo & finds his room & locks them both in so she can talk to him  but Jung Woo, brusied, beaten, wrapped in bandages etc...hiding under his desk in shock himself, unable to talk or anything.  She leaves him Soo Yeon's diary which is filled with Soo Yeon's real feelings for him.  He reads through it & has lots of flashbacks to scenes we the viewers weren't able to see the first time & hear in Soo Yeon's voice how much she cared for Jung Woo & what he meant to her.  Which of course leaves him sobbing & filled w more guilt & remorse than a 15 yr old boy should have to carry.

Meanwhile his parents are debating sanatorium or school in the US for their son.  Eventually the detective makes it past the front gate & Jung Woo, in a surprise turn of events, turns himself over to the detective to be arrested for Soo Yeon's disappearance.  Once outside though the detective explains it was the only way he could get to Jung Woo to hear what REALLY happened that night.  He has the evidence that the blood on the tennis shoe is Soo Yeon's & that there is evidence she was raped too.  He's promises his daughter, without telling her what he knows that he will act like it's Eun Joo that all this has happened to.  That he won't rest until he finds Soo Yeon & makes the bad guys pay.  She encourages him & tells him he better or she'll be angry at him.  Such amazingly good people, I cried so hard while re-watching this one scene.  It felt so cathartic after all that time not allowed to cry.  meanwhile he is ticking off all of his superiors with this search for answers & Soo Yeon.  While Det Kim & Jung Woo are talking Jung Woo confesses of his wrong to Soo Yeon that he abandoned her & Det Kim confesses that he has no right to judge because he arrested her father wrongly & he too owes Soo Yeon w everything in him to rescue her & give her back a great life.  Lots of other things are discussed, like the bad guy doing drugs that night.  They have a photo of the bad guy driving through a red light & he looks enough like what Jung Woo remembers that he positively IDs the kidnapper/rapist.

Then there is a lot of speculation along w fact.  They were kidnapped, beaten up, Soo Yeon raped, Jung Woo's dad HTJ showed up & swore he'd go look for Soo Yeon...big fat liar liar pants on fire... & the place where they were being kept catches on fire.  Burning evidence & clues.  Eventually they figure out HTJ's men are responsible for the fire & that he never intended nor did he make any attempt whatsoever to find Soo Yeon, even though he & his men did capture one of the kidnappers.  And have been "questioning" him.

Det Kim tracks down the rapist in a Noraebang & beats him severely screaming horrible things at him as he flashes back to Soo Yeon.  Trying to find out where Soo Yeon is, the rapist says he killed her & dropped her over the bridge into the river.    The police decide to drag the river & search the surrounding embankments, the press is there & Soo Yeon's mom arrives too & confronts the rapist, who is there to show the police where he dumped the body & how, screaming at him how could he do that?  It's all over the news & Jung Woo sees it all.  Which pushes him further inside away from his "parents".  Eventually he runs home & ransacks his father's office & finds Soo Yeon's phone, which then begins to ring.  His little sister is in the room & she hears it too & he answers it but hears Soo Yeon say his name softly & he begins to call for her & cry & then nothing.  Nurse Jung discovers Soo Yeon on the phone & this is where she wants to get rid of her.  Jung Woo's father has found him w the phone in his office & thinks his son is crazy.  But Jung Woo knows she is alive & refuses to give up.  After Jung Woo finally wakes up to his father's complete lack of heart or soul he stands up to him & then leaves.  Never to return to his father's home again.  heading straight to Det Kim at the police station.  Who is having a fit of his own.  he doesn't believe the rapist killed her.  Trashing the police station & confronting the lazy, cowards he works with.  He quits, throws his resignation at his boss & hand over his badge, cuffs & firearm.  Sweet little Jung Woo arrives & gets on his knees begging the police to help him find Soo Yeon.  No one, except Det Kim, who is crying,  looks him in the eyes.  They all turn away in shame.  As he sobs & begs for help clutching the only thing he took with him when he left his father's house...Soo Yeon's diary.

At the end Hyung Joon is screaming at Soo Yeon, whose face is wrapped in bandages, he throws the days paper in front of her with her picture on the front page, proclaiming her dead.  He tells her no one is looking for you, they think you are dead.  Han Jung Woo hung up on you, he is not looking for you, no one is coming!   Which results in her sobbing she doesn't believe it & Hyung Joon saying he abandoned her.  She goes crazy, screaming, sobbing, pulling her hair & clothes, rocking back & forth.  Flashbacks to the rape.  And his ultimate abandonment.

That was the end of ep 4. No, you're right I still haven't given you screenshots. Can you really blame me?  I don't want to remember the beginning of this show so vividly.  The child actors were phenomenal so far but seriously I am looking forward to reviewing ep 5 so much more because Mickey & Yoo Seung Ho take over.  Yay!  Anything for a silver lining at this point guys.

