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Flower Boy Next Door ep 14: Dramatic Friday Review

Dongsaeng's Dramatic Dozen
Flower Boy Next Door episode 14

1.  Love is in the Air

I have learned that when things in a drama start going well and the characters are actually pretty happy, it is sure to not last long.  This is that episode in this drama.  The leads are finally together and we start out with a sweet confession.  Enrique tells Dok Mi that he loves her and that she is now his dream, not doing his animation.  He wants to be with her whether in Korea or Spain.  He loves her.  Aw!  Sweet melty moment, especially when he takes her hand, holds it, and puts it in his coat pocket and they walk around like two lovers in love.

2.  Tables are Turned

I thought this part was cute when Dok Mi stopped him from nodding his head with a finger to the forehead as he has done to her in the past.  The look on his face was priceless.  That is one smitten kitten.  Gotta love it!

3.  Slumber Party!

The power in the building goes out.  Jin Rak loses all of his webtoon work.  The residents all gather outside.  Our 4th floor madame cougar becomes the center of attention as everyone looks to her as the assumed owner of the building.  She plays innocent so we still don't know if she is or isn't.  I'm sure she is, but honestly it doesn't really matter all that much to me.  It's not part of the plot I care about.  What I do care about are our flower boys and Dok Mi.  Enrique, who's apartment still has power, invites the crew over for a sleepover.  He is a gentleman and lovingly gives Dok Mi his room.  And of course acts like a goofy, overexcited child in the process, but that's Enrique for you.  It just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't all giddy that the girl he liked would be spending the night in his bed, even if he wasn't accompanying her.

4.  Cute Watanabe

Even though he hasn't been my favorite character (honestly he annoys the daylights out of me), the part where he starts talking in his sleep with this silly eye mask on was admittedly very cute and funny.  Mostly because he just looked so bizarre of course.

 5.  Enjin Chat

Jin Rak confronts Enrique about his plans.  Enrique is putting his career in jeopardy by staying with Dok Mi and not going back home to Spain.  Enrique is torn.  He wants to go back, but he wants to be with Dok Mi.  He wants her to go back with him, but doesn't want to ask that of her as she is just barely starting to come back out into the world and something like a move to Spain is asking too much of her.  Of course Dok Mi overhears this conversation and looks mighty worried about everything.  Jin Rak openly admits that he wouldn't give up his dream, not even for Dok Mi, and realizes that that could be a reason why Enrique won her heart - he is truly more devoted to her than he is.  Oh me, oh my...why does love have to be so complicated?  (P.S.  Had to laugh at Jin Rak's face in this first shot heehee)

6.  Taming the Shrew

Dong Hoon is charged with the task of breaking the bad news to their boss that the power went out and all of their unsaved work was lost, thus meaning that they won't be making their deadline.  She starts out in her trademark shriekiness and overreactiveness, but quickly calms down because, well, it's Dong Hoon and she has the hots for him.  He is mighty good-looking, isn't he?  And look how sweet too!  He feels bad and volunteers to help her rewrite the new webtoon plan.  She is once again lost in his lips.  

7.  More Love is in the Air

These two get two spots on today's Drama Dozen just because I think that they are awesome and the life of this show (besides the hotness factor of our lovely flower boys of course).  I love how enamored she is by him and how downright shmexy he looks here while being all sweet and caring.  Wouldn't a kiss from these two just make life perfect?  Hey that?  We want a kiss!

8.  He'll Never Change

Back at Enrique's slumber party, Jin Rak and Dok Mi talk.  Jin Rak tells Dok Mi how Enrique had asked him to watch over Dok Mi when he went back to Spain.  Jin Rak admits then that he understood that Enrique was into her and might not leave.  What a man to assure the girl that he loves that the another guy loves her and won't stop loving her no matter what she decides to do.  Gorgeous and amazing.  Jin Rak...I really do adore you.  No matter what happens, I'll still adore you.

 9.  This One Has a Lot to Learn About Proper Fandom

Enrique's fans, fueled by Crazy Stalker Girl, go on the offensive.  Netizens at their worst.

10.  Here Come the Men in Black

How stinkin adorable were these three?  They hatch a plan to help Jin Rak out with his inheritance/family issues.  I'm pretty sure this is all in attempt to get some cash in order to pay off Dong Hoon's car accident debt.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I was too busy looking at the pretty to really care what they were doing. 

11.  Mafia Games

The three boys dress up and play Mafia with Jin Rak's brother, who frankly, seems to be a real tool and has a little humility coming to him.  Enrique acts the mobster, breaking out his Spanish cloaked as Italian.  The brother can't tell the difference (not the brightest tack on the board), and is sufficiently scared of Enrique and his act.  The paper relating to the inheritance is signed and the boys plan is revealed.  Cans are tied to the back of the brother's car with the intent that when he gets out to check out the cause of all the racket, Enrique and Jin Rak will jump in and drive off with the car.  Seriously, I don't know why.  But that's the plan.  I know because we see it played out.  Turns out though that that was just what was supposed to happen.  What really happens is that the brother starts to drive off and can't hear the commotion caused by the tied on cans over his music.  Dong Hoon jumps in, realizes that it's the brother driving and not Jin Rak and hops out.  Off the brother drives, plans smashed to smitherines.  I wish I could tell you what this meant for Jin Rak and his inheritance/money sitch, but no luck there.  Still though, funny scene and worthy of grabbing our next-to-last spot for today.

 12.  Breaking Hearts

And finally, we come to our 12th and final dramatic moment for episode 14.  Dok Mi confronts Do Hwi and more or less tells her to back off of Jin Rak as she is not good enough for him.  She comes out and says that she, Dok Mi, likes him.  She lists off some reasons as to why he's such a swell guy.  This is of course overheard by not only Jin Rak, but Enrique as well.  Can you see how crushed his poor little heart is?  I want to cry for him.  Little does he know though that this is all a ruse put together earlier by a conspiring Dok Mi and Jin Rak in an effort to set Enrique free to follow his dream and return to Spain.  She doesn't want to hold him back so she enlists Jin Rak's assistance.  He plays his part, grabs her by the arm and the two leave together.  And hearts weep for poor Enrique. 

And there we go.  Episode 14 is done just in time for the airing of episode 15 which I believe is completely subbed on at least one site.  I haven't seen it yet, but I look forward to it.  It's hard to believe that we're already on the last week.  Two more episodes and we're done.  Where has the time gone?  I will definitely miss the pretty ones, but take comfort in knowing that at least I still have one other Yoon Shi Yoon drama going right now (I'm watching Baker King in my spare time).

Thank you for your patience with me as I got these reviews out late.  I appreciate you sticking around and look forward to spending the finale together this week.  Until we chat again, may all your days be filled with dramas and squeeees.  Thanks for stopping by!


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