Monday, September 16, 2013

Music Fest for our Monday Therapy {Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}

How is everyone's Monday going?  Ready for a little therapy?  I don't have a ton to discuss today, but I did find a lot of really fun videos last night that I wanted to share.  As I laid there in bed last night watching YouTube video after YouTube video from that day's musical show performances, it hit me just how fortunate we are right now as KPop fans.  The summer of 2013 has brought us just awesome music, hasn't it?  The music scene in Korea is just exploding and pumping out one hit right after another.  It's difficult at times to even keep up with the amount of awesomeness being poured out onto the music scene.

So this post will just have some of my favorite performances from the weekend.  And maybe some other stuff.  We'll see what catches my attention.  I hope that you find something here that will help you tackle the rest of your Monday and get you pumped up for the rest of the week.

Enjoy!  And feel free to share any of your favorite videos that maybe I missed either in the comments or on our FB page.

Here's the breakdown:  The first group is for my VIPs out there.  Lots of GD and Seungri from Inkigayo and M-Countdown.  Then there's some other performances from Sunday's Inkigayo of groups I like (Teen Top, Nu'est, Henry, and BAP).  Then there's the Japanese version of BAP's Warrior MV that wad just released a couple of days ago.  I know what you're thinking, it's Warrior, we've seen that already, but no, if you haven't seen this version yet, trust me, you'll want to.  It's awesome and amazing.  Watch it fast though - my sources warn me that Japanese videos often don't stick around for long before they're yanked off the interwebs.  (Hey Japan, maybe that's why KPop is so popular around the world and in your country because they're not stingy when it comes to sharing the love and making the music accessible - hint, hint)  And finally, last but most certainly not least, I put up JYJ's new release, "Only One" that they did for the 2014 Asiad games in Incheon.  I already gave my opinion on this video on my FB page, but in case you missed it, I'll tell you here as well what I think about it.  I'm going to put it down below though after the video so as to not spoil it ahead of time.  If you can't find something on this list that you like, then I just don't know what to tell you.  Hopefully there's something here for everyone.  Okay, there aren't any girl groups.  You got me there, but otherwise, I think we covered a good portion of the recent musical gamut.

My thoughts on the JYJ video....

The boys look AMAZING!  Especially my Jae and I don't say that just because I'm biased.  Yeah, of course I'm biased, but he looks absolutely spectacular here.  The song itself is catchy in a "you're never going to get it out of your head if you're not careful and it will drive you insane at some point" kind of way. And the video, oh the video.  Cheesy fantasticness.  If you're going to go cheesy, go all the way I say, and they certainly did here.  One can't help but smile.  It's a happy, cheerful song.  Super duper sugary sweet cheesy goodness.  Enough to warm even the most cynical of hearts.  If this can't make you smile, well, then I just don't know what will.  They definitely tried their best.  I love Korea!


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