So Episode 5 starts w/ Soo Yeon flashing back to her conversation about what she & Jung Woo will be doing on the first day it snows.  And remembering that & how the first snow fell the night he abandoned her after she had been raped & Hyung Joon remembering even his mother abandoned him.  And then it flashes back to Jung Woo & Det Kim as they enter a pool hall that is run by his mentor & former police detective himself.  Asking for his help finding Soo Yeon.  They organize what I assume is  pool hall full of petty criminals & they are now going to be on the same team as Det Kim while he searches since he is no longer a cop.

This "help" leads them to the man/criminal who sold Nurse Jung fake ID for her & Hyung Joon to escape the country.  Det Kim follows the man as he sets up a drop for her new "papers" & then follows her the rest of the way to Hyung Joon.  Now he has no idea who she is, or any clue about Hyung Joon, he just has this feeling that she can lead him to Soo Yeon.  So he leaves Jung Woo behind & goes off searching for SY alone.

Meanwhile Jung Woo is confronted by Eun Joo who finds him at the Pool Hall & drags him with her back to her house but he is afraid to meet SY's mom.  For good reason as the moment SY's mom sees him she starts screaming at him to leave & blaming him for her daughter's "death".  And he stands there & takes it.  Later he gets a phone call from Det Kim who has leads & needs to follow them up & then Det Kim makes my heart melt & gave me an ever deeper affection for this incredibly good man when he sings Jung Woo a cute little song & teaches him a good life lesson.  When Jung Woo laughs & asks him, "What kind of song is that?"  Det Kim explains, "It means we all must live our lives while making sounds we're supposed to make.  it's a song with a deep message hidden in it.  Okay?  A person should live like a person, a dog should live like a dog.  And a cop should live like a cop."  Seriously, he is such an amazing man.  Then Jung Woo tells him that SY taught him a lesson on how to predict the future w/ water & that he thinks tomorrow will be the day they find SY.

While he's chasing down nurse Jung & his leads, Han Tae Joon & his men are following their own leads to Nurse Jung for totally different reason...Kang Hyung Joon & "The Money".  In fact they are really really close to where Nurse Jung & Hyung Joon/Soo Yeon are located which scares Nurse Jung & Hyung Joon who decide they have their documents they need to hit the road & get the "H" out of Dodge.  But Det Kim finds them too.  And he follows them out of town, & can actually see a bandaged Soo yeon in the car, he pulls up alongside for a while & tries calling for her but she is still in emotional & mental shock so she is catatonic & doesn't see him..  Unbeknownst to him though, Hyung Joon spied him & put a booby trap in Det Kim's car.  A can under the brake pedal.  He follows them up into the hills & realizes that he can't slow down his car in the twists & turns & just before he goes over the edge of the cliff he says his daughter's name softly.  As though he is apologizing as he realizes he is about to die.

Okay, I have to pause here because at this point is where I was really getting sick & not allowed to cry & this drama just kept getting more & more depressing as it went on.  I was actually yelling at my computer w no voice which made me cough even harder, "Come on!!  Seriously?!?!  Are you freaking kidding me?!?!  Why?!?!?  Why would my fellow AddiKts want me to review such an incredibly depressing, maddening, exhaustive K Drama?!?!"  I was so ready to throw in the towel when Det Kim died.  Even though I watched his Jeep roll down the side of a cliff I kept saying, "It didn't blow up!  The jeep did NOT blow up once it got to the bottom!  Everyone knows in film if it doesn't blow up he's still alive!!  It could happen he could still be alive!"  but then they showed them all, his family, standing on the edge of the cliff, in funeral clothes, spreading his ashes & I was done.  I was seriously done watching this drama.  And I wasn't allowed to be done or have a good old fashioned "Ugly Cry" at this point & that made me want to be done even more.  I had online K Drama friends, talking me down & saying, "Just keep watching, it gets better."  But I did not believe them.  I couldn't see how it could get better....of course all along I kept thinking, "Well, it's not like it can get any worse, right?!?!"  Boy was I wrong.  On both accounts.  I am glad I listened & kept going but I can already see this one is going to be a cry fest for me, now that I am feeling better.  When re-watching I teared up several times & refused to allow more than that, just in case I got sick again.

But then it was like a chorus of Hallelujah Angels were singing to me.  
What made me so happy?  

The appearance of this guy!

Or rather the backside of this guy because I instantly recognized this backside as that of ... 
The One.  The Only.  MICKEY!!!!

"I wanted to sing & dance along to Toni Basil's "Mickey".

"Oh Mickey Your so fine, your so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Mickey!  Hey Mickey!"

I was giddy I tell you Giddy!!  I can do screenshots now!

So here are my screenshots from the change over...

1. Upper left seeing them in their funeral garb on the cliffside was made me want to quit & cry.
2. Bottom left seeing Jung Woo once again lose someone that meant the world to him & his little heart break i wanted to beat up all the bad guys!
3. Upper Right listening to him pledge to find SY for Det Kim...mroe rage & despair over this drama...
4. MICKEY!!!!   Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!!!!  Yay Mickey!!  Sigh... he has sucha  nice profile.  Don't you agree?  

Okay back to the review....

We are now back to present day 2012.

