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Kmuse's End of Year Countdown - Couples Edition

This is going to be super quick since I am falling behind and the end of the year is already upon us.  As it is, my best kdramas of 2014 will be my first post of the new year.  So without further ado, here are my favorite couples of 2014 - The abridged version.

Favorite Couple That Should Have Been the OTP (One True Pairing)
This award goes to apple butt himself, Song Jae Rim and his pervy mermaid.  What were the writers thinking, giving us such a wonderful character like the chef Shi-Kyung and then sticking him as second lead?  It did not help that the leading lady was emotionally involved with him for 90% of the show.  Writers, if you let the couple get all the way to 2nd base and rounding towards 3rd, you don't put in a replacement.  IT IS JUST NOT DONE:(
Favorite Bittersweet Couple (SPOILER ALERT)
Lee Bom Yi and Kang Dong Ha from "My Spring Day" proved that an older man can have intense chemistry with a younger woman and it does not feel icky.  Their 15 yr age difference barely registered amid all the tears as we watched this ill fated OTP traverse the trials of being in love when one is terminally ill.  While I do wish the writers had allowed Choi Soo Young to be a bit more physical than they did (darn you idol actress double standards) the natural chemistry overrode any small complaints.
Favorite Couple Who Made it Despite the Odds
You can't top overcoming a psychotic breakdown to be with the one you love, which is just what Jo In Sung's character did in the medical romance "It's Okay It's Love".  It takes a special woman to willing to stay with someone who is schizophrenic, and while I am pretty sure that the drama was not 100% accurate in it's medical scenes (I would not want any of them as my shrink), I did become enamored with everyone involved.
Best Bromance - It's a tie!
There was some great bromances this year, and since I could not choose one over the other I decided to add both of them.  Because really can you really have too much bromance?
The first is Lee Joon and Shin Ha Kyun in Mr Baek.  This son and father duo has coined the term "dadmance" and they truly shine.  For that matter it is the only reason to watch since the romance aspect itself is a little dull.
My second choice for best bromance has to be the BFF couple, Yoon Dong Ha and Yong Soo Cheol from the drama "A Witch's Romance".  Roommates who were as close as most couples, these two provide a plethora of hilarious moments nagging, teasing, and even flashing each other til the end.
Couple I Would Most Like to see as a Couple in Real Life
These two had crazy chemistry both on and off the screen (the BTS clips were just as adorable as the actual drama).  I am of course talking about Thai actors Sucharat Manaying & D'Angelo Mike from the Thai remake of "Full House".  They succeeded in bringing romance to this drama, something that had been missing from the original.
Couple I Wish I had Seen More Of
Seo In Guk fit in a small web series "Another Parting" in between all his other dramas, movies, and album releases.  And it is this that I wish I could have watched more of.  Seo In Guk played an alien who had great chemistry with mentally unstable heroine Wang Ji Won.  Traveling to earth to understand the secret behind a tear, In Guk's character follows in Ji Won's wake as she got revenge on an ex and in the process falling in love with the nut job.  At only 50 minutes long, the show was by no means long enough.  I would love to watch 16 hours of this sexy alien learning about love, and you know, looking hot.  Oh so much hotness.
Couple I Most Wished Separated
This couple from Doctor Stranger does not really need a lot of explanation and those of you who follow the blog know I am NOT a fan of her acting.  Jin Se Yeon ruins every drama she is in.  Why can she not just stay dead?  There is a reason she is killed off in almost every drama she is in.
As the hours countdown to the new year we are getting so close to the end.  We would just like to wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to chatting all things kdrama with you in 2015.

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  1. I am with the same thought as yours with regards to Sin Je Yon...i prefer Kang Sora as Lee Jung Suk's lady partner in Doctor Stranger....**sigh she is not**

    1. maybe if she did a comedy I could tolerate her. But she does not have the talent to emote well in melodramas. I dread seeing her connected to anything I want to watch


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