At a!?!  Where Mickey is singing as loudly as he can, screeching out horribly a song in his own room, alone & is then surprised that his singing score sucks.  He was so funny, especially since I already know how amazingly talented he is a singer.  In real life his voice (all the JYJ men's voices really) melts me.

Then he goes to the prison to visit the rapist 14 years later & beats the crap out of him telling him he loves him, after all he thinks about him all the time & that must mean love.

Back at the police station his boss yells at him for abusing the prisoner.  Which he treats lightly & flippantly blames his partner, the Sr officer.  He is so very cute & funny.   Helping to diminish the bad feeling from the first 4 .5 episodes.  He goes to SY's mom's house & she yells at him & beats him up as if he is her own son & we see a grown up Eun Joo living there too.  They are all so stinking cute together.  He teases Ahjumma & Eun Joo helps him pick on Ahjumma (SY's mom).

After this the drama picks up & goes pretty fast there is only about 19 minutes left so I will cover this part fast as it really just gets you where the characters are seeing each other, more set up in other words.

The next day Mickey & his partner are investigating the death of a woman who drowned in her indoors swimming pool.  Who it turns out is Nurse Jung & I guess that is the end of her role in this story.  I can't say I am sad to see her go, she may have rescued Hyung Joon from his evil step brother, Han Tae Joon, but I am sorry she was a horrible woman too.  They are at her house, (read Hyung Joon & Soo Yeaon's house too)  By the way, Hyung Joon is now going by Harry Borrison, his fake identity so from on here on in I will simply call him Harry.  Faster & shorter to type.

We flash to the other 2 main leads & get to see what they've been up to for the last 14 years as well.  Harry is indeed rich now.  Soo Yeon grew up to be an up & coming fashion designer.  They mostly reside in Paris but it would seem they are world travelers.  Everywhere, that is, but Seoul.  Hmmm...weird I can't imagine why they don't enjoy Seoul, one might think they have bad memories or something.  Anyway, they are in Seoul now though.  Soo Yeon was picked as a fashion diva to be there, putting on a show of her designs.

While she & Harry are visiting, he's just arrived from Vegas, we get to see more characters from the past.  Namely, Jung Woo's evil moms & his sweet, cute sister.  How are either of these 2 good people (Jung Woo & his sis) remotely related to their evil, selfish, greedy, heartless, soulless parents?!?!  Can you tell I don't like them?  I'm trying to not be subtle, speak up if I am being too subtle.  His mom & sis it would seem are in the fashion business as well.  Not sure how yet but I know his mom wants Soo Yeon & her designs badly for her company.  We also find out through brief exchange that his little sis is still in contact w him, even if rarely or maybe she just seeks him out, IDK.  But her mom isn't happy about it & warns her that if their father finds out then little sis will be out as well.  All is not well in that house.  Mom hates being married to dad but won't divorce him, she likes the money too much.  But this doesn't stop her form stealing money from him & hiding it, which of course she does for her daughter not for herself.  You know just in case.

Eventually Jung Woo has to call Harry & tell him about his "aunt", Nurse Jung went on to become his "aunt" Michelle Kim.  Harry eventually goes to his house in Seoul & meets w Jung Woo, either he has no memory or doesn't realize he is the same Han Jung Woo from his childhood (HTJ's son) or he plays dumb.  I guess I'll have to wait & see what the truth is there.  And since Jung Woo had no clue about Hyung Joon/Harry he is completely ignorant still.  They see the body & Jung Woo kindly & patiently supports & helps Harry through all of this.  Both being kind & polite to each other.

My favorite part was seeing Mickey driving the squad car w/ his hand out the window in the rain.  And we find out from his partner who thinks he's crazy, as apparently everyone in the precinct does as well as they nicknamed him, "Crazy Monkey", he loves rain, snow & wind each excessively.  Of course they don't abotu his memories of Soo Yeon in each of those weather patterns.

After they spend the afternoon to gether & he drops Harry back at his big expensive house as he is leaving he sees a young woman outside the gate in rain, repeating the phrase the rain will stop, no it won't repeatedly, much like Soo Yeon used to do & he realizes who she is!  But he is on one side of the gate & she on the other & the gate is closed & he can't remember where the switch is to open the gate.  Eventually he is quiet too long & she makes a dash, through the rain, in the opposite direction, oblivious to his presence.

And that's where it ended.  The drama definitely improved & went so much faster once they intro'd the adults.  I am looking forward to more episodes.  Thank goodness.  I am so grateful to everyone for your patience waiting for this review...although by now since it's finished airing maybe you have all moved on & I am writing these in vain.  I don't care a promise is a promise.  I leave you with a few more collages.  Of who else?  Just Yoochun (Sexy Mickey) & Yoo Seung Ho (Mr. Beautiful).

Have a great week Addikts.


1st meeting as grown ups

miscellaneous yummy shots

Consoling & supporting Harry

enjoying the rain & bidding adieu.  

I hope you enjoyed the screen shots AddiKts.  I enjoyed searching them out for you.
See you next week...Unnie. <3

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